FAQ – 1/8/2021 (Why?)

  • There are the crazies saying this is a “false flag” created by the left to discredit the patriot movement and there were no Trump supporters involved. I dismiss them 100% because it doesn’t make sense. But you never said why the Trump supporters did what they did. So why did they do it?

Well, your question is valid…I didn’t explain the “why” yesterday. Now, in my defense I did explain most of it back on 12/1/2020 in my article “Personal Message this Evening…”. In that article I spoke about “hopelessness”. When people become hopeless they usually act desperate. Most of the time is results in self-destructive behavior…some call it “acting out”. All too often is manifests itself in suicide. 

What we saw when the Trump supporters overran the Capital Building was desperation…acting out…a sure sign of hopelessness. I spoke about desperation back on 4/6/2020 in a SitRep. I’ve pleaded with people to avoid “desperation” to not engage in desperate acts. The most recent plea was to avoid militias, protests, and the like. Why?

Because I saw this coming…I even issued Immediate Action Warnings regarding this violence…I knew it would happen. Why? Because people have become desperate. Why are they desperate? Because they have become, or are becoming, hopeless. Why are so many people becoming hopeless? Ah, there is the source of it all.

People have become hopeless because people easily and plainly see things such as:

    1. A two-tier justice system. Politicians and the elites are treated one way…usually getting away with anything and everything. While the average person gets thrown in jail, sent to prison, or shot dead.
    2. We see virtually every aspect of government working AGAINST the average person is significant ways.
    3. We see the FBI, DHS, ATF all going after the most patriotic and dedicated Americans…calling them domestic terrorists. While the real domestic terrorists are idolized by some politicians and the media.
    4. We see the IRS destroy life after life after life. When their sole job is to take our hard-earned money.
    5. We see politicians absolutely ignore…or persecute…the other side of the political spectrum…regardless of which side is doing it at the time.
    6. We see politicians act almost exclusively for their own good (power and money) and not in the best interests of the country.
    7. And…we are being alienated from each other in so many ways they can’t all be listed.

Add all of this up and you have more and more people becoming hopeless…then desperate…then they act out. Why? What else can they do? What are the alternatives? If a person has no power to correct things, to make things better, to correct injustices…or even have those in power listen…then what else can they do?

Our system of government, at every level, has become corrupted…untrustworthy…as seen by BOTH sides. So now what options do people have? We try to change things, we try to fix things…and we see the system corrupt even that…and turn it against us…what options do we have?

Tuesday (1/6) is the result. I told you the violence and Bubba Effect was coming. I saw why. I saw the players involved. It was obvious to me. And just as it was obvious that it would happen…I am telling you it will probably get worse…much worse.

You don’t challenge the power of government, the power of the elites, with impunity. They will strike back…and they will strike back hard…over and over again. And the collateral damage will be the worse.

Remember, it was the ATF who wantonly attacked the Branch Davidian families with a full-on military assault. When that failed, it was the FBI that attacked those families with military armored vehicles and burned 78 men, women, and children to death. Do you think for a single minute that the federal government will allow 1/6 to go unanswered? Unanswered with brutal lethal force? Do you think the US ruling elites (federal law enforcement & politicians; Congressional and Presidential) will allow 1/6 to go unchallenged?

Brace yourselves…prepare…they are coming. But “they” are only prong of the attack. It will be more, many more.

note #1: In your question you used the word “crazies” when referring to those who are rejecting the reality that is was Trump supporters who attacked the Capital regardless of ALL the evidence that is was Trump supporters. I want to apologize if I contributed to you using that word. Those folks who are avid Trump supporters and won’t accept the reality of the situation are not “crazy”. They are obviously struggling with truth, facts, evidence, and the actual reality of the situation but it comes from their desire to protect their beliefs and their idol. We must see it for what it is, but not alienate them. They are already alienated by the system at every level, they need to not see us as just another alienation.

note #2: Yes there is an answer to the “hopelessness” and for me it is clear. For me it is obvious how you overcome all the negatives that the government, the political system, the media, and corporations are shoving down our throats…Christ. And to a slightly lesser degree…supporting each other.

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