Rise Up !

A fairly long time ago I was writing a SitRep…and the situation at the time was not good, terrible actually. I said, at that point it was not time to do anything stupid…as in going “operational.” But, I also promised that I would tell you when it was time. I keep to that promise. Then on August 8th, 2020 I wrote an article titled “Resist!”, I encourage you to read that article if you haven’t already and maybe even read it again for a refresher. <click here to read the article>

Now it is time…So here it is…


I am writing this from the most genuine depths of my heart, with as much spirit as I can muster…I pray that you will read this the same. Please “feel” of what I write more than the words on the screen. Please ponder and pray about this…it is important. Record your feelings and promptings as you read this…refer to them often.

For those of you that think I am referring to a rise up in military/tactical terms or some other form of a call to violence…I am not. But it is time to rise up all the same…let me explain.

The time has come, it is here, it is now, we must rise up if there was ever a time to do so. Should we fail to rise up at this point, then there is no hope for an less difficult road to restore that which is good and decent. The only road left to us will be hell, tragedy, suffering, death, despair, conflict and probably…abject failure is almost certain. But that can be avoided…if we start acting now.

There are four things involved; 1) reject, 2) resist, 3) rise up, 4) restore. All are required, all must be done by each of us, all are our sacred duty and responsibility.

Here is what we know:

  • The economy is tanking at a very fast pace and could well collapse within the next 1 – 25 months leaving us in total economic devastation here in the US, and thus, the entire world.
  • The world’s food situation is not good at all and could get much, much worse as we approach the next growing season let alone the years to come.
  • The world’s supply chain is still struggling and could fall apart again with little to no effort.
  • We can see a terrible energy shortage in Europe and it is getting worse. While not as bad in the US, it is showing a storm on the horizon…a very bad storm.
  • The world is at war…it is currently located in Ukraine but it being carried out by world powers.
  • Leaders of nuclear countries are threatening each other with the use of those devastating weapons…and more minor country leaders are actually urging those cataclysmic actions to take place.
  • We have a federal government in the United States who has openly declared war against 1/2 of its citizens…and our US President has demonized those who he is supposed to serve. And the federal government is actually carrying out acts of violence, intimidation, and warfare tactics against its citizens who don’t agree with the federal government’s policies.
  • We know that the majority of US citizens are struggling to meet the growing adverse effect of inflation and suffering under an emerging and strengthening recession. And those same people whose wages are falling behind at an alarming rate are being hurt by not just the federal government but by the Federal Reserve as well. Both are doing so intentionally and with purpose.

And there is more that is happening in the worsening world today…we all feel it, you can feel it, it is here, you sense it…you know it, you see it plainly.

For quite a while I have been urging my website visitors to learn who they are, perfect their principles, accept true Constitutional ideologies, build their faith, understand and observe eternal principles, and to do what is right. I also have been clear in the past that it was not time to draw undue attention to yourself or your family, and you should avoid participating in public rallies, demonstrations, and most of all…it was no time for violence against anyone except in self-defense or defense of family.

Now, I am changing that…it is time to

Rise Up! 

But, that is not all…

REJECT: It is time to reject all calls by those who wish to promote unconstitutional laws and principles. It is time to reject all advocacy promoting activity that is both unconstitutional and unrighteous. It is time to reject those who speak of correct principles but whose actions are not consistent with those principles. It is time to reject those who wish harm to the Constitution, patriotism, and all that which our Founding Fathers fought for. It is time to reject politicians and government actions that are not consistent with what we know to be right…namely, the Constitution and eternal principles.

RESIST: It is time to resist all who try to lead our country astray such as politicians, big-tech leaders, bank management, and Federal Reserve governors…among many others. It is time to resist endless calls for war after war after war. It is time to resist all those federal government agencies who are working to install a police state and an authoritarian government. It is time to resist the financial and economic system that is headed by the private corporation, the Federal Reserve. It is time to resist an all-powerful central federal government system. It is time to resist an education system that indoctrinates our children with political, sexual, and unconstitutional agendas. It is time to resist churches who profess followership of God but advocate immoral and unrighteous principles that are contrary to His teachings.

