More on the bank failings…

Just a quick update on the banking issues we are facing right now:

  • This is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • SVB was the model for the ESG agenda.
  • The collapse may well have been intentional as a system test for going forward.
  • SVB was one of the banks for the ultra elite. That is why Biden is covering any/all loses.
  • There is even more, I am trying to sort it out…but my time is short with the solar upgrade taking place.

The single most troubling aspect…Biden. Yeah, go figure! What I mean is his “Dictator-In-Chief” agenda. Biden, single handedly, without any action or approval from Congress, changed how the FDIC works…took the law into his own hands. FDIC is suppose to be insurance for $250,000 (and below) account holders…protecting the little guy from banks going bad. Banks pay into the government for that “insurance” to be used when needed.

Well, Biden changed that without Congressional approval to cover all accounts at SVB. And now that is the new precedence. And who is going to object to it? Biden comes to the rescue…people love heroes.

Oh, and another piece of information…there is no “insurance fund” when it comes tot he FDIC. With the US federal government there is only one account…a single account that ALL money goes into and out of. There is no insurance pool of money for the FDIC…simply an amount that can be tracked on the government accounting books. When the amount hits zero…and it will, they always do…the US federal government will simply print more money to use to cover ever growing losses.

But notice this is another in a long line of Biden actions where he simply changes a system to suit his will…or rather the will of those controlling him. These are dangerous and disastrous actions taking place…but they are intentional and by design. What Biden comes next?

Two last items…1) this is tied directly to forthcoming US Government cryptocurrency, 2) we are only seeing the tip of the banking problem iceberg. And you do remember what the most famous iceberg in history did to the Titanic…right?

I really hope you have been reading my articles over the last 14 years, especially the last 3 – 4 years…I mean that sincerely. You better get more prepared even as we speak.

Pray for our country, our people, your neighbors…we need the prayers of good people.

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4 thoughts on “More on the bank failings…

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  3. At a personal level, I’m still skeptical this current crisis is going to approach Great Financial Crisis levels of pain and economic disaster. There’s just no humongous bad housing mortgage overhang that drove the last bit crisis. We are in for more pain, and I agree that Biden and his henchmen are choosing every action carefully and with a long-term strategy.

    Thus, I very well could be wrong. Whenever the .gov creates a crisis, and then has a ready-made “solution” ready to apply…they’re not implementing that solution for the benefit of the citizenry. However, this isn’t an insight specific to this Administration…it’s just the latest implementation on the road to the Great Reset.

    So, WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO SURVIVE AND PROSPER? Well, personally, I’m ensuring my Just In Case planning options are comprehensive and detailed…and then implemented fully.
    1. Never keep all of your money in one bank…even if you’re well below the FDIC coverage limits. I also think it wise to keep at least some funds outside the USA and USD. YMMV, of course.
    2. Have some — perhaps even a LOT of — hard assets in your portfolio. Keep an emergency cash stash in safe locations…appropriately protected. Don’t be “that guy” that hid $10k in cash in the walls of his home…and watched it all burn down due to a faulty space heater. Fireproof/resistant safes and thermal protection bags are very cheap insurance, all things considered.
    3. Own some silver, maybe gold too — maybe 1-3% of your total savings/investments, purchased over time. It’s truly disaster insurance. However, DON’T sink your life’s savings into silver/gold; you need to keep money in assets that earn you money.
    4. Avoid, or at least reduce, debts. Ideally, get rid of those debts NOW.
    5. Have a side hustle…or three. One of them should be your home garden. Plant some fruit trees.
    6. Definitely have food and water storage, and appropriate emergency / no-grid supplies. I can’t emphasize this one enough!! You say, “I don’t have enough money to do that!!” I say: “You really can’t afford not to do this…and it’s far more important the lower your income level.
    7. One great emergency backup to have is solar power in your home, if you can afford it. [PRO TIP: Our host on this forum is an expert on solar systems. Read his articles and do your system right the first time.] However, if your emergency plan includes leaving your home for other environs, in the US or elsewhere, you probably don’t need to invest in a full-up solar system for your home. Rather, purchase modest, portable solar power systems to juice up your phones, laptops, communications, and maybe a small refrigerator.

    There’s a lot more to consider, of course, and I shan’t attempt to cover the entire waterfront of how to survive a financial crisis. Hopefully, other readers might kick in their recommendations, as well.

    My primary point here, though, is this: PLAN IT. FUND IT. IMPLEMENT IT. Your strategic financial survival plan is YOUR responsibility, not the government’s or even your Church’s.

    Get ready for the big waves. They may not arrive this week or next…maybe not even this year. But those huge wave ARE coming — just go read the WEF’s website where they explain in clear language how they’re going to destroy and replace capitalism and capitalists.

    Best to all,


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