Mid-Term Elections : My Opinion

I am so glad I waited till now to write about the recent mid-term elections, to have written sooner would have been a huge mistake and a misrepresentation of my real opinion (written on 11/14, edited on 11/15, posted on 11/16 ).

As my view/opinion has clarified and I have become more firm in that vision, I hopefully can share a few words that might help me get over the election…and possibly entertain you as well. Yes, it would be presumptuous of me to think I could educate you in what happened…the best I can do is share another view. Call me a pundit if you will…I will only be mildly offended.

So how in the world do I even begin to perform my digital magic and work through what happened on November 8th, a mere one week ago…the 7th day anniversary of a gargantuan embarrassment for the GOP…embarrassment on a missive and historic scale? Well, I will start with predicting the future…based on what I am seeing now, the GOP will lose the 2024 Presidential election and we will have yet another liberal, Progressive, elitist, authoritarian leader of the so-called free world…and the USA. How pathetic!

So that is my word of the day to describe the GOP performance a week ago…pathetic.

Now hold on a second…election fraud. If there was election fraud then you can stop reading this post right here because everything that follows will all be bogus information and worthless opinion. However, I am not seeing a single shred of independent and verifiable election fraud evidence in the mid-term election. Yes, there is some incompetence and maybe a little bit of weirdness…but no actual evidence of fraud that would affect any of the races the GOP lost. So if you think the election was all rigged and fraudulent…then don’t waste your time by reading this post.

Moving on…

After each fire or any other incident I was on in the last 12 years of my emergency management career we would hold what is called an “After Action Review” or “AAR” for short. During that meeting we would discuss 4 primary issues: 1) what was our goal, 2) what actually happened, 3) what went right, and, 4) what went wrong. The goal of the AAR was to identify how to be better at our job the next time. It was/is a pretty effective process when properly applied and addressed candidly.

What was the goal of the GOP for the mid-term elections? If you take them at their word it was to win the majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House GOP leadership also went so far as to state they would hold hearings on the Biden family, both Joe and Hunter. They also talked about putting the breaks on Uncle Joe’s spending. But that is only at the national level, here locally the GOP governor hopeful talked about fixing the corrupt election process while she beat up the press and denigrated the Democrats. The rest of the state level offices…well, I am not sure what they wanted to accomplish…I never really heard from them about what they actually proposed to do.

Now, if you listened to the national GOP leadership they made it clear that…oh, wait a minute…who is the national level GOP leadership? Seriously, tell me…I couldn’t figure it out…other than the previous President who is out of office and shows no real sign(s) of leadership, just showmanship and bluster. I guess to clarify the GOP mid-term election goal…take control of Congress, then do stuff.

Now, what actually happened? Well, the GOP not only didn’t gain control of the Senate, they are on track to actually lose the a seat, maybe two. And that my friend is significant because most “experts” were predicting that the GOP would get 53 – 54 seats under their belt. The House…well, not much better. The GOP was supposed to sweep the House for a large majority…ah, not so much the evening of 11/8. The GOP appears to have flipped 16 seats to their side, and lost 6 seats to the Democrats…a net gain of 2%…and still not even a sign of a majority yet. At a more local level the GOP actually lost a governorship to the Dems! And lost that office in an assumed Conservative state.

So by any measurable, logical, reasonable, bottom-line standard…the GOP lost the 2022 mid-terms…and lost badly. Granted, there is still a chance that the GOP might gain control of the House, I will give you that. But, the trends, as they stand now, indicate that the GOP may not gain control of the House either, although I believe they will. The GOP must win 7 of the last 19 House seats that are still undecided. Again, bottom line…the GOP lost and lost big…period. And, as I see it, rightfully so.

Well, I am not entirely accurate, there is one huge bright spot, a shinning light on a hill that really stands out as a major victory for the GOP…DeSantis. He beat the snot out of Crist in Florida…beat him by 20 points…even beating him in mostly Democrat counties…and moving the needle of Latino voters to the GOP side. A mega bright spot for the GOP!! That race went right…big time. Congrats DeSantis!!!!

Next question to ask is an easy one…what went right? For me that is a pretty easy one to answer…nothing other than DeSantis. Well, if the GOP does squeak by and win the House that would be a “right” but that is all. Objectively speaking…little, if anything, went right for the GOP in the mid-terms.

Now the big one…what went wrong?

