Ron Klain – White House Chief of Staff

Ron Klain has been chosen by Biden/Harris as White House Chief of Staff. I find it interesting that Ron is the consummate political operative. He is well known for working in the background and getting things done. Of course the things he has gotten done at contrary to everything that is good for this country and its citizens.

While Ron may not be the most recognizable or the most notable of Biden/Harris regime picks…he is someone that can get even more dastardly deeds done. Watch out for him…he is the guy who smiles at you face-to-face…while he stabs the country in the back.

Let’s start this off right… Ron Klain is commonly referred to, by the left, as a “veteran Democratic operative”, “a lawyer with deep experience on Capitol Hill”, and “White House insider”. Now, for me that is clear and concise Ron Klain is yet another perfect example of a “DeepState” choice by Biden/Harris.

Previously Ron Klain was:

  • Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents, Al Gore from 1995 to 1999 and Joe Biden from 2009 to 2011.
  • Worked as White House staff to President Obama.
  • Senior advisor to Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020.
  • Clerked for liberal Supreme Court Justice Byron White in the 80’s White. It should be noted that Justice White opposed Miranda Rights and supported the concept of a strong police state.
  • A close peer and cooperator with the staff with the most liberal of Democrats in Congress over the last 30 years.
  • Member of Clinton’s Presidential staff.
  • Chief of Staff and Counselor to Attorney General Janet Reno. Yes, that AG Reno who was directly involved with the Waco Massacre by FBI agents.
  • A big-time serious lobbyist involved with social investment firms Revolution LLC and Skoll Foundation. Revolution LLC investments include emerging tech corporations. The Skoll Foundation invest in “social entrepreneurs” and provide gives large multi-tens of millions of dollar grants to leftist/globalist media organizations such as NPR, PBS, Sundance Institute, and Public Radio International.
  • Obama’ Ebola Czar…and failed miserably at it…but provided cover for Obama.

And while he is not responsible for his wife’s activities and occupation, it should be noted that his wife is an attorney and radical environmental activist.

So we have yet another Biden/Harris pick that is a radical globalist and leftist, a flawless example of a DeepState member, major political operative, and well connected to other left-wing extremists. And yes, connected to violence prone for federal officials.

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