SitRep – May 2022 (part #4 of 4)

This is Part #4 of the May 2022 SitRep. Before reading this article I strongly urge you to have read the previous articles related to this SitRep. Failure to read these previous articles will prevent you from having an accurate understanding of what I am trying to say and why.

Never has a SitRep been more important…and the need for you to understand what I am saying more urgent.

Please read the following before proceeding:

Answers DAMN IT! –

This is what it all boils down to…answers. In other words, answering the #1 question of all preppers, and most US citizens in general, have…What can/should I do?

Before that question can be addressed I propose that the risks/threats must be correctly and properly identified:

  • The federal government is taking steps to silence free speech.
  • The federal government is creating a bureaucratic mechanism to criminalize anyone who disagrees with anything the federal government does or says.
  • The federal government has taken steps to eliminate constitutional rights by use of extreme measures such as identifying dissidents as domestic terrorists.
  • The federal government has taken, and will soon take, draconian measures to disarm US citizens in direct contradiction to the US Constitutional Bill of Rights. Understand this…the 2nd Amendment is already half destroyed due the elimination and demonization of militias.
  • The federal government is creating one crisis after another causing chaos, confusion, fear, hate, insecurity, and general turmoil. Once created they advance the concept that only the federal government can cure each crisis…each crisis that they created.
  • The federal government is allowing the Federal Reserve to create fluctuating unemployment, hyper-inflation, and the Fed devalued the US dollar to a low from which it can never recover.
  • The federal government is creating a massive network of law enforcement that can infringe, and has infringed, upon the rights, liberties, and freedoms of individual citizens at any time for any reason. Such actions being outside of Constitutional due process and principles.
  • The federal government expanding the capability of an agency (NSA) that can, and does, spy on every aspect of every US citizen’s life.
  • Federal bureaucrats and politicians elevating themselves above the average US citizen to a status of a ruling elite, an aristocrat class, the ones who know best. Ensuring that they and their peers are exempt from the laws that the average citizen can not escape.

But the greatest threat of all…the US federal government’s plan to completely subjugate the citizens of the US into a serfdom class totally unable to defend themselves against the implementation of authoritarianism and its ugly cousin, tyranny.

How has the federal government accomplished all these things? With the help of, the blessings of, and the approval of the US citizenry. Now, not all citizens have approved of all their actions, and many have opposed them, but the government could only do that which the citizenry has allowed and tolerated them to do.

And how did US citizens get to the point that the federal government was allowed to run amok? Well, as a people and country we abandoned God, forgot the reasoning behind the Constitution and Bill of Rights, embraced situational ethics, and all too much viewed the Constitution as a living breathing document vs a firm foundation of guiding principles. We turned a blind eye to our politicians’ unbridled lust for power and money. We encouraged a large and powerful standing army fueling the greed and power lust of the military-industrial complex. We embraced party politics over sound Constitutional principles and eternal truths.

Our out-of-control US federal government became the hydra it is today simply because we allowed it to. We were seduced by their promises of easy money, peace, security, pride, patriotism, and manifest destiny. What we got instead was none of those promises fulfilled, but a government that is interested in one thing…creating an authoritarian state that benefits the few at the expense of the vast citizenry.

Does that about sum it up? You cure the problem of the US federal government and most other problems either disappear or become less daunting.

But therein lies the problem…there is no realistic cure for the US federal government, it has simply become too large, too powerful, too overreaching, too tyrannical in nature and deed to be cured. No election can cure it, we’ve seen that already for over 100 years. The Supreme Court can’t fix it, it is part of the problem. Elected federal politicians can’t fix it, they either are the actual problem or the good ones get converted to the lust for power or get crushed by the political machines of both parties. There is no modern day George Washington to straighten everything out, and there never will be. There is simply no way to cure the problem of the US federal government. If you try they will attempt to silence you. Should that fail…the FBI Hostage Rescue Team will come knocking and kill you.

Not a pretty picture…just the way they have been painting it for 130 years.

The only way to attempt to cure the federal government problem is to cure the problems within our collective selves as citizens, to make right that which is wrong within each of us. It boils down to each individual, that is how you attempt to fix it.

So, now that I have, more or less, identified the risks and threats, IMHO, depressing as it may sound…what can/should you and I be doing about it all?