RISE UP!: It is time to rise up and support those who wish to restore America as a Constitutional Republic. We must rise up and support alternatives to far-left, progressive, and anti-American big-tech and media companies. We must rise up and stop our country from engaging in endless wars that cost our country dearly in terms of blood and treasure. We must rise up and demand that local law enforcement agencies return to being police officers who actually serve and protect their communities. It is time that we rise up and no longer tolerate a Federal Reserve that controls every aspect of our economy, financial, banking, employment, and market systems. It is time to rise up and demand that our public schools abandon political and sexual agendas…better yet, rise up parents, and become responsible for teaching your children in your home where education and learning are the sole focus. It is time to rise up and do all that is needed and required to stop the federal government’s completion of forming America into an authoritarian state.

It is time to Rise Up and do what is right!!

RESTORE: It is time to work with all our effort, all our available individual resources, all our commitment and dedication to restoring the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic that embraces and holds the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as divine and eternal documents which will guide, control, and confine the federal government of the United States.

It is time to restore our communities, states, and country to functioning examples of a people who are free of the burdens and slave chains of government and their leaders who seek to control our lives. It is a time to restore elected leaders and representatives that will steadfastly adhere to correct Constitutional principles and who understand they “serve”…they do not control or subjugate.

It is time to restore a financial system that is free of government interference and that is not controlled by the Federal Reserve. It is time to restore a system of banking that is community based and not subject to the whims of world organizations such as the World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, global central banks, or the United Nations.

It is time to restore an America First policy where our country, our needs, our priorities take precedence over all other countries for our citizens. It is time that companies in the US are favored above those in other countries, especially those countries where slave and child labor is employed.

It is time to restore America in its rightful place in the world…the embodiment of the free enterprise system, as the prime example of a country run by, and controlled by, its people under a Constitution. It is time to restore the policy that the US government will no longer start endless wars and militarily bully other countries to bend to the will of our corrupt US leaders and bureaucrats. We must restore the policy of not interfering with, or overthrowing, other countries, or trying to nation build.

It is time to restore law and order within the bounds of a civil society and within the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is time to restore a legal/justice system that ensures that criminals pay a steep price for their crimes. It is time to restore respect to our police and sheriff’s departments as they serve, protect, and respect those in their communities, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It is time to restore a prison system that isn’t a burden to the public and which teaches that crime does not pay and criminals will suffer and compensate victims for their crimes, especially crimes of violence.

It is time to restore the borders of the United States, and to ensure that no person comes into our country by other than legal means. It is time to restore an immigration system that opens our doors to good, decent, law abiding families that seek a better life…and who will embrace our Constitutional principles and laws. It is time to restore our population to only US citizens and authorized visitors/workers…and return to their home countries any and all aliens who have committed crimes in our country.

It is time to restore that “God”, “family”, “patriotism”, “preparedness”, “pro-life”, and “conservatism” are not despise words used to define enemies of the state. It is time to restore a sense of pride to being an American and become once again a beacon of freedom to the world. It is time to restore correct principles and civility to the public square discussions and debates. It is time to restore a sense of hope that America can play an upright and moral role in the world as an inspiration to all good and decent people.

It is time to restore principled people to politics, and it is time to restore to prison any and all criminal politicians. It is time to restore the original founding principle of NO political parties…and to ensure that only principled people lead our country.

It is time to restore the sense of community and family as well as the obligation to take care of each other, to give service…to give of our time, talents, hearts, and resources to those in need. Restore the concept that the federal government has no place in putting people on the dole or giving out anything…it is time to restore those responsibilities to fellow citizens, churches, neighborhoods, communities, and if needed, local and state governments.

