Then they came for… ( Q & A )

Here is a little question & answer time that I thought you might appreciate.

  • Q: Are you certain this conflict will result in a real war?

A: No, I am not. I am not even certain it will happen at all. You used the term “certain” and that means it will happen…like 100% will happen. My statement was based on the FBI’s “current trajectory ”…meaning that based on their current decision making that is will happen. So, any deviation of their decision making could alter the likelihood, severity, time-frame, or any other number of variables. And that includes it happening at all. And let’s face this reality…I could be completely wrong about any or all of the data that I used to make my opinion public. Yup, I could simply be wrong. As I said, it is up to each individual to decide for themselves about what to do. And that includes labeling this projection/opinion of mine as complete crap…and ignoring it.

  • Q: Someone wrote about “good” inside the FBI, your didn’t agree?
  • Q: Don’t you think there are good people who work for the FBI?

A: I combined these two questions because it kinda goes to the same issue. So, as a believer I know that both good and evil exists, they are opposing forces but can exist in the same place at the same time, and often do. Let’s try a couple of statements I believe are true; 1) The FBI accomplishes some good things such as catches criminals, 2) Not all people at the FBI are bad or evil, 3) There are good people who work for the FBI. I believe all of those things to be true. And I believe that the FBI is an evil organization that does not serve the citizens of the US in a manner consistent with the Constitution, nor do they support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The validity of these statements are not mutually exclusive.

There are two different aspects of the FBI…the organization and the people who work there. I have no doubt there are good people working at the FBI…folks who are good spouses, good parents, church going believers, and those that would help little old ladies across the road. And there are those people at the FBI who would violently arrest an 88 year old woman with a SWAT team because she was simply praying outside of an abortion clinic. There are FBI folks who would take their teenage son to his soccer game. And there are those who would burn to death a teenage boy after attacking his family with tanks because they had different religious beliefs and wouldn’t obey FBI orders.

So the culture of the FBI as an agency or organization is such that it will almost always override a person’s individual belief system. Meaning, if you would ask an FBI agent would they burn to death 80 men, women, children, and babies…that person would say absolutely not! But, given orders to attack a compound full of those same people, attack them with tanks where the logical outcome would be crushing some of those same people to death and burning the rest alive…they follow those orders because they see it at their duty. It is their individual mentality combined with the agency culture.

  • Q: What is your source for your information?

A: Me. I am my source for information, I do the research. Now, if you mean where did I come up with the targeting of Christians…that is a more precise question. The original information came from Kyle Seraphin, who was a special agent for the FBI for six years. Last year he became a whistleblower, earlier this month he released an FBI memo that originated from the Richmond field office and their research staff, then circulated throughout the FBI. The information contained in that multi-page document served as the basis of the “paradigm shift” statement of mine. The FBI’s thoroughly documented and factual history of operations was the foundation of extrapolation of what I see the doing in the future (i.e. the “shooting war”).

Why? Because it appears to me to be the natural extension of their modus operandi. Why the two year time frame? Because I believe that the 2024 presidential election factors into it. We know for a fact that the FBI attempted to influence the 2016, 2020, and 2022 elections…that is factual with hard evidence to prove it. The FBI clearly want Democrats in power…in both the legislature and the White House, the power-base of the US federal government. So I believe that the election cycle it a marker for them that delineates their time-frame. Back to your question…doubt everything I said…actually go further…do NOT believe anything I said. Do your own research from quality, unbiased, factual sources and then come to your own conclusions. I highly encourage you to do that. Remember, this is all my opinion…and I could be wrong.

Think about this…

Inside today’s FBI I don’t believe there is a “largely decent rank and file.” If there were…

        • Why would there not be more whistleblowers?
        • Why would those did come forward, have not come forward sooner?
        • And why are the “largely decent rank and file” still supporting and conducting the arrest of hymn signing, praying, pro-life, 80+ year old women who are only trying to save the lives of unborn babies?
        • Why would the “largely decent rank and file” not be speaking out more against the FBI’s blatant attack on the First Amendment religious freedom and freedom of speech?
        • I would like someone to tell who this “largely decent rank and file” are…and where are they? Give me names, give me why they are considered “good”…if they are out there let’s identify them so we can thank them for their service.


