Immediate Action Warning!


                         Federal Law Enforcement Actions

Background: Recent attack on the US Capital Building by radical right Trump supporters resulting in multiple deaths including a federal law enforcement officer.

Warning Specifics: All federal law enforcement agencies, led by the FBI, are concentrating virtually all of their immediate efforts on arresting and bringing charges against anyone significantly involved in the attack of the Capital Building on 1/6. They are coordinating with ALL social media platforms and other tech firms (i.e. facial recognition) to identify those involved in the attack.

It is reported that federal law enforcement officers have taken personal offense at the attack and the death of one of their own. They are individually hyper-committed to “bringing all perpetrators to justice.”

All federal law enforcement agencies have a long a sordid history of having committed extreme violence against US citizens at times. This will potentially be one of those times. They will stop at nothing to revenge the attack and death of their own.

Be prepared to see acts of extreme violence of these law enforcement personnel against those they believe involved. And just as dangerous, could be the reaction of those folks that are targeted.

Remember the Branch Davidian Massacre…it started with an armed military-style assault on the Branch Davidian families at their compound on unsubstantiated charges. The Branch Davidians defended themselves against this unwarranted and extreme measure by the ATF…several died on both sides. Later the FBI committed an assault against the families using military armor vehciles. 78 men, women, and children died as a result of the FBI assault…by being burned to death.

A repeat of this kind of action of federal law enforcement could well take place again…maybe multiple instances. Federal law enforcement are looking for these kinds of opportunities for the following reasons:

  1. Revenge for the killing of a federal officer.
  2. Revenge for the Capital Building attack.
  3. Trump supporters blatantly challenging the power of the federal government, especially Congress.
  4. Pressure on federal law enforcement from the radical leftist Representatives, Senators, and other political elites to take “extreme action”.

Actions to Take:

  1. Distance yourself from anyone involved with the attack on 1/6.
  2. Abandon any social media platform or any website who advocates or supports the 1/6 attack.
  3. Generally lower your profile to avoid the attention of federal law enforcement personnel.
  4. DO NOT attend any political rally or demonstration of any kind at the present time.
  5. However, consider your level of cooperation with any law enforcement agency in this effort. This isn’t about justice, this is about revenge and reinforcing the power of the federal government by federal law enforcement personnel..


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3 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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  3. Your most likely on some stupid list already. Biden talking about citizens being terrorists also takes away your rights and puts you under the Patriot act. I already knew Biden was like this and have a hard time believing anyone voted for the man. Low information voters I guess. I doubt Trump will do anything so I advise getting ready for a 100 day lockdown.


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