Then they came for… (part #2 of 3)

So yesterday I posted Part #1 of this 3 article series. In that post I stated that there was a paradigm shift. And I identified exactly what issue prompted me to state that. The issue? The FBI specifically targeting Catholics as terrorists…and the US government’s war on Christians.

If you have not read yesterday’s post…you need to in order to better understand today’s Part #2.

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Summary –

Based on the current trajectory of the US federal government it is almost a certainty that a domestic shooting war starts within 2 years inside the USA. Yes, that means Civil War 2 or American Revolution 2…whatever you want to call it…on US soil.

Let me say it again…

A shooting war starts on American soil within 2 years based on the FBI’s current trajectory. It will be between the US federal government and US citizens.

Here is the way I see it most likely developing…the US federal government has been using advanced and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) for decades…but AI has been refined beyond our imagination in the last 4 – 5 years. The advancement of quantum computing (QC) has allowed the federal government to test large numbers of different methodologies to influence American citizens. An advanced quantum computer was put into operation in 1998 through a public/private partnership between the US federal government and Google. Its ability has grown exponentially since then…increased by a factor of 300,000 between 2012 and 2018 alone. More recent years’ numbers are not available due to “secrecy” claims and so-called “national security.”

This QC computing power gives DHS, FBI, and the CIA the ability to test different stories, press releases, reports, events, scenarios, etc. and their varying effects on people. Even to the point of measuring and interpreting brain waves of those involved by observing and measuring eye movement through computer and TV cameras. These same federal government agencies have also employed very sophisticated versions of “deepfake” technology and learned how to utilize it very effectively. The US federal government can now predict with near-absolute accuracy how different demographics of people will act and react to events…real or (deep)fake.

A prime example of the employment of these technologies was used in the January 6th attack on the capital and its aftermath. And it is also why no federal law enforcement agency will address any government assets involved in that attack.

The reason I bring up this technology combination now is this…I believe the shooting war will not be started by DHS or the FBI…but they will cause it to begin. I am referring to the “Bubba Effect” that I have written about before. I believe the FBI/DHS will employ QC and AI to create a situation/event, potentially deepfake, that is targeted at different group demographics in the US. Groups that the FBI/DHS already know that they can provoke into action. And that provocation will almost certainly work. Once provoked one or more groups will take action that will give the DHS/FBI authorization/justification to react…and crush those groups and expand authoritarian power in the US. Think…1/6 Capital Attack.

And that federal government power expansion/grab will create additional large violent reactions among other Grid Down Chaos violence threats and risks during emergencies and disasters riotssusceptible groups…and the shooting war will be in full swing. Once started the federal law enforcement agencies are certain they can crush any radical/extremist individual or group who advocates for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, freedom, or liberty…having previously, under the color of law, labeled them violent domestic extremists/terrorists.

And this “crushing” will be violent beyond imagination…and they will have no problems implementing any measure to ensure their success, no level of violence will be outside of their purview. No federal law enforcement agency opposes this course of action. The law already gives them the power and authorization to do so…at least according to those same federal agencies.

I have extensively researched history of the American Colonies and the Founding Fathers’ thoughts, principles, and America's Founding Fathers wanted to prevent tyrannyactions during the time period of 1773 – 1776. It is hard to imagine what they were dealing with and what they thought they must do to deal with the tyranny and the all-powerful authoritarian government in England. But I have often wondered…if they were alive today, what would be the answers to those same questions in the here and now.

I do know that the straw that broke the camels back for the colonists was the “shot heard around the world” on April 19th, 1775 that began the American Revolution with the the battles of Lexington and Concord.

What was the British government attempting to do? The British government used their Red Coat Army as their central government’s law enforcement agency…and they were attempting to confiscate weapons and ammunition stores held by the local, average person and community groups.

Why did the British government take such action? The British wanted to remove the citizens’ ability to defend themselves against government oppression and tyranny that they themselves, the British government, were imposing on the American colonists.

So all that being said…What do you do?

