Then they came for… (part #1 of 3)

The issue that has prompted me to realize there has been a paradigm shift developed last month then came to light last week. That issue is…the FBI and the Catholic church. What?

Yup, this issue isn’t just a continuation of some imaginary government battle against violent domestic extremism. This, this is an escalation, a declaration of war…a “War on Christians”…plain and simple.

But it is worse than even that.

We have known for some time that the US federal government is anti-religion. Well, rather it is anti-Christian. And if you remember that war against Christians by the federal government began in earnest back in 1962 when the so-called Justice system outlawed prayer in public school. And that war has continued to escalate since then.

Ironically, there is no Constitutional ban of prayer in school…just the opposite in-fact. If you read the First Amendment…

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

So any law, act, regulation, or policy that prohibits or even restricts practicing religion is a clear violation of the First Amendment. When the US federal government took steps to stop prayer in schools it was prohibiting a religious practice/exercise…according to the Constitution. A clear violation of a Constitutionally guaranteed right…a God-given right.

And don’t embarrass yourself if you try and quote the concept of the “separation of church and state”…that concept is NOT a Constitutional principle. That concept wasn’t even referenced at the Supreme Court until 1878 and not used to strike down a law until 1947. So no, the Constitution only means that a religion can’t be officially established by the government and, most importantly, it also means the government can’t stop people from exercising their religion…period.

But the whole concept of religion and “God” is an enemy to any authoritarian government in that it implies a power greater than the government’s own power. And that concept goes completely against any authoritarians’ view of power and control. To an authoritarian nothing is more powerful, more controlling, than government itself. Because the goal of all authoritarian governments is the control of people and resources in all aspects. That means total control…hence the term “totalitarian state.”

I have been writing about the US government’s war on terror for well over a decade. And during that time I have over and over again showed how the federal government is using “terrorism laws” against normal, average US citizens on US soil to put its boot on the neck of Americans’ rights, liberties, and freedoms.

When a person or group is identified/labeled as a terrorist or potential domestic terrorist or a potential violent extremist, then the US federal government asserts that the Constitutional protection of rights, liberties, and freedoms…even the law itself…does not apply to that person or group. An authoritarian’s dream come true.

So here comes the FBI who identified “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” and even gave it its own acronym…”RTC.” The FBI now calls those RTC believers “motivated violent extremists.” The FBI claims that RTC beliefs is an “adherence to anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, and white supremacist ideology.”

The FBI is also relying on reports that “the Catholic rosary has become a violent extremist symbol of dangerous, violent, right-wing, radical gun owners.” And also that “radical right-wing gun owners are Christians.”

Diverting for just a minute…we know for a fact that less than two years ago the FBI was targeting parents who appeared at local school board meetings and identified them as violent domestic extremists when they spoke out against Critical Race Theory. That came out in Attorney General Garland’s own written memo.

We also know that the DOJ and FBI have been targeting pro-life advocates who have been praying and signing hymns outside of abortion mills. That came out is report after report after report of heavily armed FBI SWAT teams attacking people in their homes and arresting them…even men and women who are senior citizens in their 70’s and 80’s!

We know for a fact that the FBI has all but ignored attacks on pro-life centers…to the tune of over 200 in 2022 alone…while concentrating their Gestapo-like enforcement on pro-lifers and less than half of so-called attacks on abortion factories.

What else do we know for a FACT based on hard evidence…

  • The FBI and all federal law enforcement agencies have been conducting operations against US citizens on virtually all social media platforms. And ALL of their victims have been those who even whispered against the US government or its policies.
  • The FBI manipulated the 2022 election (Hunter Biden laptop) allowing the Democrat Party to maintain a majority in the Senate and minimizing the Dems’ loses in the House.
  • The FBI influenced the 2020 Presidential Election ensuring a Biden win.
  • The FBI implanted spies in the 2016 Trump campaign, trying to derail his election, but only accomplished influencing the election to minimize Trump’s win.
  • The FBI from 2016 – 2020 was the lead US government federal agency conducting a coup against President Trump to remove him from office.

The hard evidence and well-documented facts speak for themselves…the FBI is openly at war with the citizens of the United States…and it’s goal/mission is nothing short of establishing an authoritarian regime in America. And we know that the FBI, without a shadow of a doubt, has declared war on Christians and is openly conducting persecution/prosecutions and violence against Christians. That fact is indisputable and well-documented.

What we also know about the US federal government…

  • Under Biden the US government all but collapsed the US economy/markets and trillions of dollars was lost by average Americans.
  • Under Biden the US government caused inflation that destroyed the wealth and net income of average Americans.
  • Under Biden the US government attacked, and is still attacking, the world’s fossil fuel industry, and that attack is destroying middle America.
  • The US government has entered into a proxy war with Russia via Ukraine, continuing the Ukrainian operation started by Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton in 2012/2013…under the watchful eye, and full approval, of President Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Under Biden the US government took unconstitutional measures to lock down the country based on false COVID science.
  • Under Biden the US government has, without authority, taken steps to undermine the Second Amendment.
  • Under Biden, the ATF has began an active operation to intimidate and/or imprison lawful gun owners.
  • And there is of course more…much, much more.

But what does all of that mean?

Next Article in this Series, Part #2 >

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7 thoughts on “Then they came for… (part #1 of 3)

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  3. The FBI has from day one been an evil force, a black spot on the now FUSA. Burn it to the ground. Disband the the agency. Tell them to take their families and go get jobs in Mexico, Guatemala, Iran, any place but the FUSA. No government job anyplace here FUSA.
    Some of its Missions can be taken over by the active military, and the states. Others can just go away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know…your comment matches the Constitution. There is no authorization -ZERO- authorization for a federal law enforcement agency, including the FBI, in the Constitution. And the Founding Fathers did that for a reason…and now we see that reason. Let the states handle it…or a consortium of states. That would be compatible with the Constitution.
      Sounds as if you know who Hoover was, his politics, and how/why the FBI was put together originally. It comes from a very dark place.
      Hang in there brother…we need men like you…good men.


  4. Interesting…in less than a hour of this post/article going live my Internet connection went down. It stayed down for about an hour. You see, my Internet connection has gone down maybe 3 times since 2019…this morning being one of those times. And one of those other times was our small dish getting blown off point. So you do the math…and come to your own conclusion. I simply find it interesting.


  5. The silver lining, it seems to me, is the dozens of FBI whistleblowers that are coming forward now to testify about just how toxic and politicized the environment at the Bureau has become. We can only hope this trend will continue. I do believe that the largely decent rank and file are done with this bullshiz.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree…I love the fact that whistleblowers are coming forward and exposing the evils of the FBI. Unfortunately it is only a minuscule handful of the tens of thousands inside the FBI that know what is happening…and who don’t object to it, expose it, or oppose it. And then there is the 100,000+ DOJ personnel that evidently are just fine with the war against Christians…and its obvious unconstitutionality. Remember the FBI works for the DOJ.
      Inside today’s FBI I don’t believe there is a “largely decent rank and file”. If there were…why would there not be more whistleblowers? Why would they not have come forward sooner? And why are the “largely decent rank and file” still supporting and conducting the arrest of hymn signing, praying, pro-life, 80+ year old women who are only trying to save the lives of the unborn? Why would the “largely decent rank and file” not be speaking out more against the FBI’s blatant attack on the First Amendment religious freedom and freedom of speech? I would like someone to tell who this “largely decent rank and file” are…and where are they?
      I am not as hopeful as you. And that may be part of my problem. But neither changes what I feel is the trajectory that they themselves have set upon.


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