SitRep – 10/19/2022 – Dire Warning !

! Dire Warning !

It’s here, it’s now, and it is going to get worse. OK, thanks for reading my latest SitRep…have a nice day and have a great week. Bye!

Well okay, that was nothing more than an attempt at some humor regarding a very serious and dark topic that I must share with you once again. Today I will be specific and issue a dire warning.

As I started to rough out this article I tried to figure out a starting point…and had an almost impossible time. Then I realized that the article’s starting point didn’t exist here in the US, the starting point of this article about the state of the US economy actually starts in Europe. Yup, our democratic socialist brothers and sisters across the pond.

Anyone find reports in the mainstream media, or any media actually, of the numerous and massive demonstrations in Europe? Yeah, by massive I mean crowds in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands…often clashing with police. And not just taking place in a single EU country but lots of those countries. So have you seen the pictures or videos of the crowds? Yeah, didn’t think so.

In my last SitRep on 10/3/2022 I shared that the British pound (British currency) was seconds away from collapsing before their central bank (England’s federal reserve) stepped in and saved it by printing billions of pounds. Oh, and all of their country’s pension funds were ready to go bankrupt at the same time till -you guessed it- their central bank stepped in and printed billions more pounds to bail them out. But it is far worse than just the British problems…it’s Europe’s and the entire world’s problems…including the US.

As you well know by now the EU has fully embraced the radical green energy agenda. And in so doing they have already had significant electric grid problems for two years. And they’ve all but assured that almost the entire of Europe will be freezing this winter due to lack of home heating ability. Yup, they have shut down so much of their conventional/traditional energy production that they are looking at massive energy problems this winter. Meaning, they won’t be able to heat their homes to a reasonable degree…some, not at all. Oh, but don’t worry…I am sure their government offices, parliaments, and banks will be just fine though.

Back to the protests…what were they protesting? Well they are the most extreme of the radicals over there! They were protesting such things as inflation, energy shortages, lack of justice for regular citizens, and preferential legal treatment for the elites. Yeah, go figure…people actually protesting such things. The nerve of those Europeans!!!

Change of direction…

Let’s start with the recent US inflation figures:

  • Overall inflation came in at a staggering 8.2%…still 40+ year high.
  • Food component was up over 13%, with many food elements up 24 – 32%.
  • Energy component was up 19.8%.

But lest you forget…I’ve been telling you for years that the government changed the way it calculates inflation figures. Once again, back in the late 1980’s the federal government didn’t like the high inflation numbers that had been reported from the Carter inflation/recession time period. So they simply changed the formula to make it look better for the federal government. Imagine that!

So, based on the formula from the Carter inflation/recession period that rocked the country…our true/actual inflation rate is hovering at about 17%. Yup, imagine that!

So now let’s talk about the US unemployment rate…the current US unemployment rate is 3.5%. Wonderful! We have lots of people working and anyone who wants a job can get a great job making lots of money and enjoying life to the fullest! Ah, no. Even those who have jobs are seeing spending power down 3 – 5% even if they got the higher average wage raises.

Again, as I have explained before, about 30 years ago the federal government changed the way it calculated the unemployment rate. First off, don’t be confused…new unemployment claim filing numbers have nothing to do with the unemployment rate. The federal government actually contacts 60,000 households around the country and asks them about their employment status, etc. That is how the “rate” is set…not by any actual numbers, statistics, or filings…or any other realistic measure. And if a person has quite looking they also are not included either, along with some other bizarre measures that excludes some of the actual unemployed.

Just to do the numbers…the federal government asks 60,000 households about their employment status. There are 136,000,000 households. So .00044 of US households decide the US unemployment rate! In what universe does that make any sense at all??? OK, only when it comes to the US federal government does absolute absurdity become the norm.

So using the old numbers/stats/figures, the unemployment rate is actually just under about 8%.

And finally, the national economy figures show a contraction of over 1% for the last quarter…and the country’s economy has been contracting most of this year.

Now let’s wrap it up and make sense of the numbers:

  • In late 1916 the inflation rate hit double digits and stayed there through 1920 when it started to nose dive.
  • In 2005 the “new” inflation rate calculation hit 3%, hitting 5% in 2008 just prior to the Great Recession. Actual numbers would be 6% and 10% respectively.
  • In 1929 the unemployment rate was 3.2%, in today’s terms it would be reported as 1.7%.
  • Late 1929 the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.
  • In 1931, two years into the Great Depression, the unemployment rate hit 15.9%, almost double what the “actual” unemployment rate is today.
  • During that same year, 1930, inflation nosedived and the economy was contracting at an alarming rate.
  • The contraction was driven by people losing their job and money/cash drying up.
  • In 1929 the stock market indicators showed a 17% loss, in 1930 the loss rose to 33%.
  • In 2022, year to date, the stock market is showing a loss of 16%.

