Massive (un)Employment Problems!

These past couple of weeks 6 technology companies announced 10’s and 10’s of thousands of job layoffs. Bluntly…nearly 60,000 people will lose their job! Right now the average technology worker earns $70,990 per year. That sucks over $4billion out of the US economy in one single stroke! And that is just the big corporation job loss information for a single week in the technology sector alone.

But you say, “They tell us the unemployment rate is 3.5%, so it isn’t that bad after all, they will quickly find another job.”


Where do you think that unemployment number comes from? First off…it comes from the US federal government…when was the last time the federal government ever told the truth? I can’t recall any time in the last 120 years that they told the truth about anything to anyone at anytime about anyting. Can you?

I wrote extensively about unemployment numbers and how they are calculated (i.e. guessed at) and declared…< click here to read about it >…but the bottom line…government unemployment numbers are as fake and fraudulent as anything that ever came out of any liar’s mouth.

The easiest way to get a feel for the actual unemployment numbers and employment situation in the United States is to look at the Workforce Participation Rate. Yup, the people who are actually working (i.e. the employed who are eligible to be employed).

The Workforce Participation Rate in December 2022 was 62.3%!

Yup, that means more than 37% of the people who are eligible and capable to work are not working. That is a staggering figure!!

So don’t buy into the federal government BS…you need to understand the real figures not government lies!

But that is just the start…once you know the real numbers such as unemployment, then you must figure out how that might affect you personally and how it impacts the larger picture…the country and the world in economic terms as a whole.

But you aren’t done yet…then you must make a plan to mitigate any adverse economic outcome that might impact you and your family.

But you aren’t done yet…you MUST work your plan and constantly reassess your situation…and adjust your plan as needed.


It is coming faster than you think…and is closer than you imagine.

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