SitRep – 12/07/2022 (part #2)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s SitRep. I am trying to break the longer articles into 2 or more posts to make them less demanding on your time. If you haven’t read yesterday’s it would really help if you did…makes this post more understandable.

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A reminder that this 2-part article comes from research I did over last weekend, wrote it on Monday but held up posting it till yesterday (Wednesday) for a very specific reason. And finally, I added a few more notes to this post this morning based on some overnight research that brought some applicable issues to my attention.

Now…on with the post…

The Economy –

Use the preface “World”, “Global”, “EU”, or “US”…I don’t much care. We all know what all the economic indicators are looking like. But Market Watch released an article on Friday with the headline “High debts and stagflation have set the stage for the mother of all financial crises.” Now, doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? My thing is this…who is prepared, who is preparing, who hasn’t prepared, and who this will hit the hardest? Oh, and how will it play out with each group? Oh, and which group are you in? And how will the other groups affect you and your family?

Added on 12/8: Remember “derivatives” from the 2008 financial crisis? Less than 10 years before that global financial crisis there were about $88trillion in derivatives around the world. Then collapse when it hit approximately $600trillion. After the crisis correction derivative holds shrank to almost non-existence. US banks now hold about $250trillion in derivatives, unsettling to see. However, there is a more serious problem…US dollar derivative de-guaranteed contracts held overseas…and it amounts to about $65trillion. Why should this worry you? Those de-guaranteed contracts are for US currency, held overseas, unregulated, and the holders of those contracts are unknown since it is outside of US banking regulation jurisdiction. So why are those contracts overseas? Who has control of them? What are their intentions? Why don’t we know who they are? Why are they “de-guaranteed”? Most of all, what happens if the derivative market collapses once again considering that $65trillion is in the US currency market?

Added on 12/8: Earlier in the week Nouriel Roubini, top market/economy watcher/advisor, warned:

  • “the global economy is headed for an unavoidable crash”,
  • “the mother of all stagflationary debt crises’ is coming”,
  • “a crisis that the Fed and other policymakers will be powerless to prevent”,
  • “there will be a hard landing — a deep, protracted recession — on top of a severe financial crisis”,

Roubini issued numerous warnings prior to the 2008 collapse.

Added on 12/8: In the early morning hours of 12/8 and article appeared wherein Blackrock, world’s largest investment house / money manager, said the following:

  • “The global economy has entered a period of elevated volatility, and previous investing approaches won’t work anymore…what worked in the past won’t work now.”
  • “A recession is imminent but central banks won’t be able to support markets this time by loosening policy.”
  • “Recession is foretold as central banks race to try to tame inflation. It’s the opposite of past recessions…it will ignite more market turbulence than ever before.”
Law Enforcement –

I’ve written about this general topic extensively, and you should probably know my position by now. But the one thing that worries me the most is when LEO’s say things such as, “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them.” Bullshit! LEO’s aren’t robots, they aren’t required to enforce illegal, immoral, unethical, or unconstitutional laws, edicts, regulations, policies, or directives…or even Executive Orders.

Denver, Colorado Police Department ordered a SWAT raid on a home containing stolen goods. Problem!!! They didn’t do any investigation, no confirmation, no interviews, NO NOTHING!

Based on the word of one dipwad detective the SWAT raid was ordered, and that order “lacked probable cause that evidence of crime could be found” at the home, since it was based on an unverified and vague ping by Apple’s “Find My” app, which is used to track Apple devices. No other investigation was performed…NONE! And who did this affect? An aged grandmother living in the home alone. The house was raided by a full militarized SWAT team with an attack K9 dog. The house was trashed, battering ram used, collectibles destroyed, while the grandmother sat handcuffed and terrified in a police car. And nope, nothing was found, not a single item that was stolen, and it was later figured out that the lost iPhone ling was in error. But that didn’t stop the Gestapo SWAT raid on an innocent grandmother. So why didn’t the commander of the SWAT team, or any SWAT team member, question or at least verify the order? Come on…you know why…this was a great opportunity to play soldier and enforce a “comply or die” mentality!

Then there was the Austin, Texas man who came home at night and thought his house had been broken into. As any normal, self-reliant person would do, he retrieved his rifle and began to clear his house…especially since he lived in a high crime area where police are slow to respond. He thought he saw a badguy in his house and fired a round after clearing the background. Well, a neighbor saw and heard him…and called police. The police showed up and saw the homeowner standing on the porch holding a rifle. He was in a low-ready position, not pointing the weapon at anyone, not appearing to be menacing. So this dipwad cop, rather than try to figure out what is happening and who this guy is, simply yells “drop the gun” while pointing his own rifle at the homeowner who is on his owner property, protecting his own property.