  • Q: Do you think the FBI could change it ways?

A: No. Well, theoretically it could, but it won’t. You have to look at the FBI’s very foundation. Their founder, Hoover, was as dark and back-souled human being that has ever walked on American soil. He was a committed authoritarian from his early years…and had no issue with being utterly ruthless. The FBI culture won’t allow for change. Rather, their culture is one of absolute power…and righteousness. They believe they are above us all, that they are the apex of the elite, that they know what is best for us mere serfs.They are “true believers.”

They don’t see the Constitution and the Bill Rights the way most of us do. Us folks who love rights, freedoms, and liberties…the Constitution is a document that is to stop our government from turning into tyranny and oppression. The FBI doesn’t see the government that way, or the Constitution. They see the government as the all-powerful, all-knowing organization that is required…for the control of US citizens…and they feel the FBI is the ultimate agency to do just that. They know that they, the FBI, is above the law, above the Constitution, above the Bill of Rights, that whatever they do is acceptable because they are doing it…they are “true believers”…they are justified in all their actions…the ends justify the means.

Could they change? Yes, as I said theoretically. As a believer, in the last nearly 50 years of my path I have seen some unsavory folks repent and follow Christ…so I know anything is possible with any kind of people. The FBI could see the error of their ways, they could see what they are actually doing to the people of the US, they could see their utter corruption of the founding principles of the this country. And they could repent, stop saying “can’t comment on an ongoing investigation”, they could stop with their militarization and terrorist tactics, they could listen to those that they are oppressing. But they won’t, they can’t, it is simply not in their collective DNA. As an agency they are 100% committed to their mission.

They just can’t see what that true/real mission is and whose control they are under. Nor can they see the destruction of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and…and…and…and everything else they are destroying including now openly fighting against religion…meaning, fighting against God himself. Yeah, I know…I am sure that they would use that last statement of mine to confirm I am some radical violent domestic extremist.

  • Q: Why are all FBI agents college educated?

A: There is a two-fold answer to that question; 1) they want highly educated, intelligent people working for their agency, 2) 99.9% of all colleges and universities are run by radical leftist individuals and ideology. In those colleges, along with information, they learn radical leftist doctrine, they become immersed in socialism, Marxism, and all manner of doctrine that directly opposes everything that our Founders believed in. They become brainwashed if you will…convinced of certain ideology that is firmly and virtually permanently embedded in their brain cells. Then the FBI recruiters can more easily pick and choose among those that fit their hiring profile…the initial indoctrination has been done for them.

  • Q: Should I ever trust FBI agents?

A: I can’t answer that for you. I can answer that for me. My answer for me is a resounding “No!” Why? Because of the training that FBI personnel receive. They are trained to be master deceivers. They are well-trained in the arts of deception and that includes lying. They are very intelligent by-in-large and far smarter than me. So I know they can trick me into just about anything through their ability to deceive. So the way I treat them…never, ever trust them. And if they are talking to me, let alone interrogating me, I will not talk to them except with a lawyer present advising me on what to say…and what not to say.

And even with a lawyer I would probably not say anything at all. Why? The #1 crime the FBI brings charges against people for…lying to FBI agents. And that means even if you make a minor mistake in what you tell them, and later it turns out to be even minutely incorrect…that is lying to an FBI agent…and that is a felony that will land you in prison. Just ask retied General Michael Flynn.

Gen. Flynn, a respected and decorated US military General, serving as National Security Advisor to President Trump was entrapped by the FBI…according to court documents and the presiding Judge. Gen. Flynn was not suspected of, nor found guilty of, any crime at all…before he spoke with FBI agents. Those FBI agents persuaded Gen. Flynn that no lawyers were needed and it was just an informal chat where Flynn might be able to help the FBI. Flynn made a mistake in his conversation with the FBI agents. The DOJ then brought charges against Flynn and he was found guilty in court. However, thankfully, the judge found out about the entrapment and did the right thing. But it still ruined Flynn’s life.

