Banking Failures…the tip of the iceberg…

I hope you’ve been following the banking crisis that has been unfolding for the last 2 weeks, I don’t want to recap all of it. Here are my articles that can bring you up that touch on this matter:

One of the questions I get is “Is it over?” The answer to that one is simple…No! Actually, it is just getting started. But a lot of what is going to be happening will be behind closed doors, in smoke filled backrooms, and at the Fed in secret.

Here is a curve ball for you…this ain’t the big reset, at least not yet. Well, if it isn’t the reset, then what is it, you might ask. That is where opinions rule. My friend Jim, a very intelligent and astute guy, told us, “Get ready for the big waves.” And he also mentioned that this isn’t going “…to approach Great Financial Crisis levels of pain and economic disaster.” I pretty much agree with that.

Back on the 13th I told you this was the “tip of the iceberg” and more failures could be coming…and they did. SVB was the 2nd largest failure in US history, then later in the week we got the 3rd largest failure.

And then comes Credit Suisee. The 45th largest bank in the world with almost a trillion dollars in assets…and it failed. A couple interesting things about this bank…it clearly started to fail in 2020, was in the tank by 2021, was a disaster in 2022, and finally, just days ago, closed its doors. Or rather, sold out to, or taken over by, (whatever you want to call it) by its competitor UBS. And UBS is the 34th largest bank in the world with well over a trillion in assets.

So now we have UBS acquiring Credit Suisee and becoming somewhere in the neighborhood of the 11th or 12th largest bank in the world with over 2 trillion $’s in assets. Of course the deal was made sweeter by the Swiss Central Bank (US Federal Reserve equivalent) kicking in $54billion. I guess that was just the way global bankers say “thank you!” to fellow global bankers…a $54,000,000,000 thank you card. And let’s not forget where the Swiss Central Bank gets its funding from…the US Federal Reserve, to the tune of billions and billions of dollars since 2008.

And let’s return to SVB, we know it went out of business. Well, not exactly. The FDIC took it over and created a new bank, National Bank of Santa Clara. And the FDIC was ordered by Biden to ensure that no one loses a single dollar. Which is directly against the FDIC mandate/law. Why did Biden make this move? We know it is due to the bank being a bank of the elites. I received an email from an insider confirming this. It was also a role model bank for ESG loans and promoting the LGBQT+ agenda. And if the average person could get access to them…you could trace 2024 campaign donations to Biden and company back to SVB account holders who stood to lose millions, if not billions, if Biden didn’t act to protect their interests.

So now let’s link SVB and Credit Suisee…both were huge ESG supporters and highly rated by companies like Fitch Ratings for their ESG support. On a scale of 1 – 5, 5 being the most supportive and highest ESG rating, Credit Suisee was in the mid-4’s. And we know that SVB was a model of ESG support and promotion in the US. Interesting?

And now let’s hit on one other aspect of all of this…Signature Bank. They went belly up last week as well…the 3rd largest bank failure. An 11-bank consortium agreed to save that bank with $30billion cash infusion. Those banks are: Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, First Republic Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon, PNC Bank, State Street, Truist and U.S. Bank. Besides knowing who saved Signature Bank…nice to know they too have an ESG rating of 4.

And finally one more tidbit of information…on March 14th I identified the 6 banks that were in near-identical condition that SVB was in. But, just recently a list of nearly 200 banks that are in rough shape came out…and nearing that collapse point.

But all that is still not the point. The point is this three-fold; 1) Biden is protecting the country’s/world’s elite and ensuring that they get wealthier via the Federal Reserve & FDIC by unilaterally changing US banking police/law, 2) wealth/resources globally are being consolidated in fewer and fewer hands, 3) this is only the tip of the iceberg, only the beginning.

And yes, I think this all was/is intentional, clearly intentional.

Now, here is my opinion…and remember, I am no expert anything, no professional anything, just expressing my personal opinion…

I don’t think this is the final world economic collapse. It is a move toward that goal, but it not the final straw/move. The world’s elites, think WEF, are just testing the waters, making smaller moves, perfecting their process…for the final outcome.

I think we are going to see more “saving” of banks…for the good of people, the little guys…or so they say. And while it will be said that the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, or a bank consortium that do the saving…it will taxpayer money.

Well, actually it will be printed money that taxpayers are on the hook for. And that will lead to the collapse and the introduction of a new currency, probably a US Federal Reserve cryptocurrency. And when that happens…other cryptocurrency will become outlawed.

Yeah, doubt me? Don’t forget the US government outlawed the private ownership of gold at one point…at the penalty of going to prison…after having the gold confiscated.

Now, you might ask me about time-frame, valid question. Back in mid-February I made mention that the US government would start a “shooting war” with US citizens. I stand by that. I also think that the same time-frame exists for this economic/bank situation to go to hell in a hand-basket.

Unless something drastic changes within this next 2-years…we are in a world of hurt…and mean life changing, world changing, massive problems! To put into words that best describe my feelings about it…World-Wide Revolution. And it will be ugly, deadly, and worse than most folks can imagine.

But, you and your family can weather that storm…if you prepare. And actually, I think we can avoid that world-wide devastation with divine intervention. And that will only come according to His will and our prayers. So pray.

And am I 100% right about all of this? Of course not! I could be wrong about the timing, about the impact, about magnitude, and maybe about all of it. But you have to decide on my past posts to judge my thoughts on the future.

Plan, don’t panic. Prepare, don’t panic. Pray, don’t panic. There is no need to panic whatsoever, none. What you need to do is plan, prepare, pray, and do.

But do yourself a favor…regardless of what you think of me and my posts, regardless of what you think is going on in the world, or what is coming…prepare and pray anyways/always. If you do that, can you go wrong?

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