Something to think about…

So, I’ve been really watching the markets and the economy lately. Something is up, something is wrong, something weird is happening. Yes, I know…I’ve talking/writing about this for a very long time…I understand. In the past I have been very clear in what I saw and what I thought about it…I am not shy about sharing my opinion as you know. This is different…very different. Something is going on, the up-front and obvious stuff to be sure, but I am getting a sense on something happening in the background that I can’t quite put my finger on. Kinda like I can see something lurking in the shadows but can’t quite make out the shape or details.

That being the case, I thought I would share the following in a graphic format that might help both of us get a clue of what it might be. Please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, or questions.

Americans are struggling to pay bills, they have burned through a lot of existing savings, and are now using credit cards to pay bills, and personal savings rate is at historic lows for the average American.

US corporations have taken on a historic amount of debt, some of that debt has already driven companies out of business. Never in the history of the world has a country owed as much money as the United States. Based on the $31trilllion dollar figure…it is mathematically impossible to pay off that amount of debt…even if they intended to. And then there is an additional approximately $300trillion of unfunded liabilities lurking in the country’s future as well.

For the most part irresponsibility has caused the average citizen savings to plummet, the personal credit card debt to skyrocket, and corporate debt to hit historic highs. Simply put…people making poor, very poor, financial decisions.

And added to the poor decision making is the record setting inflation brought on by the government since Joe Biden took office. Oh, and the dramatic increase in energy costs that has helped push every single item that people buy go up exponentially in cost.

And sadly…both inflation and energy increases have been intentional. Yup, intentional…as in the government, at least on the surface, purposely created an environment where the prices went up…and the average person’s income nosedived. Yes, you are perfectly within your right to ask why they would do such a thing.

But to me, I am asking myself, trying to figure out, exactly what comes next. I think there are three basic choices…all of which I think have an equal chance of occurring…

Whatever happens…are you preparing for it?

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7 thoughts on “Something to think about…

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  2. “Crap is happening.” That “crap” is the digital dollar !

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today announced today they are entering into a 12-week “feasibility” study with large financial institutions (banks). THAT is what is going on. Digital money = Great Reset = New World Order.


    Make Peace with Your Lord.

    Gun Up (self-defense).




    We will NOT vote our way out of this !

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    • Yeah, you are right about the new dollar…yuck! It has the potential to change everything…control everything.
      We need to join, or create, parallel economies in local areas.
      I think I am going to take your suggestions, some of my old material,, and make a conversation out of it…a serious conversation.
      Thanks for your input and inspiration.


  3. WEF has been telling the world what they plan to do. Just like the communist said they would destroy the United States. They told us exactly how they would concur the USA step by step and our elected officials went right along. So why are you surprised when the WEF if doing exactly what they say they plan to do? Its the coming of the Great Reset. Get in line for you implanted micro chip, big brother is already here.

    But in the mean time, stop feeding, STOP feeding the beast, (Its hard to do, not everyone can). Be a thorn in the side of your local officials, hold them responsible for their jobs. And most important make your local accountability lists. For when the green light goes on and time to be The Orkin Man.

    Me? What do I plan to do when they come for me? I am not getting on the bus. I am at peace with my creator. This is not my home, I am only passing thru.

    Saber 7

    AH; this might be a bit harsh so edit as you see you have to, this is your blog.

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    • I hear you, I am pretty sure I understand you, I get it.
      Tomorrow morning the post gets even worse…crap is happening.
      And I will only edit to keep the wolves away from our respective doors…I care about you and all the other site visitors. That is important to me.
      I am going to think more about your post…and then respond a bit more later today.


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