Fantastic Response from Jim

This was a great response from Jim…one that I thought deserved its own article. Jim was responding to my article on 10/26 – FAQ, you should probably read it first to refresh your memory on what was discussed. < click here to read that 10/26 post >

Jim writes (his comments appear in blue)…

I agree with you overall…but would suggest some supplemental comments. At least in my own head, and I’ll leave it to others to determine their own thoughts.

  • In response to “I think if Republicans win both the House & Senate we can avoid a recession. Do you agree?”

There are a growing number of truly conservative Republicans in the House and a few in the Senate — but they simply don’t have the numbers to push the needed reforms to reduce spending and taxes, then get the government out of the pocketbooks, businesses and lives of its citizens. Additionally, too many Republicans campaign as conservatives, but undergo post-campaign conversions into “moderate” Republicans (for example: Marco Rubio).”

  • In response to “What’s the biggest problems preppers face today? ”

There are some pretty far out folks pushing insane theories. OTOH, to the extent that such “crazies” are motivated to actually prepare themselves for the risks, uncertainties and turbulence of our near-to-midterm future, I am thankful. Better for crazies to be prepared, than unprepared — the more beans, bullets and band-aids stored away by more people, the better for everyone.

As for Q-Anon, I read a few of his early pronouncements filled with words, but zero substance,
I immediately wrote Q-Anon off as a fraud (at best) and possibly an agent provocateur (at worst) working for some group that didn’t have America’s best interests at heart. Over the 2016-2020 period, I’d occasionally warn folks in various forums/websites that Q-Anon was a poser and probably working for the other side…but my efforts were not appreciated. Eventually I simply left the sites giving Q-Anon exposure and implicit support. Time and events vindicated my views — but I feel so sorry for those taken in by the charlatan known as Q-Anon.

  • In response to “What do you think about the Oath Keepers now?”

Regarding Oath Keepers (OK): I certainly appreciated OK’s early stated goals and considered joining at various times. If I recall correctly, I made a few minor donations to OK, but without joining. I never did join, mainly because I’d see the occasional self-professed Oath Keeper publishing material that went far beyond OK’s stated vision and mission.

So, my token donations ceased, I never joined and eventually managed to get off every mailing list OK used (you make one tiny donation, and they always want MORE!).

I don’t know what OK did/said in the events leading up to the Jan 6, 2020, as I no longer saw anything by them. I saw a few news headlines leading up to the Jan 6 events that mentioned Oath Keepers, and my thoughts were: “Those guys are making a HUGE mistake!!”

It seemed obvious that OK and many other folks had been penetrated by law enforcement agents or paid informants. Not because I’m particularly smart, but because I had read the history — articles and a couple books describing the numerous, massive operations LE agencies had mounted in the 1990’s to penetrate (and ultimately largely control) the various “militia groups” of that era. I figured if LEOs had done it in the 1990s, they likely were doing it again in the 20-teens.

I wasn’t the only person thinking (in advance) that Jan 6th was a set-up and entrapment — numerous friends I correspond with figured the same thing, and none of them had anything to do with Jan 6th. It looked and smelled like a set-up, and Q-Anon’s putative involvement only made the situation look worse.

In retrospect, most of those rounded up over the Jan 6th events will think, “Gee, how did I ever fall for that trap?”

That understood, the Jan 6th attendees are being treated horribly, with clear-cut Constitutional violations and extreme prejudice by the courts. Jan 6th was far, far tamer than most of the Summer of 2020 riots, and definitely left fewer people dead or wounded — but those deadly rioters in 2020 were generally ignored or even encouraged (VP Harris donated to a fund to provide bail money to arsonists and attempted murderers!). ** Where is the justice in that?

So, what are the “lessons learned” from Jan 6th?

• Be selective in whom you trust. If they won’t reveal their true identity, they’re probably a complete fake. If their actions or proposed actions suggest carelessness or just not caring about potential consequences, avoid them. If a person shows up on your doorstep (or email or texts or phone or whatever), inviting you to join an elite group aiming to “rescue America,” and they start asking whether you have any experience with explosives…THROW THEM OUT. IMMEDIATELY!!
• Choose your battles VERY carefully. Don’t hand the other side an easy “skunk dunk” on your own head. Pick the terrain carefully and engage only with thoughtfulness, detailed planning and a LOT of prayer.
• Do a THOROUGH “Risks vs. Benefits” calculation for anything you do, say or write. Yes, it is sad we live in a country where those types of calculations are necessary — but they’re still necessary.

General Comments –

This website’s host, AH Trimble, is correct about not aligning yourself with aggressive or bombastic groups or events. I’m not as “gray” as Trimble recommends, but the overall thrust of his opinions are a lot more right than wrong.

Personally, I do engage in the political process, to the best of my abilities, budget and health. But I live in a far “redder” state than most, and each person must consider the environment they’re operating in. In some states, I’d certainly try to go all “gray man.” So, I don’t blame others for differing opinions.

In short: Think hard and long before writing, saying or doing, well, pretty much anything — then pray deep and long about your tentative decision — and THEN follow the Spirit in all you do.

In this there is safety and peace.

Dang! One of the most insightful and longest responses I have ever received to a post on this website. Well Done Jim!!

Now, if I could, I would like to add just a bit…

  1. I agree with his point about some up and coming Republicans appearing to be both conservative and dedicated to making changes for the better. I guess I am just too jaded and cynical to think they can survive or keep to their initial appearance of being a good guy. I always seem to end up disappointed in all of them.
  2. Thank you!!!!! Another person see QAnon crap for what it is. If you think QAnon has even a shred of credibility then re-read Jim’s words…then read my article “QAnon is Real !” < click here to read >
  3. I was thrilled to see how Jim had researched LEO activity in infiltrating various groups that they target. It is shameful what they do and how they do it…then crucify otherwise innocent folks in the process. I wish more folks would wake up to what the federal law enforcement agencies do and who they are…it would help stop their authoritarian secret police ways.
  4. I think Jim’s words regarding Jan 6th were level-headed and spot on. Many of the folks that were there fell into one of two traps, one of their own making, another set-up by federal LEO’s. I can imagine about two days later when those folks woke up and realized what they had done…oh boy. But it sure did fuel the fire against Conservatives, patriots, militias, Trump followers, etc…and not in a good way…no, not at all. Jim’s lessons learned were really, really good…please review them
  5. I’m not as “gray” as Trimble recommends…” ?????!!!!!????? What the heck Jim????!!!!!!???? Did you not read “Rise up !” and the follow-up article “Rise up ! Actions & Suggestions”? There is no more “gray”…it is full-on, get it on, now. No, not in any kind of violent way…but it is time to take action…make things happen, get involved!!

Finally, thank you again Jim, I really appreciate the time and effort in your response. I love to hear what folks have to say and especially when it is so well thought out and so well said. I hope more folks take your lead and send me more views, opinions, and additional information as you did. Heck dude, maybe you should be a guest writer from time to time!

Folks, think about Jim has said…think hard…make sure you are coming down on the right side of this thing.


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