Personal Message this Evening…

Personal message from me this evening…from my heart.

Man oh man…what a week it’s been! Heck, what a two months it’s been!!

I took a lot of time researching what was happening this past week, who was involved, why, and what comes next. As Michael mentioned in a “reply” he was not surprised at what happened…but he was surprised at the speed at which the reaction was and the speed of the reaction’s progress. Amen! Michael was spot on.

I sincerely hope you have read my SitRep – 1/7/2021, Feedback & Comments – 1/7/2021, FAQ – 1/8/2021, FAQ – 1/9/2021 and my two Immediate Action Warnings from earlier today. Those are pretty dang essential to understanding what happened, the reactions taking place, and some suggestions on what is coming and what to action(s) to take. Tonight I just want to talk, share some thoughts, ideas, issues, and concerns in a less formal way.

So here are a few things we know:

  1. On 1/6 a peaceful rally turned into a protest. The protest turned into a violent and destructive demonstration. The demonstration turned into a deadly and unprovoked attack on the US Capital.
  2. The attack was carried out almost exclusively by Trump supporters proven by clear and overwhelming evidence (i.e. Trump saying they were, their own admission, facial recognition, etc.).
  3. The attackers did include some people from non-Trump organizations. However, they were relatively few in number and took no leadership role.
  4. There appears to be multiple issues with the initial and on-going law enforcement response before and during the rally/protest/demonstration/attack phases. The exact nature of the “issues” remain to be fully exposed.
  5. Many of those who participated were part of the peaceful rally and got caught up in the moment and found themselves participating in the attack. No, I am not excusing their part in the attack, I am simply explaining some of the facts of the situation.
  6. Some of the participants of the most troublesome part of the attack were folks who came looking for some serious trouble: 1) ready to take hostages, 2) ready to commit acts of extreme violence, 3) and at least one person came prepared to use bombs. And so far, all of those folks have been clearly identified as actual Trump supporters with a well-documented history of supporting Trump.
  7. One attacker and one federal law enforcement officer died in the attack. Multiple others died as indirect casualties of the attack. Many dozens were injured.
  8. Some of the attackers displayed white supremacy insignias.
  9. Some of the attackers displayed extreme anti-government symbols.
  10. Some of the attackers were veterans.
  11. The attack failed to accomplish anything positive.
  12. The attack was a major victory for all things liberal, Progressive, Communist, Marxist, and Socialist…and forwarded the cause of authoritarianism.
  13. The attack was a major defeat for, and set-back for, everything right-wing, Republican, Conservative, Patriotic, freedoms, liberties, and rights.
  14. The mainstream media reacted as predicted…immediately labeled the event everything from violent to insurrection, and the participants were labeled everything from right-wing to terrorists to insurgents. And those labels weren’t far off when viewed in the cold light of reality.
  15. The conservative media reacted as predicted…immediately labeled the rally as mostly peaceful, the demonstrators as non-Trump supporters, and the violent participants as undercover AntiFa and BLM operatives…all of which without any credible evidence to support it.
  16. The radical left immediately rallied and called for swift and significant crushing of the insurrection.
  17. The radical right Trump worshipers immediately started to deflect any responsibility and actually initiated innumerable conspiracy theories about who really carried out the attack. They shifted into protecting their idol…at all costs. And provided no credible evidence to support their wild conspiracy claims.

So there you have my read on what happened…hope it makes sense and I wrote it out as it was in my head. So what do you think?

What I think is this…what the Trump supporters did on 1/6 in attacking the Capital Building was despicable, disgusting, destructive, worthless, stupid, and evil. Absolutely nothing they did was positive or had any constructive value at all! To the contrary…the attackers handed the dark side a tremendous victory of incredible value. The attackers set back any freedom movement, any patriot movement, and any Conservative movement by years…if not decades. Pure and simple they were either utterly stupid or insidiously evil in their actions.

So there you have it…plain and simple…for all to see…my opinion based on facts and principles…not based on politics or unfounded conspiracy theories.

I already explained why I think they did it in FAQ – 1/8/2021 (Why?) <click here>

So now what?

Well you are already seeing part of it…the authoritarians are coming down on the attackers big time, arrests are being made, charges being filed, perpetrators being identified with the help of everything tech, censorship is running rampant, and much more to come.

But, here is the number one problem that resulted from 1/6…division. The dark side can now do all kinds of PsyOps to split the right away from mainstream America, and split the right itself into small groups…divide and conquer. And you can’t blame them! It is as if in a matter of a couple hours the right-wing committed suicide.

No wait, more like they were suicide bombers…and there was significant collateral damage besides their own suicide. The Republicans will now have to demonize Trump supporters (and they are), RINOs can demonize everything right-wing, everybody can now demonize Conservatives, all right leaning politicians will have to vilify the Trump attackers and their supporters, and libertarians can rightfully say, “I told you so!”

The right coalition is now fractured into many camps…mostly small camps. And as rational Trump supporters learn of, accept, and think through the evidence of 1/6 they will abandon the idolizing of Trump and his “style” and “methodology”. But the diehard Trump worshipers will dig in and not just demonize everyone else…but they will actually strike out against all things non-Trump, create conspiracies, and lose all credibility with normal and rational people.