You are probably not a retired General with Trump as a friend and ally. You probably don’t have the ability to retain, let alone pay for, Tier 1 lawyers. Do you want to take the chance of being entrapped by the FBI, found guilty of a felony, and find yourself in prison? Yup, your choice if you ever want to trust and talk to an FBI agent.

  • Q: Are you suggesting to violently resist the FBI?

A: No.

  • Q: Reading Mathew 24: 9 talks about a sign of the Second Coming of Christ, the end times. Does this FBI thing with the Catholic Church have anything to do with it?

A: A really great question! And I am glad to see you are reading your scriptures. Depending on which translation of the Bible you are reading it comes across the same with some wording variation. And while there are some variations, the message is pretty much the same…Christians will be persecuted, prosecuted, put into prison, and even executed for their beliefs. At least that is my opinion of the combined variations.

So now, is there a relationship that you asked about? In history there have been times of great persecution of Christians…even between different Christians sects, including Protestants. But, those were almost exclusively for a power grab…political/geographical or intra-religion. There are three notable exceptions…1) when the Romans tried to exterminate the early Christian church just because they were Christians and the Romans saw Christians a threat to their empire’s power. 2) When Islam tried to conquer the world about 1300 years ago. Christians, many at least, would not bow down to the Muslim god and become Islamic subjects…and they will killed in huge numbers for it…estimates run in the millions, maybe even tens of millions. Again, Christians seen as a threat to power.

The third exception is now. We are seeing a dramatic increase of anti-Christian actions over the last 110 years. It started, for the most part, with the Communist regimes persecuting, including mass murder, of Christians. Approximately 10 – 15 million Christians were killed by Communists/Marxists in the last 110 years. Currently there are about 13 Christians killed each day due to their religious beliefs.

From 2009 – 2016 “not less than 32,000 Christians have been butchered to death by the country’s main Islamic Jihadists” in Nigeria alone. Since 2020 the killings of Christians worldwide is up 20%. Estimates for total Christian killings are approximately 900,000 between 2005 and 2015.

But I am not answering your question, sorry. Directly speaking…the latest FBI persecution of Christians is not, in and of itself, a sign of the times as outlined in Mathew 24. But, taken as part of a bigger whole, including the last 110 years, yes it is. At least in my opinion.

Remember, power hates truth. Power sees truth as a threat. The Romans saw it and tried to exterminate the early Christians to preserve the power of their empire. The US government sees truth as just a big of a threat as the Romans. And they are using some of the same tactics…first intimidation, then persecution/prosecution…then comes the truly ugly part.

What “truth” are they afraid of…abortion is the murder of babies for one. The US government has adopted eugenics as its official doctrine, as did Nazi Germany, and abortion is a main part of eugenics. True disciples of Christ do not sanction the wholesale slaughter of babies, actual children of God, as the US government promotes, pays for, and believes in.

The other part of “truth” that the US government and the deep state hates…is there is a God. For if there is a God, He is all powerful, more powerful than any government of man. And the US government can’t have that, won’t tolerate that. The US government must be the “all-powerful” with nothing more powerful than itself. Otherwise, the US government loses power and control over people. And that is what the US government wants more than anything…absolute power and total control over people.

  • Q: What can I possibly do?

A: Find God. If you have already found Him, work diligently to build that personal relationship with Him. Learn to trust Him, to hear Him, to recognize His voice, to know and listen to the Holy Ghost…and learn how to not be deceived by that which appears to be from God but is not. They pray for our country daily, pray for our leaders to have their hearts touched by God, to follow God. Please pray for peace in our country, pray for our government to return to divine inspiration, pray to know what He would want you to do. Follow God.

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