Do We Need Police Reform? (Q&A – 3)

  • Give me the short version of why we need police reform.

1) Police fail miserably at preventing and solving crime. That costs US citizens trillions of dollars per year. Over the course of a normal lifespan a person would see about 240Trillion dollars lost to crime in the US.

2) The Declaration of Independence states “…That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…” This means that government exists to secure the rights of citizens, police are an extension of government, and police get their power/authority from citizens NOT from government. That translates into…the role of police is to secure the rights, all rights, of citizens. Police stand between criminals and citizens to protect people, specifically the rights of people. When criminals violate those rights, police need to bring those criminals to justice. And securing rights of citizens also means protecting citizens from government. So when government steps out of line and violates people’s rights, then police need to stop that violation and bring those involved to justice. The Declaration of Independence nullifies the tired age-old police excuse of “We don’t make the laws, we just enforce them.” That is the excuse of a coward or of utter ignorance. Police either “serve and protect” citizens…or they serve the government. They can’t do both very well can they?

  • What about reforming federal law enforcement agencies?

Let’s make this real simple:

1) The Constitution doesn’t authorize any federal law enforcement agency. None! So that tells you volumes right there. The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution that way for a very specific reason did they not? So a person either supports the Constitution or not…there is no in between, no half-measures.

2) Also, consider this:

      • Illegal drug use and legal drug abuse, and all the associated criminal activity, in the United States is rampant and getting worse. So…the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) is a complete failure in its job performance.
      • The mission, role, goal, of the ATF is solely to deprive US citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights. Why do we tolerate that? So the ATF is more of an anti-Constitution criminal organization than anything else.
      • We have millions and millions of illegal aliens entering the country each year…many are violent criminals and terrorists. So…Border Patrol is a complete and utter failure.
      • There are thousands of federal fugitives at-large. So the US Marshals Service is a failure.
      • We have 10’s of millions of illegal aliens at-large in the US, many of which are violent criminals committing murders, rapes, horrific child abuse, etc. So ICE is a complete and total failure.
      • And one of my favorites…the FBI. They are out there sending SWAT teams to arrest 70 and 80-year old senior citizens who pray and sing hymns outside of abortion factories…while criminal politicians are roaming free…or leading our country. Not just roaming free…but on the payroll of our country’s enemies as well as committing a multitude of other terrible crimes against America.

You catching my drift yet? So not only are federal law enforcement agencies not Constitutionally authorized, they are also wholly and completely inept at their jobs. But, it is worse than that…many of those agencies are working directly against the rights of US citizens. And that is intolerable!

Our Founding Fathers understood the tyranny and oppression that comes from a central government, the King of England. And that is exactly why they never wrote into the Constitution any authorization for those federal level law enforcement agencies. And if you truly understand the Constitution…the Founding Fathers gave those law enforcement authorizations to the states to protect US citizens from the tyranny and oppression of a US federal government.

So how do you reform federal law enforcement agencies? I just told you.


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