Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence – The most dangerous person in the Biden/Harris regime…

The Biden/Harris regime has named Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The DNI coordinates and supervises all aspects of national security, foreign and domestic. And she is the most dangerous, deadly, and anti-America person to ever hold that office…she is the ultimate globalist and authoritarian.

So who is Avril Haines?

Her serious education/indoctrination began at the age of 14. She attended that ultra-elite/leftist Ivy League-bound high school, Hunter College High School. Then she went on to the University of Chicago, home of such notables as:

  • old school elites banking family Rockefellers
  • big-tech moguls from Oracle and Microsoft (Ellison & Nadella)
  • radical socialist John Dewey who mandated government schools in America
  • Communist Party member Bernie Sanders
  • James Comey, former FBI director who led the coup against Trump coordinating closely with the Clintons and the CIA
  • radical socialist journalist Ana Marie Cox
  • radical political activist Ed Asner
  • globalist, neo-conservative politician Liz Chaney
  • Aldrich Ames, former CIA operative and Soviet Union spy
  • Saul Alinsky, radical American communist and socialist, wrote a book dedicated to Satan
  • Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education and radical extremist Progressive
  • David Brooks radical leftist/globalist journalist
  • And the list goes on and on and on…a breeding ground of radical leftists, Progressives, and globalists.

To continue her post-college globalist indoctrination and to gain authoritarian regime experience:

  • she worked at the Hague Conference on Private International Law
  • worked under Biden on leftist CFR
  • Served as Deputy National Security Advisor in the radical Marxist Obama administration
  • Then took the post of Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under John Brennan (well-known authoritarian extremist and documented to have committed dozens of acts of extra-judicial executions of America citizens).
  • Of particular note, in 2015 she prevented the prosecution of CIA operatives who illegally spied on members of Congress. Doing so while overruling the CIA Inspector General himself who had recommended prosecution of the CIA spies. The speculation is she was the one who ordered the illegal (i.e. unconstitutional) spying and the trials would have revealed the leadership of deep state in the federal government and the depths to which they were willing to go.

Why is her working closely with John Brennan as his immediate subordinate at the CIA important? At least one CIA insider revealed that John Brennan actually made plans to assassinate President Trump. And it goes further…John Brennan openly acknowledged that he had voted for US Communist Party members in Presidential elections during the Cold War . There are also numerous credible reports that John Brennan was actually a Communist Party member. But there are no longer any US Communist Party records to prove it. So, the new DNI was mentored by a known Communist supporter and originator of a CIA plot to assassinate a US President…and never brought this to light…let alone worked for him. Makes you wonder why?

And most notably, she led the CIA operations from 2014 – 2016 in the extra-judicial “targeted killings” by drones. Even the ACLU criticized the drone murders! Haines herself reduced the minimum criteria to virtually ZERO for an individual to be “nominated” for lethal action. The term “nominated” is a deceptive euphemism for targeting people for assassination, and her drone guidelines allowed for the assassination of US citizens without any due process in our American judicial system. Yes, outright murders of American citizens!!

Why is she so willing to use drones to murder people with virtually no evidence that they are a threat…just on a CIA operative’s word?

Why is she so willing to murder Americans?

Why is she so willing to by-pass the America judicial process?

Well, it is plainly obvious…at least to me.

In my opinion she is one of the most dangerous people to have ever worked in the US government. She would be as home in Gestapo headquarters or leading a torture session of an American citizen as drinking a latte in a Starbucks. She is a cold-hearted, stone cold killer…and radical extremist.

Based on her education, her work background, and actual documented actions…she is going to kill Americans, work actively to bring us under the thumb of totalitarianism, and bring us under an irreversible globalist elites’ control.

Watch for killings, murders, assassinations, disappearances, and renditions to drastically increase under her tenure as DNI.

Biden couldn’t have picked a more perfectly educated,well-trained…and evil person as DNI to further their authoritarian regime’s agenda.

Avril Haines…everything anti-American and anti-Constitutional as a person can get.

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