We have to set the context of the mid-term elections to the forefront…everything imaginable was going against the Democrats. The economy, gas prices, the stock market, inflation, sky high mortgage rates, stratospheric housing prices, mammoth national debt, every single indicator of the economy was going massively against the Democrats. Then there is crime the likes we haven’t seen in…well, maybe never. Add to that the southern border invasion, drugs like fentanyl flooding across, cartel violence, human trafficking going through the roof, and the Administration official lying about it every step of the way. Then add into the mix the energy crisis that is threatening our country…that the Dems intentionally created. And then let’s mention the war in Europe and the threats by two mad men of nuclear war breaking out. Now Biden…oh, boy…bumbling Joe-the-Pervert Biden…historic low approval numbers and his inability to even know where he is, or where to go next, or even to put together a coherent sentence.


And yet…the GOP fails on a scale that is almost unimaginable…unless you know the GOP.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way right off that bat. A total of 25 Senate candidates and 162 House candidates had been endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Among Trump’s Senate candidates 17 of the 25 are declared winners, 68%. On the House side, Trump-endorsed candidates performed well, 141 of the 162 endorsed candidates had been deemed election winners, 87%. Overall 84% of his endorsed picks won…not bad at all.

However, the question needs to be asked…how much difference did his endorsement help? Well, interestingly enough there was a nationwide survey sampling of all voters…28% of the respondents cast their ballot specifically to vote against Trump. So how much did Trump help or hurt? Hard to say with certainty…but the GOP didn’t even come close to expectations…you do the math. And by the way…the 4 key Senate races that the Republicans were supposed to win to throw the Senate to the Repubs were all Trumped-backed…and none of them won. Just some more math for you.

We do know that Mitch McConnell pulled tens of millions of dollars out of the Senate races in Arizona and New Hampshire…both seats that were initially projected to be won by the GOP. And both those seats were lost to the Dems by relatively small margins. The funding was pulled back from the candidates in both contests very late in the race resulting in plunging exposure in the critical last two weeks of the race. My opinion, McConnell is directly responsible for those two loses. More help was needed for those two candidates in terms of cash and fellow GOP campaigners in the last two weeks…not jerking the financial rug out from under them when it was needed most.

Here is a question that I wish you to answer…What was the GOP message for the mid-term elections?

Maybe better yet…What has the GOP party and their leadership stated that it stands for, what they are fighting for? Tell me please the top 5 priorities that the GOP party says it will work on that mean a damn thing to the American people. Notice I said the “GOP party” not candidates. And I specifically referred to GOP leadership. What have you heard Mitch McConnell say the GOP party was committed to? How about on the House side…what has McCarthy said the GOP stands for?

I don’t see a single national GOP party leader coming out passionately and declaring what the GOP party stands for, what they are/will fight for, what their principles are…nothing, not a sound. Yes, we hear from Trump on a regular basis. But he is a mixed metaphor at best, and primarily self-serving for the 2024 election. But let’s face reality…Trump is all about Trump. Even the singular brightest spot on November 8th being DeSantis, and Trump makes fun of him. And then Trump takes a terrible cheap shot at Governor Youngkin as well, Youngkin being another very bright spot on the GOP side…a winner.

I mean come on…Trump has to be in the spotlight all the time…and tear down that which is good…even when the GOP needs every bright spot it can get!? And then there are still people who wonder why Trump is thought of the way he is…and why isn’t in the White House.

So here is my opinion on why the GOP failed in the mid-term elections 2022…message. Well, that isn’t exactly correct either. I should have said…principles. And then add…no clear message to tell the American public what those principles are and how it can benefit America to be a greater place to live and raise a family by voting for GOP candidates.

Now, that being said, I will also add this for you to consider. Along with the principles/message problem of the GOP…American citizens are losing it. By in-large a huge number of folks have become degenerates, lazy, compliant, and incapable of independent thought.

By degenerate I speak to the immoral crap affecting our children; examples such as the public trans-drag queen events for children as young as three. Then there is the whole gender bender bullshit being taught in schools. And please don’t get me started on the medical profession physically and mentally mutilating our children under the guise of “transitioning” when it is actually worse than any evil ever in the history of the world.

As far as lazy and complaint…well, you see it every day…so many people don’t even want to work now, at all. Some want $15 per hour to flip burgers. Others want to be catered to and work from home for 8 hours of pay…doing a couple hours of actual work. Workforce participation rate is at an all time historic low. Need I go on?

