>>> Warning!

Two things are happening that could bring significant danger to the US this weekend…

  1. New York grand jury votes to indict Trump in hush money case. Be careful this weekend…things could go from really, really bad…to catastrophic in one false Bubba Effect mistake.
  2. Be very careful of the violent trans leftist movement this weekend. They have sworn to bring chaos and violence to America…if not the world.

Be cautious and alert the next few days. Keep good Situational Awareness!





4 thoughts on “>>> Warning!

  1. The trans culture is easy to pick out, they color themselves like Dendrobats. So if you see them avoid, if you are unable to, scream “stay away, get back”, then start dropping them if they advance. They were warned. They broadcasted that they were going to attack christchucks. So be it.

    Suggest that daily load gets upped, again. Minimum three back up magazines for pistols, worn on the body, not in some bag someplace, ON THE BODY.

    If you ride with a truck gun, minimum basic load is two hundred rounds loaded into magazines. With access to box’s to reload mags.

    That is all. Now go out and have some fun!

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