FAQ – 1/9/2021

  • Is QAnon a reliable source of information? They/he seem to have inside information on what is happening.

Let me make sure there is no confusion on this subject…


And just to make sure I am clearly understood…

Hell No!

I started watching their stuff shortly after they started posting. It became very apparent very quickly that is was a complete and total farce. But, I held off until I saw a consistent pattern to their posts. And it confirmed to me that the QAnon posts were absolutely worthless, no value, little (if any) truth, and vague to the point of complete crap.

I see evidence (but not proof) that QAnon is actually a PsyOp of one or more federal agencies or foreign entities. And yes, the federal agencies and foreign governments have done so before, multiple times.

So I don’t believe a single thing from QAnon, I don’t believe they have any special inside information, I can’t see any value of any kind in anything they post. And truth be told…I think QAnon does terrible damage to patriots, conservatives, etc. Why? Because people, desperate to believe in something, latch onto frauds like QAnon. And then all reality, truth, evidence gets thrown to the curb and an unknown, unproven, vague source of crap becomes their reality, basis of opinion, and possibly motivation to action.

So there you go…I hope you have my clear view of my QAnon opinion.

  • Does Trump bear any responsibility for the Capital Attack?

You’re going to love this answer…Yes & No 🙂

First off, let me be 100% clear…those people that attacked the Capital Building, ransacked offices, attacked federal officers, vandalized, and participated in the death of at least 4 people chose to act the way they did and are solely responsible for their individual actions.

That being said…does Trump bear any responsibility? Yes, of course he does. Any rational, reasonable, thinking person can see he does. It was Trump that called for the protest to begin with. It was Trump who consistently called the election a fraud and his loss a theft in the strongest of terms. It was Trump who urged people to take action, to object to the certification of the vote, it was Trump who told Pence to overturn the election, it was Trump who didn’t commit to a peaceful transition of power…and the list goes on. So it was clearly Trump who helped create the atmosphere for a peaceful protest to transition to violence. At no point did Trump tell the protestors to maintain the law, to remain peaceful, to not attack the Capital. Even after Trump was told the protest was turning violent AND he was asked to tell the protestors to stop, he didn’t take any action. It wasn’t until it was mostly over that he made any effort.

And at any point Trump could have told the protestors to stop, go home, leave the area, do not turn violent, etc…and Trump chose not to do so. He intentionally and willfully took NO action to stop the protest from turning violent and prevent his supporters from attacking the capital. So yes, he does bear some responsibility to what happened in that he helped create the atmosphere in which the protest occurred. And his legacy is permanently scared by this. And if he is impeached yet again…well, much of history will not be kind to him.

  • Do you think Trump should be impeached like Pelosi is talking about or removed from office through the 25th Amendment?

Absolutely not!!!  While Trump’s action(s), or lack thereof, was not becoming to a President I don’t believe they rise to the level of achieving an impeachment vote in the House, nor conviction in the Senate. And, while I think Trump is struggling right now I still think he is capable of serving as President for the next few days.

And realistically speaking…it would be nothing more than a political stunt by Congress, led by the Dems to destroy him as much as possible. Trump has what…11 days to go. Let him alone and pray for peace, clam, and adult heads to prevail during this time.

  • How did you know all these things would happen?

A lot of studying of current events…and the people involved. And most of the stuff that I talked about was discussed openly among the perpetrators themselves. I work at trying to see the big(ger) picture, the larger trends, etc.

I work very hard at using logic, evidence, proof, truth, and reality when considering what might or might not happen and when. I also try to let that still small voice whisper to me…the Spirit.

I try with all my might to avoid the weird stuff, the “politics” of any given issue or person. I look at the principles and avoid unfounded and unprovable information. Yes, that means I give ZERO value to dreams, visions, etc. unless they come from the scriptures or a man of God who has authority for such things.

I avoid buying into any political or societal trend or theory of thought. I avoid public relations information, especially from government agencies. I use multiple sources of information to verify and validate what I am using in my articles. I always avoid the government agency propaganda regarding their personnel, their agency operations, etc.

I apply Occam’s Razor theory to everything as I consider and internally debate issues. Occam’s Razor simply implies (and been proven over time) that between two opposing theories, the simpler is usually correct.

I also look at everything from the government, all politicians, corporations, and most people in light of “power & money”. Meaning who or what gains power and money from any given situation…and why. That helps me see “motivation”…and I consider the lust for power and money one of the greatest evils that mankind can acquire.

And two final thoughts…trends and history. If a group or person shows a trend in behavior, that behavior will probably continue. As for history…it repeats itself…that is self-evident.

I hope that helps you understand my thought, debate, introspection, and writing processes. And of course…I hope that isn’t too scary.

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2009 - 2021 Copyright © AHTrimble.com ~ All rights reserved
No reproduction or other use of this content 
without expressed written permission from AHTrimble.com
See Content Use Policy for more information.

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