And finally…independent thought…oh, crap! I honestly believe that 90% of the US is 100% incapable of independent thought. Yes, I mean that claim also includes both Dems and GOP party loyalists. The public school machine, and the culture in general, has systemically deadened enough brains in the US to make it the right thing to do to simply buy into whatever they hear from the most appealing source. The ability to perform critical thinking, to be objective, to think logically, to be willing to recognize and accept actual facts and evidence is a lost art in America. I didn’t say we aren’t smart in the USA…I said we are ignorant and willingly misled…blissfully so on both accounts.

And here is my closing…I am sure you are thankful for that! The elections are what they are…virtually meaningless in the context of the last 120 years of hisotry. We know what the Dems want and what they will work passionately for. But what if the GOP had swept the House and Senate? Yeah, let’s look at their history…it sucks. When was the last time the GOP even put forward a balanced budget? How about the last time the GOP shrank the size of government? Restored a right, freedom, or liberty? How about the last time the GOP returned any kind of power from the government back to the citizens? When was the last time the GOP did anything substantially good for the country?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So the mid-term elections were not a loss for the GOP…it was another loss for the country. The Dems didn’t win a thing…the elites won yet again. And this had been going on for decades…and decades…and decades…don’t fool yourself.

But, we don’t give up…we do whatever we can, everywhere we can. We prepare for the day.

One final thought…an after-thought actually…but maybe the most important thought…

I wanted to understand more details about how Katie Hobbs, a vanilla, boring, do-nothing, non-campaigner, non-debater has won the Governorship of AZ…so I decided to look at the election results by county. Interesting results…counties with the largest cities went Democrat which gave the Dem nominee a numerical advantage over her Republican contender. But I also noticed that counties with high Indian reservation populations and reservation land concentration also went for the Democrat…or barely squeaked by for the Repub. And finally, while the southern border counties didn’t go all Dem, they were light in terms of their support for the Republican nominee. Interesting.

So then…why not look at the national map for the breakdown of Democrat vs Republican. I looked at several of the last elections and saw this…1) Dems are clustered primarily in large cities, plus a couple of rabidly radical liberal states such as California, New Mexico, Colorado, 2) Republicans basically politically occupy the remainder of the country. Interesting.

Well then, why not look at the breakdown of the most socialist/Communist state outside of China…California. Overwhelmingly the largest part of California by land mass is pretty solidly Republican. And once again, the radical Progressives (i.e. Democrats) are clustered in the large cities and the southern border counties. Interesting.

What does that mean in today’s life? Well, there has been considerable talk about civil war over the last 4 years or so, a bunch just lately. And how do those potentially warring demographics breakdown? Mostly Conservatives vs Progressives…or Republicans voters vs Democrat voters…in general political terms. And according to decades of election results where do most of the Republican voters live? In rural areas. And the Democrat voters? They live primarily in large cities and a few radical liberal states, plus southern border counties.

I have been pondering for years…if a civil war broke out how would the country divide. I have felt for a long time it would basically come down to liberals vs conservatives. Which means that cities would be large population bases of one side of the war…the dreaded liberals. But what would they be lacking? They would be lacking what the rural areas have…namely, the ability to produce 1) food, 2) water, 3) energy. World wars have been fought over the same things…resources primarily and then politics a distant second. Would America’s civil war play out the same way?

Well, no. I think it will start by some overt act of violence perpetrated by the US federal government. It will be intentional and directed at prompting a reaction by those who are seen by the federal government to be Conservatives (a.k.a. domestic terrorists). Then it escalates. Quickly it will then boil down to the previously mentioned demographics…rural/towns/small cites vs large population areas and a few radical liberal states.

I think at that point the rural areas will attempt to deprive their attackers of food, water, and energy. The liberals will then do anything required to acquire and control the resources of the rural areas. And that I believe this demographic breakdown is born out by election result maps of the last number of decades.

Good luck America…you’re going to need it.


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8 thoughts on “Mid-Term Elections : My Opinion

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  7. Well, the straw vote was taken and Tim Scott was ousted as Re-pubic-an election chair because he challenged turkey neck McConnell for the re-pubic leadership. The Re-pubic leadership of the house remains McCarthy. Both choices tell me who really have the American public’s interest at heart. It isn’t any politician. It appears there is no way to throw the bums out. Those of us slaves will have to call on The Lord for deliverance as there will be none from the “elected” slave masters. And don’t get me started about the proxy war.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amen Brother…amen! McConnell and McCarthy are about one thing and one thing only…power!
      They don’t give a tinker’s crap about the country…they have a singular agenda to reach a specific goal…BOTH parties.


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