Sounds like a bad time for America! Yeah, and the 1929 US depression drove the rest of the world into a global depression as well. But let’s look at something that should make you really uncomfortable.

The Federal Reserve (the Fed), a private banking organization that the US federal government placed in charge of the economy uses a single key tool to control the economy…short-term interest rate. In reality they also control employment, more correctly the unemployment rate. Historically they raise interest rates to dry up money supply which also raises the unemployment rate, also drying up money available in the economy. The two combined theoretically work together to bring down inflation.

It all sounds good until you are the person paying 20 – 30% more for food…and 15 – 25% more for energy like gas for your car and electricity for your home heating. And then you become one of the 15% of the workforce that loses their job. There is a reason the Great Depression had bread and soup lines and millions of people lost their job…and millions lost their home and life savings.

But, today while we have high inflation, we don’t have that high unemployment number…right!? Well, unless you think today’s 8% actual unemployment is high.

Well, there are sources close to the Fed now leaking information that the Fed is considering driving unemployment up by another 10+ million people. Ah, that means the “official/new” unemployment figures would officially rise to 7%. But remember, based on the 1929 formula…the unemployment figure would be 15.75%. And that my friend is the same unemployment rate during the opening days of the Great Depression in 1929.

Now, the federal government is talking about cooling inflation…but the experts are saying we are already in a recession and it is assured that we are headed into a “hard” recession in 2023. Some of the experts are even talking about the world being in a pre-depression stage. The figures and statistics show that they may well be correct.

If the Fed drives that unemployment rate up as their plan indicates…the only figure left needed for a depression is a negative inflation rate.

When you start to see true negative inflation then be very, very worried. And to be clear…that means official government figures showing inflation to be in the neighborhood of 1 – 2%…meaning the “true” inflation rate has gone negative. Combine that with unemployment numbers continuing to increase we are looking at a depression here in the US…and then spreading world-wide.

Almost done, hang in there…

I believe with all my heart and soul that when we start to see these numbers truly worsen just slightly and unemployment really hurting people the government will offer a new economic plan. It will be something that sounds good to the average stupid American, the liberals/Progressives will love it, the media will sing its praises, big business will be all in, big-tech will rave about it, and you will see it for what it is.

I have proven the case over and over again how the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is disappearing. And that middle class disappearing began 50 years ago. I have previously provided charts, statistics, and facts from reliable and verifiable sources proving that to be true. There is no reliable evidence to the contrary.

So now…

In September 2020 a Price and Edwards report came out that showed $50trillion had moved from the bottom 90% of the US population to the richest top 1% of the US population…during that same 50 years I have spoken about, 1970 – 2020.

In June 2021 Bloomberg released figures showing that basically the bottom 90% of the US population are indebted to the richest top 1% of the US population. And the debt-to-income ratio of the bottom 90% is far, far greater than the top 1% making it less likely for the bottom 90% to be able to save and/or invest their money. And that debt prevents them from getting richer, and even prevents them from becoming less poor.

In early October 2022 Industry Week released a report that showed a very interesting trend that started in 1950. In 1950 the manufacturing industry in the US produced 40% of all profits and had 30% of all jobs. Today the finance industry (banks and investment houses) have 40% of all profits but only 5% of all jobs. Yup, that means those in the finance industry are making the profits but with 600% less people. And here is a little tidbit…wages. The current average US manufacturing job pays about $31,000. The current average US finance sector job pays from $63,000 to $120,000. Think about the “why” on that one.

Here is my final point…it is obvious what is happening to the US economy…it is being manipulated to make the rich richer as 90% of Americans lose their standard of living and struggle to pay their bills. How long do you think that can last?

Here are my questions that make it clear to me where we are headed:

1) At what point to do the 90% of Americans say enough is enough and demand change…either peacefully or otherwise?

2) If given a change to the US economy that drastically improves their financial lives (as in reduces/eliminates their debt) how willing will that 90% be to accept a “new deal”?

3) What entity is the ONLY entity able to offer that “new” economic plan?

Have you figured it out yet? Can you see where all of this is headed? Can you accept the facts, figures, and the mountain of evidence for what they show to be true?

Summary –

You know!!

You know it, you feel it, you can tell something is very wrong in the country right now…and has been for quite a while. Obviously the political situation is a complete disaster. And society is a total mess with all the bullcrap woke junk and degenerate LGBTQ trash being pushed on us. I could go on…but, probably of greatest importance to you is the current economy and our economic future. And that you can tell is a very real problem. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what is wrong…but you know it is bad and that it is getting worse. And you are right.

It is clear that we are in a high inflation period…crystal clear. It is also clear the housing market is about to collapse again…the beginning is already occurring. Every single reliable and objective expert says we are in a recession right now. Most of the brightest and best experts say we are headed into a severe recession in 2023. A few of the top economists and experts are reading the stats and figures that we could be staring a depression right in the face starting as early as mid-2023. At the very least they are predicting stagflation for a decade.

