Can you please explain our inflation problem?

  • Can you please explain our inflation problem?

Sure! Oh wait, Crazy Joe Biden says our economy is the strongest since t-rex roamed the planet. Yeah, well, anyone with even a molecule of brain knows we have serious problems with the economy, and inflation is just one aspect of it.

Inflation is caused by a number of different factors; one being supply and/or demand, another cause is the printing of fiat currency, then there is modern monetary policy (MMP), and of course government spending just to name the most common causes. So we know that the US government has done the following:

  • Screwed with supply and demand of fossil fuels which drives the vast majority of the economy…so those prices rise and ripple out to the cost of everything else.
  • Printing 10’s of trillions of dollars via the Federal Reserve making massive amounts of currency available that has no value backing to it whatsoever.
  • Embraced every aspect of MMP totally for the last 70 years, especially the last 20 years. And that has debauched (debased, ruined, degraded) the US dollar.
  • And of course we all know that for 20 years the US government, led by all of the last four presidents, has spent money like a drunken sailor. (My apologies to drunken sailors.)

So the US government, and both political parties, are 100% responsible for the inflation that is destroying America even as you read this post. ALL of the last 4 presidents (Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush) have contributed to the inflation problem today through budget deficits and increasing the national debt. Obviously some more than others

But I propose that you may not be asking the right question. Try this…

Why are we having the inflation problem that exists today?

Now there is the question that makes sense to me! And I hope that I can answer your question by addressing mine. But let’s start at the beginning and connect the dots…

In America the “bourgeoisie” is middle class, they are the property owners, small and medium sized business owners, professionals, and the glue that holds many societies together. In America, at least in days gone past, they were the ones who kept communities alive and thriving, they were the church goers, they were the good neighbors, they were the volunteer firefighters, they were the good folks to have around for over 200 years.

Karl Marx…Satan’s tool if there ever was one, decided to demonize the bourgeoisie in Europe about 150 years ago…big time…calling them oppressors of the working people, and worse. Basically to Marx, the bourgeoisie was the cause of all problems political, social, and moral. Then a student of Marx, Vladimir Lenin, comes along and decides that for Communism to succeed and for a true totalitarian state to be implemented the bourgeoisie must be eliminated. And of course the rapid Communist leader and mass murderer knew how to handle that…

MESSAGE: So to kill a country’s middle-class…high taxes and high inflation.

MESSAGE: To kill a Constitutional Republic that is based on free-market capitalism…you kill the currency.

So let’s think about this, what has been happening to America’s middle-class?

MESSAGE: The US middle-class has been disappearing for over 50 years.

MESSAGE: The US rich get richer and richer.

MESSAGE: And the super rich…get even richer!

Now think for just a minute of what is being accomplished after ALL the inflationary periods and recessions…just look at history.

MESSAGE: The rich somehow manage to acquire more wealth and high incomes after all recessions. And the wealth and income increases come at the expense of middle and lower income folks.

Bottom Line –
  • America’s upper-income, especially the super-rich, have steadily been getting richer and richer…and have seen significant spikes in income and wealth growth after recessions.
  • America’s middle-class (the bourgeoisie) has steadily disappeared over the last 50+ years.
  • The US Government controls both tax policy through the US Congress and inflation through the Federal Reserve.
  • Politicians from both parties have controlled the US government over the last 50+ years.
  • Presidents from both parties have appointed the Federal Reserve Chairman over the last 50+ years.

But one last thought…About 100 years ago John Maynard Keynes was a British economist that developed Keynesian Economics. His idea was government must intervene in and control the economy…because the government knows best. That theory drives today’s Democrat Party, all Progressives, and all authoritarians. And, basically it fits exactly into the implementation of fascism perfectly.

So “why” do we have the inflation problems of today?

Well pretty simple actually, the policies of the US government for the last 130 years…and specifically for the last 20 years.

Now you know the “why”…just one more way that the authoritarians are transitioning America into your worst nightmare.

And if you want my opinion –

  • The US government has debased and continues to debase the US currency.
  • The US government is 100% responsible for inflation.
  • The US government has completely embraced Keynesian Economics.
  • The US government has all but eliminated the US middle-class.
  • The US government is following the ideology of both Marx and Lenin.
  • Authoritarians run the US government.
  • Both major US political parties are run by, controlled by, are full of, authoritarians.
  • And sadly…US citizens keep repeating themselves in one election, after another election, after another election. The purest definition of insanity…national insanity…national suicide.

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2 thoughts on “Can you please explain our inflation problem?

  1. Bidenflation is a construct of the white male patriarchy.
    You aren’t paying more for less, package sizes are not shrinking along with the fiatbux, nothing to see here move along.
    Those shelves are empty in the spirit of egalitarian unity.
    Check with the state approved fact CHEKA for the official and best narrative.
    Five fifty a gallon is a small price to pay to be free of mean tweets.

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