John Kerry – Climate Envoy

John Kerry has been chosen by Biden/Harris as Climate Envoy. Don’t be fooled by the title “Climate Envoy”…it is the second most important objective (climate justice) for the Biden/Harris regime…the first objective being the establishment of an unstoppable authoritarian government. And even then, climate justice is a key factor in accomplishing their police state objective. And John Forbes Kerry is the perfect pick for their agenda in the climate justice arena.

While researching Kerry’s background I was astounded at a number of things; 1) His Senate history is void of any substantial or reasonable accomplishment, 2) His Vietnam War history is full of conflict in accounts, especially his list of medals, 3) His sole major accomplishment as Secretary of State was the Iranian nuclear deal which put Iran on the path to develop nuclear weapons and gave them billions of dollars in a clandestine plane load of cash. Basically John Kerry is an empty suit that has an untarnished history of failure and non-accomplishment.

Here are some of my findings:

  • His direct family is related to the wealthy elitist families Forbes and Dudley–Winthrop, and he attended some of the most elite boarding schools, here in the US and abroad. His second wife was very wealthy coming from the Heinz ketchup family. It is estimated that Kerry’s personal wealth is approximately $1billion, almost exclusively from his second wife’s bank account.
  • His mother’s deathbed words to him: “Integrity, integrity, integrity”, evidently because she was worried about his…according to reports.
  • He attended Yale University majoring in political science, his highest grade in four years was an 89, with a cumulative 4-year average of 76. Considered a “dull” intelligence by any academic standard.
  • His military record is full of problems and contradictions. Two books (Unfit for Command and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) have been written about his military time from people who served with him or were aware of his activities. George Elliott, Kerry’s commanding officer, stated Kerry had three Purple Hearts, none of which took him off duty and barely requiring a visit to sick call. The first was not from enemy fire but was from shrapnel of a grenade Kerry fired himself and a tiny piece of shrapnel barely nicked his arm.
  • While in the Senate he has a “do nothing” senatorial record. But, National Review did name Kerry the Senate’s top voting liberal. He supports abortion rights (i.e. infanticide) for adult women and for minors without parental permission. He is a rabid gun control advocate to the point of the elimination of guns in the hands of private citizens. Extreme supporter of trade with China including Most Favored Nation status for China.
  • While working for Obama he was instrumental in arranging meetings between China and Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, in “sweetheart business deals” amounting in the billions of dollars.
  • Again, while working for Obama, he negotiated the US agreement to join the Paris Agreement on climate change which cost huge numbers of American jobs with little to no improvement in the global environment and no positive impact on man-made climate change.
  • And of course he was the chief architect of the Iranian nuclear agreement ensuring Iran can and will develop nuclear weapons. And yes, he was the mastermind behind sending a plane load of cash stacked on pallets to Iran as a payoff. Estimates are the amount of cash was approximately 1+billion dollars. Iran later used those funds to finance the fight against and kill Americans in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Psychologists reportedly have described Kerry as, “…it appears he is unstable, has low self-esteem, and is even pathetic in his need to be liked. He hides his insecurity by an outward display of knowledge, a feigned understanding, and staged performances in a field that feeds the needs of his ego. I doubt that he entered politics because he was driven by a desire to do good for others. More likely, his career was molded around his desire to be recognized, seem important, and to emulate the Kennedy image that he has sought so hard to evoke. In the process, he never developed any semblance of authenticity.”
  • He also admitted membership in the secret society called Skull and Bones. He has often taken part in ceremonies on Deer Island, an island retreat on the St. Lawrence River, owned by the Skull and Bones organization. The secret society claims some of the richest and top-tier elites in the world as members.
  • He is also a long serving member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is a shadow organization of international elites that dictates foreign policy for the US government. The CFR maintains extremist globalist beliefs as well as being very hawkish (pro-war, pro-American Imperialism). Not surprisingly, the CFR leadership and prominent members include international banking and financing heads and well as notable military-industrial corporate leadership.

Bottom line…Kerry comes from the top of the wealthy elite, a life-long radical liberal, extreme Progressive, and everything anti-American and anti-Constitution…and worst of all…he is pro-infanticide. However, Kerry is essentially a “dolt” of low intelligence and little more than a useful idiot to the globalist agenda.

But do not think I dismiss his ability to be dangerous. He will take orders from his masters and carry them out regardless of the morality of those orders…or the level of evil outcome. He is a perfect foot soldier of the New World Order…a wealthy useful idiot.

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