Let’s get to know Merrick Brian Garland…

First off, for clarification…his original family name is actually “Garfinkel” but was changed to Garland to avoid being linked to their Jewish religious heritage.

During his Harvard college years be became a close friend and ally with Jamie Gorelick. Jamie Gorelick, radical Progressive, was appointed Deputy Attorney General by President Clinton, radical Progressive and sexual predator. Garland also clerked for Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, one of the most radical leftist/Progressive justices ever to sit on the Supreme Court.

In March 2016 Garland was nominated by President Barak Obama, a Marxists and radical leftist, to the Supreme Court. Republicans denied to hold hearings and Garland’s nomination expired. In January 2021 President Joe Biden, hardcore Progressive and head of the infamous Biden Crime Family, nominated him as US Attorney General. He was confirmed in March 2021.

In his opinions and rulings he favors heavy-handed government regulations, especially the EPA. Additionally, in criminal cases, he sides with the government. He supports “black sites” and refusing Constitutional protections or due process when people are held as enemy combatants. In October 2021 Garland issued a memo criminalizing parents who spoke out at school board meetings…and labeled them as potential domestic terrorists….and directing FBI agents to investigate them.

He has actively directed the DOJ to combat state laws that tried to strengthen voting integrity. In a strictly partisan and unprecedented move he specifically made sure that the DOJ denied “executive privilege” to even the closest Trump administration officials regarding the January 6th attack on the Capital.

He is married to Lynn Rosenman who comes from a long line of leftist Democrats who could clearly and unabashedly be considered wealthy Progressive elitists. Excluding his wife’s family-related wealth, Garland is a multi-millionaire. He is a rapid pro-abortionist. When you look at the educational background of his family…it is almost exclusively Harvard and Yale. Both institutions are well-known to contain “secret societies”, as well as being havens and the breeding ground of radical Progressives and other elitists who support the implementation of authoritarianism in the USA.

In July 2022 he claimed only “right-wing extremists” were responsible for politically related violence in the US. This was after the assignation attempt by a leftist on Justice Kavanagh. He has been called by journalists as; 1) “angry, bitter Napoleon” (referring to his quest for absolute power and his 5’6″ height), 2) a “political hack”, 3) a “Democrat Party hit man”.

And worst of all…there are a number of well-known responsible folks who simply refer to Garland as embarking on a tirade of revenge against all things Trump…especially Donald Trump himself. The Arizona Republic stated, “Garland was appointed to run the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency last year, and it looks like he’s been on a progressive revenge tour ever since.” And, “Liberals have a legacy of using federal authority against their opponents.”

Summary (my personal opinion) –

Merrick Brian Garland comes from a long line of radical Progressives, was educated at a Progressive elitist institution, and married into a radical liberal elitist family. Throughout his career he has been trained as, and proven himself to be, little more than a henchman for the Democrats while subverting anything and everything that the Founding Fathers believed in.

Sadly, Garland now has the power to unleash all of his resentment, anger, and hatred on “we the people.” This man clearly considers himself an elitist…especially a political elitist. This is a petty little man doing the bidding of his masters, incapable of seeing or doing anything of value to strengthen, let alone restore, Constitutional principles.

I have watched hours upon hours of his testimony before Congress, this man resents any attempt to be accountable or to limit his power. Worst of all…he is a dangerous and powerful man continuing the demise of the Republic and ensuring the continued establishment of authoritarianism in the United States of America.

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