Well, let’s take this in priority order:

  1. FIRST and FOREMOST – In order to stay alive and out of prison do not participate in violence of any kind. Do not attend protests, demonstrations, or any kind of rally. At this point in time all of these have the real potential to turn violent. Do not get involved in those activities! Don’t even talk about committing violence no matter how patriotic it may sound. When you are around people do not allow them to talk about committing violence, or even advocating for it. If they do, then tell them you will have no part in it and leave. Why? Same as I have told you before…the federal law enforcement agencies have agents or informers in every militia in the US and any other group they see as a threat. They will look for and find any reason to arrest and imprison anyone they can. And if that can’t find a reason they will manufacture one as they have done so numerous times. Stay away from any anti-government style violence or discussion of such…period!
  2. Have a clear set of core principles that you believe in no matter what. If you don’t already have them, develop that set of core principles. Those principles must be based on both temporal (i.e. US Constitution & Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc.) and spiritual concepts (i.e. 10 Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.). Make the decision to stand by those principles no matter what, and then do not compromise those principles. When challenged, do not shrink from defending those principles using sound reasoning, logic, and compassionate understanding of others.
  3. Clearly see the magnitude of the problem and the utter enormity of the collapse that has already occurred and more which is coming…and stay situationally aware. Focus on knowing what is going on in the country and world from only trusted sources of information. But, do not become obsessed over current events, ignore all non-trustworthy sources of information, stay away from those promoting conspiracy theories, avoid “fear porn”, and do not give time to the “static” in life.
  4. Be willing to have am emergency preparedness plan, make a plan, and be committed to work that plan. The plan must be based on solid, practical, and proven concepts of emergency preparedness. The plan must cover all areas of threats/risks and above all, it must be realistic.
  5. Forget acting globally, forget acting nationally, but do act locally. Be involved in your family, community, congregation, and possibly at the state level (if you feel prompted to do so). It is highly likely that you can have no impact at the global or national level to right this sinking ship…so don’t waste your time, talents, efforts, or resources on that pointless effort. Stay focused and engaged where you can make a difference. Start at the smallest/lowest possible level and then expand from there. Concentrate on where you can be both active and effective in your ability to help others. Serve.
  6. Do not be part of political party politics and do not support any political party platform. Advocate, support, and advance only your principles as outlined in #2 regardless of politics or political parties. Push forward the sound principles that you have formed when you are involved in your community. Do not compromise those principles. Seek consensus not compromise. When you vote, vote for the candidate whose principles and ideas match yours regardless of political party affiliation. Do not donate your money to any political party; you have no true knowledge of what they are doing with that money.
  7. Talk about emergency preparedness whenever appropriate to get as many people aware as possible. But, do not show your preps to anyone and do not be specific regarding the extent of your preps.
  8. Gently, quietly, without fanfare, find others who think and act as you do. Start a moderate conversation regarding emergency preparation in general terms. Gauge their response, move forward if there is common ground, but do so only in small steps. Know who you are talking to. As trust and confidence grows move the conversation to mutual support and assistance in your emergency preparedness endeavors. A good place to start would be at church. But, don’t assume that just because they are fellow church goers that they share all of your preparedness beliefs or share your core principles.
  9. Do everything you can to be as independent of all levels of government as possible, especially the federal government. Think “self-reliance” in every aspect of your life.
  10. Be willing and committed to defending yourself, your family, your principles, and your community against all threats that would jeopardize those principles or the safety of those you love and have joined with.
  11. Have “realistic expectations” of yourself and your family when it comes to emergency preparedness. It would be wonderful to be 100% prepared for any emergency that might come your way…but that is 100% unrealistic. Do the best you can with what you have…and that is good enough. Focus your time and resources on that which is the greatest risk/threat against you and your family, solve that, and then move on to the next item. Work your plan but do not become obsessive.

I apologize if you were expecting some great “silver bullet” solution. But I don’t apologize if you were expecting me tell you to join a militia, take up arms, revolt, become an Alexander Hamilton, etc. These times are not those that cry out for violence as our Founding Fathers did after decades of trying to solve the problems with England. If you are drawn towards violence, a repeat of the 1/6 disaster, etc. then I am not your guru, I don’t have your answers.

What we need in this country right now is civility, compassion, willingness to serve, level-headedness, calm, and people determined to be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. We need people who Preparedness Communitycan reach out to their families, their communities & neighbors, and their congregations with helping hands. We need people with strong principles, or at least those willing to embrace strong righteous principles, willing to stand-up for those principles, and then share them with others in a calm and gentle manner.

Look at what the federal government is doing, what bureaucrats are doing, what politicians are doing, and how they are behaving and what their position related actions are. We need good people doing the exact opposite. We need good people doing good things for the right reasons, helping and serving others. Embrace selflessness…abandon selfishness.

The best way, actually the only way, to fight evil is to fight it with good. And you must be that source of good. For this is truly a struggle of good vs evil. Right now evil is wining on a global and national level for the most part. But that can and will change. I am asking you, imploring you, to be part of that good that makes that change.

Now, just for clarification…I am not advocating that you not physically defend yourself or your family against threats and acts of violence. You have a God-given right to defend yourself and you have a responsibility mandated by God to defend and protect your family. And I urge you to take both of those responsibilities seriously, as seriously as you need to…only you can make that judgement as to what degree.

