Complete “woke” insanity!!

So first off, they are science deniers…second, they are entirely insane, delusional, or just plain run-of-the-mill mentally ill.

So here is this “guy” that goes into a hospital, then complains when the hospital staff questions if “he” is pregnant. Duh!!! Men, guys, males, canNOT get pregnant!! Period! That is pure 100% science…any other belief is pure delusion. And it seems that not only was “Danny” delusional and/or insane…but Yahoo article writers are just as insane.

Get this article headline…”Transgender men can get pregnant. Here’s what they wish more people understood.”

Let me digress…why would a pregnant woman, posing as and appearing as a fat man (including a beard), think she would have trouble being taken seriously by medical personnel when she claims she is pregnant????


First off, let’s be clear…men can’t get pregnant no matter who says what…it is simply not possible.

Next, women/females (XX chromosome physiologically) can get pregnant. But, when a woman dresses up like a man, when a woman disguises herself like a man, when a woman expects to be treated like a man…they can’t FREAKING expect to be taken seriously about anything…especially when it comes to medical care!

So both “Danny” and “Kayden” need to shut their freaking pie holes and quit complaining when it comes to their delusion-based mental illness problems.

And authors who write articles supporting their plights and defending their mental illness need to have their fingers…OK, I better stop…free speech, freedom of the press, and all.

So why am I upset? Simple…

1) People have gone insane and try to be something other that what science says they are. Living a delusional mentally ill delusional lifestyle.

2) Then those same unstable people complain when they are treated as the gender they try to appear to be in their opposite-gender disguises.

3) Media folks try to convince us that there is something wrong with us that we do believe in science and commonsense.

4) Society is more and more demonizing normal people with normal beliefs, who accept science, who want a sane and civil society…and idolize delusional freaks.

Listen to this stinking pile of insane, mental illness crap, “Shon McCloud, a Virginia-based U.S. Army vet who identifies as trans, is currently pregnant with his first child, conceived naturally with his male partner. “

Do not get caught up with this insanity that it evil personified! There is a single goal for all of this…it is to…well, you, my website folks know what the goal is.

Hold to the iron rod of truth…real truth…not this made-up garbage that evil people are pushing on society!

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4 thoughts on “Complete “woke” insanity!!

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  2. AMEN AMEN and AMEN!!! I am so done with this insane, demonic bull$&#@. I am ready to throat punch the next a$$hole who tries to go here with me. I have fantasies about going into a public bathroom and having one of these lunatics drop his drawers and me going full on Mama Grizzly with him .🤬🤬🤬 For someone who loves truth as I do, this crap has me begging the Lord to come quickly. We are living in a spirit of complete delusion. This stuff is so demonic.

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