The Darkest Days of America

In the 1930’s and early 1940’s men from the Nazi Germany’s Gestapo (central government law enforcement agency) would show up at people’s homes with large numbers of military dressed men, automatic weapons in-hand, breakdown the door, arrest parents in front of their children, all the while holding their children at gun point…then haul off one or both parents.

The parents that were arrested were almost always religious people and each objected to the holocaust (genocide) that was taking place in death camps.

And all the arrests were authorized by the Nazi’s all-powerful central government’s department of justice called the Justice Ministry. And the Justice Ministry was operating on the orders of their country’s leader who had previously identified these people being arrested as “enemies of the state” and all were seen as a threat to the homeland.

A pretty dark, gruesome, and horrific picture of an evil government led by a mad man leading an entire country to utter destruction…and murdering some 6milllion religious people in the process.

OK, so on 9/5 I wrote about President Joe Biden’s speech where he clearly identified 1/2 of America’s citizens as enemies of the state. In that disgraceful and disgusting hate-filled speech he further referred to anyone who believed in the “pro-life” cause as a domestic terrorist. Remember, a “pro-life” believer is one that opposes the genocide of babies, called infanticide. And virtually all pro-lifers are people of deep faith and believers in God…being religious in nature.

On 9/12 I explained who Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was < click here > and relayed his own words on pro-lifers and believers being on their list of domestic terrorists. < click here > And then on 9/13 I issued an Immediate Action Warning titled “US Government War on US Citizens” < click here > And then on 10/11 I gave significant detail on the notorious and infamous US federal government’s lead federal law enforcement agency. < click here > But, you think those were my first warnings? Think again…I’ve been sounding the alarm for years!

In the article on 10/11 I gave the details of the FBI’s military operation against a pro-life Christian where he was arrested and hauled away while his family was held at gun point. The raid by heavily armed, militarized FBI personnel was carried out at the direction of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Do you think that was the first or last raid? Ah, no.

In the last couple of weeks the FBI has conducted raids of pro-lifers who are also Christians. In one raid in particular a good family man, father of 11 children, a former pastor, a firm believer in Christ was brutally arrested in front of his children at gun point. When his wife heard the commotion she asked the heavily armed FBI agents what was happening, they refused to answer her. Part of that  high-profile case was caught on video. In that video the FBI agents are clearly shown to be as arrogant as one can imagine…treating the wife with the greatest of disdain.  The name of this enemy of the state, this domestic terrorist, is Paul Vaughn. His crime of terrorism…helping to coordinate a peaceful pro-life sit-in. Ironically enough…he wasn’t even at the sit-in!

Vaughn was the group’s liaison with the local police department. He was working with the local PD ahead of time to ensure that the sit-in was peaceful and the folks would cooperate with police once the officers showed up. The sit-in never interfered with access to the abortion factory and was 100% peaceful with the folks praying and singing hymns. When the police showed up, the folks were arrested, booked on misdemeanor charges, and sent on their way back home.

And once again, just like the Mark Houck situation…the DOJ got wind of it and started the military-style raids against the pro-life Christians.

Oh, did I mention that Vaughn was held in secret for his court appearance with no one being able to know where he was…not even his attorney. The FBI intentionally didn’t reveal his secret location.

Some of the other people swept up in the far reaching FBI military-style raids/arrests ranged in age from 60’s to as old as 87, with at least one basically a teenager. And why were they arrested in such vicious and fierce raids?

“The purpose is to try to save babies today and most importantly be obedient to Christ.”

Booking Photos from Original Misdemeanor Arrest – NOT after the brutal FBI raids & arrests.

In my 9/5 article regarding Biden’s demonic speech I referred to him as Herr Biden in a direct reference to Adolf Hitler. I meant it, I feel I proved my case, I own it, and I will not back down from it.

In my 10/11 article about the FBI I laid out extensive information about the utterly weaponized nature of the FBI and their long history of oppression and suppression of US citizens and their God-given rights, liberties, and freedoms. In light of the overwhelming evidence of FBI operations, actions, tactics, weaponization, their war against Christians, and their unwavering support of infanticide I find no other option that to make it clear of my opinion…the FBI is America’s Gestapo.

FBI – Militarized, Weaponized, Politicized.

You may not agree with me, I get that. But do this…explain why the FBI has done, and is doing, these Gestapo tactics against Christians and those who oppose infanticide? Explain to me how they can burn to death nearly 80 men, women, and children at Waco and get away with it? How can they shoot a child and mother at Ruby Ridge and get away with it? How can they outright murder Finicum on video, try to cover it up, and get away with it? And most of all…explain how dozens of FBI whistleblowers are now confirming our worst and darkest fears regarding the FBI to be true.

Looking at the 1930’s and early 1940’s days of Nazi Germany run by a mad man, an entire government engaged in genocide and at war against a religion, one must consider…

America has entered its darkest days in its nearly 250 years.

America Is FallingNow these three questions must be asked…

  1. Will people rise up and reject America’s march to utter destruction?
  2. Who is next on the FBI’s hit list?
  3. What would the Founding Fathers think about the FBI, what they are, and what they do? Especially if the Declaration of Independence was written today.

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11 thoughts on “The Darkest Days of America

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  4. Indeed, the authoritarians have put their hobnail boots on the necks of the people. and have declared war on 1/2 of the country. WE will not win this unless good people stand up and insist the constitution be followed. It would be good if the ABC originations were disbanded. The unconstitutional agencies are running amuck and terrorizing the country. Maybe the Russians will use their new torpedo that causes tsunamis on the East and West coasts for us. The real issue is are we strong in keeping the covenants that have protected this land or are we going to be swept off like the Jaredite and The Nephites. As A nation we have lost our way. Secret combinations now rule and the people morn. There are people who are covenant keepers maybe the Lord will spare them but don’t count on it.

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  5. No one said that the controlled demolition destruction and selling out of the country by internationalist serving quisling traitors would be easy.

    Liked by 2 people

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