QAnon is Real !

So you know me enough by now to know that headline was purely clickbait…but not so fast…you gotta read this article to understand what I mean. Good luck…

According to the FBI and Capitol Security there was supposed to be an armed rebellion at the Capitol again yesterday (3/4/2021). And that attack would be led by Trump himself to retake the country for democracy, grandma, gun rights, and apple pie! He would then lock up all the Democrat pedophiles eating pizza while untold demonic activities took place around them. How did that work out?

Yeah, a big fat ZERO!!! Nothing happened as we knew it wouldn’t. Well, at least those of us who have half a brain. But, my point is…the FBI and Capitol Security used QAnon as their source for this armed rebellion information. Yeah, that QAnon.

QAnon believer and spokesperson!

Now, if you‘ve been reading my stuff for the last 7 – 8 years you know I have no use whatsoever for QAnon. I think it is completely fake, nothing credible about it, totally worthless, and potentially dangerous. Yeah…all of that!

First off…my personal opinion is that QAnon is the product of some weirdo loser siting in his mother’s basement drinking energy drinks and/or smoking weed all day. He doesn’t work, lives off of mom, and laughs his butt off every time he makes another QAnon post. But, there may be another explanation…darker and far more sinister.

Let me back up just a minute…why are QAnon posts written in such cryptic terms? Because doing so allows people to paint whatever message they want over the post. The posts make no sense at all in and of themselves. But, people who want them to mean something can manipulate the message at will…and can make a case for its truthfulness because the messages are so vague.

If you look at any QAnon post as written…they are gibberish…period! But, if you take them at their face value…none of his predictions have ever come true…NONE OF THEM!! They are all pure unadulterated garbage. Let me say this again…taken as written…nothing QAnon has written has come true. It is all pure BS!

What I find interesting is how QAnon cultists will make a post mean something…then when it doesn’t come true, they take another post to show that he warned that some mysterious force kept it from coming true. Unreal that anyone could possibly put any value or credibility to such crap.

Remember I used the term sinister a few minutes ago to explain QAnon?

As much as I believe it is some dolt in mom’s basement, it could well be a PsyOp (psychological operation) by a foreign government such as Russia or Iran…or the FBI. All of those entities have done so against American citizens before.

Think about it…do you think Russia, Iran, North Korea, or China would love to be able to unsettle the American government by instigating an insurrection, an attack on the Capitol, on national TV beamed around the world in real-time?

Then again, the Democrats would love it just as much!

At the same time…we know that the FBI has targeted conservatives, militias, Christians, and preppers for suppression or elimination. Hell, they designated those groups as domestic terrorists! What better way to manipulate those group members than with a black operation that motivates people to otherwise do things they wouldn’t…or at least confuse them…and/or expose their identities.

It is an amazing mind manipulation operation…if it were not so evil in design. And yes, the FBI and CIA have engaged in these kinds of operations before…and worse.

Regardless whether QAnon is some crackpot in his underwear typing away in his mom’s basement, or some foreign government working to overthrow America, or a US government agency operation working to manipulate citizens…QAnon is real.

But, to make it clear…QAnon is not anything you should be involved with…even as entertainment. QAnon is pure poison, dangerous, and of no value to a real prepper…and certainly nothing a Christian should be trifling with. And anyone promoting QAnon should be ashamed of themselves…and cease doing so immediately! Those promoting QAnon are promoting totally worthless information…and worse, they are promoting harmful, it not evil, information. Why “evil”? Because it is distracting people from truth, reality, and from making sound decisions in their lives.

As a prepper, as a Christian, we need to be focused on what is real and what has value, and certainly avoid everything that would distract us from moving forward based on sound principles.

So yes, the post headline was clickbait…but it was also accurate. QAnon is real in the sense that it exists…but QAnon is only real in one sense…it does no good for anyone that we care about.

QAnon operation in full-swing!

Let me perfectly clear…QAnon is worthless! However, it can also be one of the most dangerous things that preppers ever got involved with. There are government agencies that are going to use QAnon as a basis for action, deadly action. Those associated with QAnon have been, and will be targeted, by these government agencies…and it will be bad, very bad. Get away from, and stay away from, QAnon…NO GOOD WILL COME FROM QAnon!!!

I can’t be any more plain than that.



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9 thoughts on “QAnon is Real !

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  3. I never felt good about QAnon – it just didn’t make sense, too confusing, not enough information to be relevant. I just rolled my eyes whenever I saw a new post and then ignored it. I didn’t understand the hype at all. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Anonymous on YoutTube. So vague in what they are saying. Not worth my valuable time to even pay attention to it.


  4. Agree 100%.

    But, I’ve been wondering for four years…why were/are so many otherwise intelligent folks…so completely fooled by the QAnon Farce??

    I’m aware of more than a few very smart and very decent folks that took the Q-bait … hook, line and sinker.

    At the very least, folks should have figured out by early 2018 that Q-Anon was bogus…if only from the string of failed predictions Q had already amassed.

    By early 2019, Q’s track record should have sent people running for exits.

    Who/What ever Q might actually be, he/she/they are masters of psychological operations and messaging.

    Which leads me toward the idea that Q was either a Federal operation…or, quite possibly, a Soros-funded, political operation by elements of the Leftist (Progressive) apparatus.

    Think about it — Q’s ultimate role seems to have been to provide the “bellus causi” (the essential reason for initiating armed conflict or war) against anyone that disagrees with the extreme Left. Pelosi has grabbed that ball and scored multiple “touchdowns” with it.

    Capitol Hill is now an armed fortification, protecting the most extreme Leftists as they transform America. Just in case any SERIOUS Constitutionalists get the itch to demonstrate their unhappiness with said transformation.

    The thing about the infamous events of January 6th, is that most of what we “know” about it has been proven false.
    – First, it was never an “insurrection.” More like some rather mild demonstrating/ protesting, at least compared to antifa and BLM’s reign of terror last spring and summer.
    — Second, the participants.
    You dont go to an “insurrection” wearing buffalo robes and horns. There were a few in the crowd with intentions to gum up the vote certifications…but no one was planning to overthrow the Constitution.
    Third, no police officers died from protester actions…despite the lurid early reports. We were plain lied to about that.
    Fourth, conservatives are far more competent than what was displayed on Jan 6th. If comservatives decided to throw an insurrection, you’d see a lot more than a few thousand unarmed “inaurrectionists” show up for the party. And there would have been a whole lot more noise!!

    Keep your heads down. Stay legal. Think before acting.



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  5. Then Qanon is dangerous to the left because they apparently believe it. It will cause them to make mistakes and over step. Maybe it’s a psyop against them. After all, they are hiding behind barbed wire and troops.

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    • Hey Steve, Yes, QAnon is a danger…to everyone. The left uses it as a tool…and hopefully will make mistakes due to it. But, it has already made the right make some very, very bad mistakes (1/6 as an example)…and worse…made them desperate. It is a psyop against all Americans. And don’t forget…the right-wing politicians are behind that barbed wire and the troops as well. Almost as if they are using it to protect all of the authoritarians. Whatever the case…it has created an American Green Zone. Sad! AH


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