“Rise up !” Actions & Suggestions

I began writing “Rise up!” a little over three weeks ago, and contemplating and formulating it for about a month prior to that. I knew that the time was fast approaching that a change in direction was/would be needed. For the everyone? Not sure, but for those of you that visit this site…I knew it was time to relay to you my sense of urgency and absolute need to…well…Rise Up!

In that article I called on folks to reject, resist, rise up, and restore. And I went into some detail in regards to each of those R’s but not specific actions to take…and there was a reason for that. I am a big believer in the concept of “eyes to see and ears to hear.” It is a way of relating information that touches each individual differently…because each of us are different in terms of our personality and particular situation. What each of sees or hears affects us and motivates us in various and different ways…our varying “call to action” if you will.

Example: In 2009 I was motivated to go online and begin sharing my 30+ years of professional emergency management experience along with my 40+ years of emergency preparedness. Along the way I began sharing my personal views on current affairs and politics. Does everyone to that? No, of course not, few go so far as to create a website and begin pontificating from the electronic soap box…but I did.

On the other hand a regular website visitor and commenter Delta3Two actually went to the legal system and sued their local government for misuse of funds. Bravery at the very least, good citizen for sure, and someone willing to take a stand. Awesome!! And I could go on with various stories of people taking action today trying to cure the evils that plague our society and especially the federal government.

When the question “But what do I do today?” popped up in the comment section of “Rise Up!” it was completely expected although unwelcome. Why “unwelcome” as my weak and lame answer? Because there is no single answer and certainly no easy answer…and I am by no means an expert or genius to be able to advise folks on what they could or should do.

Now, all that being said, I won’t leave it at that, I won’t leave folks hanging…I will work at some suggestions.

Now hear this…each person is different, each has different skills and abilities, each has different levels of resources at their disposal, each person has varying amounts of time to put into efforts, and etc. etc. So I will speak in somewhat vague terms but ask you to take each thought and use it as a prompt for what you can do as the person you are with what time and resources you have available.

So here we go with the “general” stuff…

  1. Understand who you are and what you believe to be true, have firmly rooted principles, morals, and ethics…don’t violate them or tolerate them to be violated.

  2. Find your preparedness passion and take action on it.

  3. See things as they are not what you want them to be; have good quality Situational Awareness of current events and the people involved.

  4. Focus local, as close to home as you can get, then work outward; start with yourself, then your family, then your neighborhood, then you congregation, and then community; go forward from there as you feel prompted.

  5. Don’t overwhelm/overload yourself, keep it simple; use your time and resources wisely, don’t waste either.

  6. Don’t waste time or effort on people that refuse to change or be helped; if people are set in their ways move on to someone who is more open to the reality of current events and preparedness.

  7. If you are a believer then seek guidance through fervent prayer with a sincere heart, with real intent, asking for specific direction on what you should do.

  8. If you are not a believer, consider learning more about God our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.

Specifics to think about…

  1. Make sure you and your family are as prepared as possible; use the AH Trimble’s check lists.

  2. Find a political cause or candidate and work as hard as realistically possible with your time and resources for their/its success.

  3. Join, or form, a neighborhood watch group.

  4. Join a local ham radio club.

  5. Get to know your neighbors and where they stand politically and in regards to emergency preparedness.

  6. One of the most effective ways to help the situation in the country today is to give service to a family or person that needs it. Yup, go do something nice and/or helpful for someone besides yourself. It can be mowing a senior’s lawn, dropping off a meal to a family in need, visiting a sick person in the hospital, or a ton of other ideas that pop into your head. People are hurting, times are tough, go out and make a difference in someone’s life every single week…if not every day. The little stuff matters!

  7. Talk to other members of your family, a serious discussion on how your family can make a positive difference in the world. Listen, discuss, and then go do something together as a family!

Look, many of you will probably think this is a lame post full of nothing answers…maybe it is. I am not the smartest guy around. Many, most actually, of you are far smarter than I am. Figure this out! You can, you must, start making a difference. It doesn’t have to be in some big, grand gesture kind of way. You don’t have to become a US Senator or the President…but you can, you must, do something. But that “something” must be consistent…and a lot!

Or…just crawl into a hole and wait for the end.

The choice is yours.

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5 thoughts on ““Rise up !” Actions & Suggestions

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  4. Thank you!!! This gives plenty of food for thought and grist for the mill. I guess the one thing I’ll remain an unbeliever on is the whole political thing. I am completely cynical about how corrupt and fraudulent our system of politics and elections have become, run by criminals and protected by the agitprop media. I have no intention of playing their filthy game and pretending my vote matters again, because to my way of thinking the institutionalized fraud renders my vote less than worthless. Done with all that meaningless charade. There is no political solution to the mess were in, IMHO. I’m looking for the Savior to return and place the government upon His shoulders. Then I will believe in government again. But that’s just me. Otherwise, lots of great ideas and gives me plenty to work on. Thank you!!!

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