You must stay focused on preparing…yourself, family, neighborhood, congregation/community. Everything happening in America today, even the world, is meant to overwhelm you. Should a person become overwhelmed…most freeze up, become confused, and suffer cognitive dissonance. Meaning…the average person, the vast majority of people, will simply refuse to see the reality of what is happening around them regardless of how obvious it is. And because they are overwhelmed with sensory input and will retreat into themselves and their safe zones.

With the use of AI (including deepfake) and QC the federal government knows how to manipulate all demographics of US citizens…and they will use all of that technology and power, more than they already do, to create “sheep” that will willingly comply with a country in chaos. Additionally, they know how to reach the “law & order” freaks creating “herding dogs” to bring non-compliers into conformity. And they will do so carrying a flag and a Bible…under the false pretenses of patriotism, law & order, and duty.

Regardless of anything else, the Founding Fathers understood that sometimes violence is the answer…the answer of last resort and only the last resort…but an answer all the same. And many of them, and their followers, paid the ultimate price once it was adopted, so it was considered when there was no realistic alternative.

Jordan Peterson has said,

A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.”

Our Founding Fathers knew what God-given rights were…and they understood that timing is everything. They knew that you have a God-given right to life, liberty, and happiness. Among those rights under the “life” category is the right to self-defense and defense of family. And between those two God-given rights…the defense of family is a requirement, a mandate from God.

For those of us that are believers we do support governments…when they follow God. I personally believe that governments are instituted of God for the benefit of mankind, it says so in Romans 13. And I also believe that “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5: 29).

But, we as believers also have to understand that when we follow God vs man/government that doesn’t exempt us from government’s wrath and punishment. We have to look no further than Christ himself, the apostles, and thousands of early Christians…they suffered imprisonment, torture, and death at the hands of unrighteous governments, their bureaucrats, and their law enforcers…as well as their armies. Those same followers/disciples of Christ were far more committed to serving and pleasing God than they were to following/serving any man or government…they had eternal perspective and a clear understanding of both service and sacrifice.

There is no doubt that these are tough and confusing times for all. Less confusing if you have firm principles that you are willing to work/suffer/sacrifice for.

I’ve said it before…the US federal government and all its agencies are at war with citizens of the United States…some agencies more violently so than others. The FBI has made it clear over and over again…if you believe in rights, liberties, and freedoms they are coming for you because they have labeled you as a violent domestic extremist terrorist. And if you are a Christian…they have you specifically targeted now…they will come for you either individually or as a group…but they are coming.

And the FBI is an extremely violent and lethal law enforcement agency…they have proved time and time again through their actions they will kill women and children (Ruby Ridge)…they will even burn to death men, women, children, and even babies (Waco, TX). Do not doubt their capability, their savagery, their cunning, or their commitment to authoritarianism.

Again, I believe the shooting war in America starts within two years…according to the current trajectory. But hey, what does my opinion mean in a larger picture of today’s world?

Pray, grow close to God, commit to hearing and following the Spirit, know the scriptures, develop your core principles, and decide if you are a harmless man or a good man. Other than those suggestions I can’t, and won’t, tell you what to do in regards to this situation. What you do is entirely up to you and your family. I strongly encourage you to choose wisely what you do and how you do it in the next 2 years. After that…well, I think there will be only two real choices.

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5 thoughts on “Then they came for… (part #2 of 3)

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  2. Make your local lists NOW. No one is exempt from the laws of physics. That includes their families as these orcs will most certainly go after our women and children. When this starts they must feel the hurt and sorrow too. And remember when the orcs confront you, hips and heads, hips and heads. FFF/22BOH. Compile your lists now. I am a harmless man.


    • You’re killing me! What is “FFF/22BOH”????
      Strange comment that you made about orcs going after women and children. Well, until you remember they child Randy’s wife and child…and nearly an infant. And then there is the orcs burning to death so many women and children. They have no shame, no morals, no ethics, no boundaries.
      And for the record…You are a good man.


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