This is not a month long struggle, not even a year long struggle; it may not be resolved even in your lifetime. But, you are part of the solution, today’s solution, tomorrow’s solution…be the part of the solution that you need to be.

Summary –

Right now pretty much every aspect of our world is in turmoil…and it is meant to be that way…that is their intention. Every soldier of evil is working overtime to create that mayhem and havoc. It is all by design. And for the most part it is the federal government creating, or at the center of, all of the chaos and bedlam. For in doing so they create division among the people keeping them from uniting to restore our Constitutional rights, to live a free and happy life, to hold accountable those who lust for power. By separating us, by using party politics, by playing race against race, by distorting truth, by heavy handed tyrannical and powerful government tactics the seek to move us to little more of a role than serfdom.

You could easily find reason to be depressed, withdraw from society, or take up arms in a misdirected cause. Don’t! You could easily get caught up in worship of political idols or in embracing political party platforms you could find some semblance of security and a sense of belonging. Don’t! You can justify anger and rage in today’s world with minimal effort. Don’t!

There are many easy roads and paths to follow. But where do they actually lead you? Some may seem to be correct, some meeting an inner need for action, others may appeal to some desire to belong. But what is the actual eventual outcome of those paths and roads…they all have an end-state somewhere. What does that look like? Can you even see the end or know what it is? Is it really something you want to be involved it?

I don’t know a single prepper who isn’t action oriented. We all want to take action, we all want to fix things, we all want to make things better, and we all feel better when we are doing something to correct a bad situation. We are doers and not just talkers and dreamers; although I am sure we do plenty of the latter two. The key here is what we do, the next actions we take.

There is no easy answer, there is no easy fix, there is no easy road or path to follow, and there certainly is no magical silver bullet. But there is an answer, there is a path to follow, there is a positive outcome, and you can easily be part of it.

Notice I said “…easily be part of it…” That doesn’t eliminate any of the hard parts…I just refer to it being easy for you to join in the solution. Staying there and performing tasks within that solution is a whole other story…I imagine that part will be hard at almost every turn for most of us.

But, you can do, you can belong, you can fix, you can move forward, you can help, you can make a difference, you can serve, you can be part of the solution…it depends solely on who you are inside and what you want out of life. It is all entirely up to you.

I can’t imagine for the life of me that anyone reading this article (other than the federal law enforcement agents/researchers) would not want to be part of the solution. Meaning a lawful, Constitutional, God-centered, positive, correct, appropriate, and meaningful solution to the problems we face today.

I know many of you, I get a sense from everyone who visits my site and reads my articles that you are great people, intelligent people, folks who want the world to be a better place.

I also know exactly what frustration is. Maybe not your particular frustration, but I know what frustration is when I look at this disaster of a country we live in. I am frustrated that our government has abandoned virtually every founding principle that was divinely inspired nearly 250 years ago during our young country’s struggle for independence. I am frustrated that many of our citizens have exchanged freedoms, liberties, and rights for the promise of security and peace. I get it…I do…I understand it.

And frustration can be a wonderful motivating tool or it can lead to utter destruction. They key is what your frustration motivates you to do. I suggest you search yourself…and then allow your frustration to motivate you to do what is right. There be consequences, some good, some not so good, that follow when you do the right things…let them come. Start today.


Personal Note: Please share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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7 thoughts on “SitRep – May 2022 (part #4 of 4)

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  4. Well done my friend, I think you are spot on! We have front row seats to the most interesting and challenging times in the history of the world. It’s all in God’s hands now and that is all that matters. We know how it’s all going to play out. Love and serve God by loving, serving and forgiving others. What you put out into the world comes back to you magnified. Be a force for good. Trust the rest to God and all will be okay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you sir! As you well know, your opinion means a lot to me…I respect you deeply.
      You said it well, clearly, and prophetically.
      I know which side you are on and who you and your house serve.
      Keep em safe!


  5. Thank you, as always. Shared this series with a like minded friend, who was duly impressed and will be sharing with his friends. The DH and I enjoyed dinner with you at xxxxxxxx one night; unfortunately my phone drowned, and I lost a lot of my old info, messages, contacts, etc., so I am stuck not having your number or (again!) remembering your name, other than A.H. Trimble. LOL. We are getting pretty rooted at our place down here, with family, neighbors, etc., and don’t spend much time up there anymore – but am glad to have gotten the chance to sit down and break bread with you, even once – God bless you and all your laudable efforts to be a good neighbor and good citizen. If you message me I’ll add you to my contacts again! Either way, may you be well, my friend!! ~xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Mercy!
      Thank you for letting folks know about it…share away 🙂
      Hang in there…and glad to hear you are getting settled in for the long haul.
      I will get my info to you as soon as I am back up and running again.


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