But listen to the World Economic Forum’s own plan in coordination with the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. They, in their own words, want to transform the entire world’s economy…period. And you know that they won’t be changing it to benefit the entire world’s population…it will be transformed to only benefit the top 1%, the ultra rich, the elites. Just like has been doing for the last 50 years. The same rich and elites who control the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations

How can I say that? Well…wake the hell up!! They have been freaking doing it for the last 50 damn years!!

The facts, the statistics, the evidence all show that their plan has been working really well for 50 years…but they are now accelerating it. They want to bring their plan to full fruition. It is time for them to complete this current phase of their plan and gather in even more wealth and resources…so they think.

But there is a side to that plan that is far more disastrous for you and me…maybe even fatally so. To control the kind of wealth and resources that they are talking about there is only one way to do it…authoritarianism. They must have complete and total control over the populations of countries. Many countries are already there…many are already close, really close, all of Europe is moving that way a staggering pace. Why do you think the US federal law enforcement agencies (such as the FBI, ATF, DHS, etc.) are becoming far more active and going after anyone who opposes US government & Progressive policies?

Bottom line…get prepared…do it quickly…do it soon…time is fast running out!

Some things to consider:

  • Get out of debt which gets you out from under the control of the lenders, the banks, the ultra rich, the elites.

  • Raise cash; sell unneeded possessions, get a second job, stop spending/wasting your money.

  • Create the ability to grow your own food.

  • Participate in the parallel economy; buy direct from farmers and ranchers, go to garage/estate/yard sales, take advantage of thrift stores, trade/barter for services and goods.

  • Adopt a plan to prepare for mitigating the 7 Common Threats & Risks associated with emergencies, disasters, and especially grid-down.

  • If you can, move out of large population areas into more conservative self-sustaining rural areas. Move out of California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, an other radical blue states as soon as possible.

  • Find others that are like-mined…and organize.

There are more things you can do…to get more ideas:

What my wife and I are preparing to do is to have the ability to live outside of the “system” and survive locally with friends, family, and other local/community folks who wish to avoid, or at least minimize, the absolute disaster that I believe is coming.

I highly encourage you to prepare…get it together…get going…get started and don’t stop preparing. The time left may be far shorter than you may think. All of the signs are there for an approaching utter catastrophe…and the signs have been showing themselves for a long time. But you have to see them, accept them, and then act on them. Failure to act could result in complete, total, out-and-out, potentially fatal, outcome for you and your family.

Can I make it any more clear?!?!?!?!? What else can I say or do? What other facts, statistics, evidence do I have to give you?

I can’t prepare for you, I can’t get you ready, I can’t make decisions for you, I simply can’t…that is your job. You must do it! You must do the preparing, you must do what is needed…only you can do that. No one is coming to rescue you, no one is going to show up as a knight in shining armor and save you. FEMA is not the answer. The National Guard is not the answer. No aspect of any level of government is the answer. Politicians are certainly not the cure no matter the party or what they promise.

You are the answer…the only answer. I am begging you to get this done…get prepared. Please do not delay! Do something, anything…just buy an extra can of food or two…or a packet of garden seed…please!

For the believers out there…pray for guidance, I promise you He will help show you the way forward, He will help you. Remember faith without works is dead. You do you part, you do your works…He will bless you with grace, with strength…He will bless you to not fear.

Folks this is it! It now or never!

Second to last thought…Why do you think all those protests and demonstrations are occurring all over Europe right now? And why do you think you are hearing virtually nothing about it in the USA? Again, what are they protesting and demonstrating against? Ah, inflation, energy shortages, a screwed up justice system…and fear of their bleak economic future.

Then you have got to ask yourself…why is that not happening in the US…why no protesting here? Well, we have been trained to be compliant little sheep, trained to obey, compelled to conform, acclimated to accept, and we have been beat over the head with the “law & order” crap at all costs. And if that doesn’t work…well, law enforcement agencies, especially at the federal level, are all too willing to protect those in power.

Finally, final thought…if you think a Republican sweep in November will fix anything…oh you silly, silly sheeple. Granted, it might slow things a bit…but it won’t stop the train wreck…it never has. Politicians are politicians no matter the party…it’s only correct principles that truly matter. And those my friend are in very short supply…in the US right now…and nonexistent in Washington DC.

You are the answer…you must rescue yourself…then be prepared to rescue others. It must be you!

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    • Saber7,
      I think without a doubt most people will take the mark…out of necessity.
      At least those who have prepared will have an actual realistic choice to take the mark or not.
      When the “mark” day comes…so will the American Revolution II…if it hadn’t already started before then.


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