Critically Important SitRep – Part #1

Preface –

Structural Note: As of now this article sits at over 8,000 words, 16 pages in a Word document. That is HUGE! And I am not finished with either the editing or adding new material. Just this morning, starting at 3am, I added another 1800 words. With that being said I have decided that I will break this article into 5 separate posts, one for each day this week. You can thank me…should you not like the first post then I just saved you from the pain and agony of reading the remaining seven or eight thousands words. Also, there will be no graphics or pictures embedded in the posts, I don’t want there to be any distractions. You are not the “comic book” crowd.

In all reality I have been writing this article for years. I’ve watched America transform into a country that I can not recognize anymore. No longer does America resemble the country of my youth where people loved America, backed the government, and even occasionally enjoyed the political discourse. However, 60 years ago America was a different country, a vastly different country…and honestly, my view of America back then was jaded to say the least.

Some 16 years ago, 2007, my view of America began to change dramatically…America was rapidly transforming into a country that I not only no longer recognized, it was something I started to fear.

Fear is an intensely unpleasant emotion in response to perceiving or recognizing a danger or threat. Fear causes physiological changes that may produce behavioral reactions such as mounting an aggressive response or fleeing the threat. Fear in human beings may occur in response to a certain stimulus occurring in the present, or in anticipation or expectation of a future threat perceived as a risk to oneself.

After fear appeared then I became angry.

It wasn’t until this year that I truly began to realize the true nature of fear. Fear is a tool, a tool of criminals who are trying to take something you have. In my case, in my view of America, fear had become the tool of the US government and other powers at work in America. And I am just now becoming fully aware of just how good they are at using that tool…against US citizens…the government along with their co-conspirators are experts at using it.

Last year I began to realize that if I were to be effective at raising an alarm in any way as to what was happening and what would shortly occur, I had to abandon both fear and anger. I had to have a cloud-free mind, clear seeing eyes, and ears that would hear the warning tones all around us. I strive for that each day…and in this article.

My personal note to you –

I have tried to approach this article with as much absence of bias as possible. My bias showing through is unstoppable, maybe even necessary. In reality this article is little more than a huge rambling opinion. Hopefully you will be skeptical of all of it. In all actuality…I hope I am wrong, 100% wrong. I believe I am not.

However, my opinion need not be your reality. I would ask of you to not believe my words that you read. If something doesn’t sound right to you…the challenge it and then do you own research and prove me wrong…please.

I have tried to follow the promptings and inspiration of He who knows all. I have tried to stay true to only writing that which I am firmly convinced that I feel is both truth and helpful. This article is the result of research, pondering, and prayer.

I would like you to read this article likewise. Please ponder and pray about what you read here. Think through each subject, each referenced past event, and each predicted event. Does it ring true to you? If so, what are you prompted to do about it?

Also, If you are not willing to read all the parts to this article…then save yourself time and frustration…don’t read any of this article. Stop now…it will only be worth your time if you read all the parts to the very end…and then take action.

Finally, I have tried diligently to write these words, forward the concepts, and propose some solutions without the presence of either anger or fear. For your clarity of mind and purity of spirit I ask you to drop both anger and fear from your mind and spirit as you read this. Find out what all of this, any of this, means to you personally and to your family.

Perhaps together we can go forward not only without fear or anger, but also we can eliminate even the slightest presence of vengeance or revenge from our lives as well. Revenge can only bring sorrow and escalation. Vengeance is not ours.

Vengeance and revenge, along with fear, are tactics of dictators, bullies, and governments. They have no place in our lives. We need to be filled with charity, love, commonsense, logic, clear-thinking, and appropriate action.

Introduction –

So let’s start this article out with a left-field introduction…our pantry. But trust me…it ties back in…and what it ties into will shake you to your core…unless you have already been awake and situational aware to the world around us.

Last Thursday afternoon we went to the store ahead of a dinner with friends. It was a “restock” trip so the list was very specific and filled with items to replace our used items from our “ready pantry”. Yeah, that is the pantry where we keep our everyday items that are used regularly. Took us about an hour in Walmart, but I enjoyed it…my dear wife was with me and we made date out of it. Besides Walmart is usually entertaining to me…or at least the people there are entertaining.