Bottom line with this…the Trump supporters, the Capital attackers, have successfully handed the federal government to the Democrats and authoritarians for a long time to come…for sure several election cycles, maybe decades. And I think the right-wing movement as it stands now is permanently destroyed and will have to be rebuilt. And I don’t have a clear picture of that will look like…but I feel it will not be good in many aspects.

If one thing positive came out of it…1/6 and the aftermath will clearly reveal those that are…well, I wanted to write “crazy” but that isn’t appropriate. I could say “those that you don’t want to be associated with” but that isn’t true in every case either. So I am struggling to identify the “group” I want to label. So maybe I should say those that participated in 1/6, those that support(ed) it, those that create conspiracy lunacy, etc…simply revealed themselves.

So now they have two main choices; 1) understand and accept the reality of what happened and the consequences of it…and then change their ways, 2) dig in and become even more radical and more severely misguided.

For you…well, you have to decide to what degree you align yourselves with group #2. I strongly suggest you forgive group #1 and help them with taking a more Constitutional, more moral, more realistic approach to the situation America is in right now. For group #2…well, I will distance myself from associating with them, I will condemn their actions and their approach, and I will expose them for who they are…a radical destructive force in the United States that our Founding Fathers would not approve of at all.

It was proposed to me that 1/6 was a first “action” of a change of government as approved of in the Declaration of Independence. My view on that is…ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is NO relating the actions of 1/6 with the Declaration of Independence process for change of government. Seriously, think about this for a minute…does anything that happened on 1/6/2021 even remotely resemble the actions of April 19, 1775? No, I didn’t think so.

But honestly, what now?

Well, there are two clear answers to that…

1) You must distance yourself from any support of those involved in the attack of 1/6. Those actions were shameful as shameful can be…and hurtful to the true freedom movement by an incalculable factor. Do not associate yourself with that event for the simple reason it was wrong and against correct principles.

2) You must work even harder to clarify the principles in which you believe, stand firm in those principles no matter what, and prepare for everything that is coming. And what is coming will be surprising in a very negative way.

How bad will it get? I have written at length what will happen if the Democrats get control of the Whitehouse and Congress. Well, that day has come…the Republicans and Trump handed them that victory on a silver platter. And then they sprinkled that sliver platter victory with copious amounts of gold flakes on 1/6. The Democrats now have virtually a free-hand in whatever they wish to do…to destroy our Republic.

The radical left doesn’t just have the mainstream media on their side, they have a much diminished conservative media credibility to contend with. The radical left doesn’t just have the mainstream media on their side, they now have all social media platforms of any note on their side…and a very loud voice calling for the crushing of “false information”.

Yes, that crushing is two-part; 1) any opposing view, 2) all conspiracy theories. And yes, the conservative right-wing whack job websites are alive and teeming with all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories concerning 1/6. And of course the big tech companies now have perfect cover, perfect justification, for teaming up with authoritarian big-government types to do their part to crush the right wherever they are found.

Do I want you to be quiet and take it? Seriously, anyone who has been reading my stuff or any length of time knows that to be anything but true. But, I am asking you to be smart and be on the right side of history. Prepare every needful thing, obviously. And be active in forwarding the cause of freedom, working to secure liberties, and relentless in advocating for rights given to us by God. But do it smart!

Do not get involved in militias or any group that even begins to support the people involved with 1/6 or anyone who supports those kinds of actions. Do not get involved in “politics” or idolize politicians…especially to the point of blind idolizing that we’ve seen with many Trump worshipers.

Find people that support your principles and who would be willing to run for office, at any level, and then work to get them elected…and keep them on the right path if they get elected.

Teach your family, especially your kids what is right and what is wrong…and especially teach them those thing that are accurate in American history and civil affairs.

Expect the unexpected! What is coming will be vicious, hateful, and evil as we’ve never seen it before. Expect it!!

One example is the Lincoln Project is building an extensive database of Trump supporters and others they consider “dangerous” and “complicit” and intend to work with the federal law enforcement and politicians to create a war crimes environment to go after them. But, that is only the tip of the iceberg and a minor example of what these radical authoritarians are capable of…and planning.

I am convinced now, more than ever, that mental and spiritual preparation dwarfs any physical preparations we can make. You must be strong enough to resist ALL evil…whether it comes from the radical left, the racial right, Washington, and even from those in your own religions who have lost their way.

Yes, be self-reliant in every possible physical way…AND be spiritually self-reliant as well. And that self-reliance comes from adopting correct principles that you live by, stand by…no matter what.

I am honestly pleading with you…I beg you to get ready, to be prepared, to be sane and grounded in reality, avoid idols, avoid worshiping man, avoid politics as usual, grasp the iron rod of good…and don’t let go!


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5 thoughts on “Personal Message this Evening…

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  2. What do you know about the special Ops guys who were in the crowd and went in to gather intel. Several lap tops went missing Nancy commie Pelosis was one of them, and Lin ‘wood is talking it.. You can distance all you want. I have lived life on the pointy tip of the spear for my country in combat.


    • I don’t know a thing about any supposed “intel” operation…if there was one. It appears that it was all vandalism. I can’t imagine in any known universe that active duty SpecOps personnel would participate in an attack on the Capital Building in broad daylight with a crowd of political supporters. It would be a nonsensical way to go about it. All the SpecOps guys I know aren’t that dumb.
      And make sure you understand the “distance” statement I made…it sounds as if you are criticizing it…but before you go too far down that path, consider the entirety of what I said and the context.


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