Now, at this point you could almost understand the cop yelling to drop the gun…I get that. But, here is the problem…as he yells at the man to drop the gun…he shoots the man dead. Yup, he is giving the man the order at while simultaneously killing him. Ah, excuse me…that is murder. See, here is the problem…the cop! The cop rolls up on this guy knowing nothing at all about what is really happening. Then he shouts an order while both of their adrenaline is sky high. Now, let’s say the cop hadn’t shot and killed the guy while issuing the order…the homeowner would more than likely turned in the direction of the cop to see what was happening…and the cop would have killed him anyways since it would have been a move by the homeowner that the cop would have stated was endangering his life by “aggressively” turning/moving in his direction. So the homeowner was dead either way by a killer cop. Oh, and please don’t challenge the factual events/actions…it was all caught on bodycam of the killer cop and released.

Then there is the criminal mastermind, mass murderer, Martha Louis Menefield from Valley, Alabama. She was arrested by local police in a raid on her home executing a warrant for her arrest. Yeah, Martha, the criminal that she is was arrested cuffed, taken to jail, and put into a “cage” to protect all the decent people in Valley, Alabama society. See, 82-year old Martha was guilty of not paying her trash bill of $77.88.

Yeah, you read that right! The local police chief stated they were only doing their job...and treated her with respect. What? Raided her house, cuffed her, put her in a police care, booked her, put her in a “cage” and that somehow qualifies as “respect”????? And they did that for $77.88???? I guess they really have their job down pat!

This is exactly what I am telling you…the law enforcement in this country struggles on its best days…and kill a lot of people along the way. And LEOs want to understand why people not only don’t respect them hardly any more, some folks outright hate cops…well, I would suggest they look in the mirror first.

And why is this so important to me? Because I think about what stance the LEOs will take when it all falls apart in a grid-down. Based on what I am seeing ALL of the LEO’s will back tyranny and oppression. There will be some Peace Officers and Police Officers that will back the Constitution and US citizens…but they will be far and few between.

Rail Strike –

Well, Congress approved forcing the rail workers to accept a contract that forces them back to work under penalty of law. Interesting…the government having that kind power and authority pretty much fits the definition of fascism. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) argued Congress shouldn’t have been involved “shouldn’t be dictating our will” and the government shouldn’t “usurp” the power of workers and companies to resolve their own problems. Amen! If the government can force railway companies and their employees to work under whatever conditions that the government wants…then why not you and the company that you work for? Welcome to the USSA!!

Joe Pervert Biden –

Joe “Adolf” Biden last week condemned Hitler as a “demonic figure”. Well, that’s interesting considering his speech back in September when his event was patterned after and stage exactly as Hitler would have done back in the 1930’s. And Biden’s actions as President appear to be far more aligned with a fascist regime such as Hitler’s than a Constitutional Republic.

And to strengthen the “fascist regime” comparison, Herr Biden signed the Congressional action forcing railway companies and their employees into a contract that had been rejected. So that action is really aligned with a fascist dictator not the President of a Constitutional Republic.

And then you now have multiple State Treasurers coming out vocally against Adolf Biden’s recent decision to remove rules by his regime’s Labor Department. And the rules removed? Ah yes, now retirement plans encourage investments according to ESG rules. And remember it is ESG…wait, did you read the section about the WEF?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the first White House state dinner of President Joe Biden’s regime last week. Yup, over 300 guests joined Biden (although he probably doesn’t remember) from fashion, entertainment, politics, and business. There was plenty of women’s gowns from Oscar de la Renta and jewelry from by Louis Vuitton. And special mention to House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California who was there and buddy-buddy with Biden. Oh, another special mention to another attendee…Alexander Soros, the son of George Soros and deputy chair of Soros’ Open Society.

On the menu was basic fare for any normal, average American family…butter-poached Maine lobster, beef with shallot marmalade, and then for dessert was orange chiffon cake with roasted pears and crème fraiche ice cream. And let’s not forget bottles of white wine by the case for all the drinking. Isn’t it nice of the Biden Regime to spend millions on a state dinner for the creme of the socialist crop in society eating wonderful food that most American have never, and will never, taste in their entire life because they can’ afford it. And think about how considerate it is of all these great authoritarians to partake of all that scrumptious food…while food inflation is hitting the average American so hard…and forcing some Americans to go without! Such a wonderful bunch of folks in Washington…kinda like the royalty in England at the time of the American Revolution don’t you think? Isn’t it just wonderful that Creepy Joe spends millions of dollars on a dinner for 300 elites…while many military personnel have to rely on food stamps to feed their families!

And let me conclude with this…and I am sure it will surprise you. We are all aware of all the talk and written articles of civil war…but, did you read the article on Friday, “Secession movements gain traction in US amid deepening political rifts”? Yup, it was a fact filled article speaking to the number of counties within blue states (i.e. socialist states) that are trying to secede from those states. It differs, but some counties want to form a new state after secession, others want to join more conservative neighboring states. But, here is my question…Does anyone really not understand why folks would want to do that? Seriously, in this country run by horrible, authoritarian, elites…is there any wonder why people would want out of the Communism and join together in a somewhat more traditionally Constitutional environment?

Folks…get your shit together! It is falling apart so fast that who knows what it will look like tomorrow morning or a week from now. But we know what evil looks like today, just look around at those in power…look at Washington D.C. So if it is this bad today, think about how bad it will get. I am telling you now, and have been telling your for years…get prepared. If you don’t, it will roll over you and crush you and your family.


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