Then Friday morning I did my can rotation and restocking. While I did so I was thinking about how I would write this article…because it is a VERY important article, critical actually and I want to get it right. I hope this is an easy read, to the point, and not overly long. We’ll see.

I am on my third edit…I blew up the whole “not overly long” goal [Friday afternoon]. I will have to break this article into multiple posts. Hey, you can thank me…if you don’t like Part #1 no need to read the other parts, right?

For a couple of months now I have been doing my research on EMPs and such. I did my original article on that subject in 2015, revised in 2019, and I wanted to make sure I was current…then write an article on it in March. I actually enjoyed it, although at times the details were numbing. But, that article has to be put on hold for this one.

You should know by now how my thought process works…I look for events that seem unrelated but in reality are so tightly intertwined that they reveal what is really happening. And normally that “happening” is dark and damning…as is this one. The key is to assess applicability of distraction events vs deeply critical events…is to concentrate time and energy on the critical events only…those are the important ones…ignore the distractions completely.

For example the whole “trans” thing is a distraction…as is their radical and evil planned “Day of Vengeance” event. The mental illness of “trans” thing is nothing more than an extension of the radical leftists and Democrats. Who themselves, are mere puppets of those behind what is happening in the world today. It is only meant to add to the chaos in society right now…it is the chaos itself that is the critical element. If you want to know who their puppet-masters are…look at who funds them.

Same thing for the Trump indictment…it is a mere distraction as well. But, it too is intended to add to societal chaos, nothing more. The DA behind this is nothing more than a radical leftist puppet controlled by George Soros who paid for this radical’s election. And as we well know…George Soros, along with his organization, is a primary puppet-master at work in the world today…along with his billions of dollars. And you have to remember where he comes from…Soros was part of the Nazi movement/monsters in Germany during WWII.

So what are the real events/issues taking place that are important? I’ve been touching on those for years, sometimes in great eye glaze-over detail. But the recent ones bring into clarity what is happening now and, more importantly, what will happen.

Bank Failures & Cryptocurrency Chaos –

I wrote a total of 5 posts on this subject between 3/12 – 3/21. In my 3/13 article I made these two statements; 1) I can’t confirm, so I won’t give speculative details, but there appears to be a darker side to this event and the story around it., 2) “Don’t forget the FTX failure earlier this year.”

There is a darker side…and you aren’t going to like it. SVB collapse was intentional. In my 3/17 article I stated The collapse may well have been intentional as a system test for going forward.I was right, it was intentional and it was a test. The whole purpose of the collapse was to change the FDIC insurance policy/law. Biden, without authority to do so, implemented covering ALL deposits vs just those over $250,000. This was planned before the collapse occurred, the collapse was simply a trial run.

Next came the link to the FTX failure, but that wasn’t directly tied to SVB…it was incidental and a precursor to a wider/deeper event. Very much under the radar on March 8th one of the largest banks in the US that handles cryptocurrency quietly announced that it was ceasing operations; the bank is called Silvergate.They simply said it was “winding down” its operations and would liquidate the bank. Since it wasn’t an official “failure” it went virtually unnoticed.

So how do these connect?

1 – FTX was a huge, huge cryptocurrency operation…and it failed. It occurred first.

2 – Signature Bank, another huge cryptocurrency player/bank…and it failed.

3 – Silvergate Bank, another huge cryptocurrency player/bank…and it ceased operations early in March.

But there is more –

4 – FTX was a huge mega-donor to the leftist Democrat Party and radical left-wing politicians.

5 – Signature Bank was a huge mega-donor to the leftist Democrat Party and radical left politicians…and a huge financial supporter of the mentally-ill crowd of LBGQT+ radicals.

6 – Silvergate Bank was closely tied to FTX in the cryptocurrency industry.

7 – Silvergate Bank was also a large donor to radical leftist programs and politicians.

8 – Silvergate Bank in January 2022 bought the rights to the “blockchain-based payment network”…an intricate part of the cryptocurrency industry.

And –

9 – Back on 3/21 I told you that bank watchers have identified that there are almost 200 more banks that are on the edge of failure very similar to SVB, Signature, Silvergate, etc.

So think about this…the 2nd and 3rd largest bank failures in US history just took place within a week of each other. And then two of the largest cryptocurrency handlers just failed within four months of each other. And Biden then changes the FDIC policy/law that all bank deposits will be covered. Remember those 3 points.

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