It is time to restore the family as the essential and fundamental element to our society. It is time to restore family obligations as essential to the success of families and our country. It is time to restore our support for, faith in, and love of family.

It is time to restore all that which is right and good…and reject all that is harmful to the soul, mind, and body.

I am calling on you, you relatively few, who visit the website, to now stand up, rise up…be noticed, be a force for good, work with energy and the hope that we can make a difference…because we can!

Rise up! If not you, who? If not now, when? I am telling you that this is the time, now is the time, the here and now.


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12 thoughts on “Rise Up !

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    • D32,
      I hear your frustration…and I get it…especially when it comes to us veterans.
      As I mentioned…self-defense is a God-given right and defense of family is a God-mandated responsibility.
      Notice how our Founding Fathers handled an oppressive tyrannical all-powerful government…they worked for decades trying to resolve it within the system. When the British government started the violence the Founding Fathers still tried to resolve it peacefully. Eventually the British Crown gave the Founding Fathers no other alternative.
      Sometimes violence is the answer based on eternal principles, God-given rights, and lack of any other alternative. And we still have alternatives.


  6. From gray man to activist,,,,,,, why now? I’ve watched and shouted from the rooftops for the past couple of decades,,,,, to seemingly no avail. I moved away from family, friends, and comfort zones. I’ve seen the creeping tides swallowing our nation drowning in normalcy bias. I reached the point of nearly losing control of my own mind, dazed and confused, about how this could possibly be happening!
    Now I have drawn back and am focusing on my own household, the only thing I have any control over, at least for now.
    Now I’m seeing the hoards escaping CA quickly increasing local populations. Problem is, they bring the same sickness with them! What once was semi rural is becoming neighborhood tract homes.
    I talked to locals on a limited basis, trying not to draw attention to myself in my preparations,,,,, very, very few seem motivated to organize.
    I can’t move away again, the tide has followed me,,,,,,.
    So,,, why now? I have accepted our Heavenly Father’s plan, put faith in Him. What more can I possibly do? I’m not giving up,,,,, but I’m not sure what more I really can do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • DC, I cannot disagree with a single word of your remarks. I’ve been there.

      Thirteen years ago I sued local countygov for stealing taxpayer monies through legislative manipulation. As the plaintiff I filed a federal lawsuit that went to jury trial. The jury agreed with me 100 %….8-0. Guess what ? The .gov appealed the jury verdict on the concept the jury was not told the “entire” story. The corrupt federal judge THREW OUT the jury verdict ! My appeal to the federal circuit court upheld the corruption of the presiding trial judge 2 (democrat) -1 (republican). I was done. Finished. The corruption of the .gov i.e., localgov, countygov, stategov, fedgov is complete. The Deep State here in FUSA, including the media, is corrupt beyond anyone’s imagination.

      Regarding “organizing”. Yes, it is a must. However, try to organize even a fire team sized group of Patriots. Good luck with that.

      Since the day I learned the entire Amerikan system is corrupt beyond redemption, I have come to believe with my whole heart that sometimes, violence IS the answer; the only answer.


      Verify your zero.

      Make Peace with your God.


    • DC,
      “Why now?” Honestly, sincerely, from my heart there is only a single answer I can give you, and you may not accept it.
      For about a month I did in-depth research and studied all the pertinent current events. I had very specific feelings and promptings about what was happening…a VERY clear picture. And I pondered, prayed, and tried to figure out what I needed to do. And the macro answer was “Warn people that now is the time to ‘rise up’ and work with everything they realistically can to fix this before the final nail in the coffin.”
      I will write more in response to your comment, but I have to finish my last strawberry raised bed. I am getting ready to plant the last of the “daughters” before winter.


    • Ah yeah, fair question…and one that I am working on to answer. I started writing the “Rise Up!” about 2 weeks ago and I knew folks would ask your question. Stay tuned for the “answer article” coming pretty dang soon. 🙂


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