Tony Blinken – Biden/Harris Secretary of State

Tony Blinken has been chosen by Biden/Harris as Secretary of State. And good ole Tony has an interesting background. I already told you that Avril Haines (as DNI) is the most dangerous person in the Biden/Harris regime…well, Tony has to be the slickest…and the strongest DeepState member in the Biden/Harris regime.


Let’s get the easy part out of the way…Tony worked as Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Secretary of State under Marxist/Globalist President Obama. But before that Tony was already deeply Bill Clinton lied, bill clinto is a liar, bill clinto hates christians, bill clinto attacks christianityembedded in the federal government. Tony worked in the State Department and on the National Security Council under globalist President Clinton. But let’s not forget that Tony also worked under Senator Joe Biden, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Now some interesting connections…

After college Tony worked for The New Republic, a radical Progressive/Globalist magazine, with self-admitted socialist views, opinions, and stands. So he started working for the radical left early in his life.

There is an organization out there called Center for Strategic and International Studies, they are a radical globalist leftist “think tank” who makes foreign policy for the US government. Yeah, Tony work for them as well. Nice, huh?

Tony then co-founded WestExec Advisors. WestExec is a high-dollar lobbyist for big-tech giants such as LinkedIn, ATT&T, Facebook, and Google (huge current government contractors). Their clients also include big financial corporations such as Blackstone and Bank of America (both huge government contractors). Yup, Tony used his power inside the federal government to gain huge wealth from corporations who then acquire massive financial gains from the same federal government. And it should be noted…all those corporations are now working with the federal government in the recent initiative to censor and financially crush the right.

Interesting side note… Avril Haines (the most dangerous person the Biden/Harris regime) worked for WestExec as well. Yup, that Avril Haines, the new DNI worked for WestExec. I find it comforting that such dangerous radical leftists, who are now running the country, are tied into the very corporations that are now working with the federal government to destroy America.

Oh, another interesting note…Tony worked then Secretary of State John Kerry on the Iranian Nuclear Deal that laid out a path for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. And I almost forgot…and as part of that deal the State Department also delivered a plane load of cash (billions of dollars) to the radical Islamic country of Iran as a pay-off. Yes, that Iran…you know…the one who is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world today…and whose agents have been killing American troops for the last two decades while Tony was negotiating a sweetheart deal with them.

Tony Blinken is the ultimate government parasite and a perfect example of the DeepState.

Thank you Biden/Harris!!!

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