>>> Advisory !

I am not ready to post a specific article just yet. But I believe it to be the single most important article that I will ever write in my entire life.

I will post it Monday morning.

I will not post it until then, I need to do extensive editing and verifying to make sure I get my facts right. And historically articles posted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are low readership days.

Please watch for the article on Monday and make sure you get it to all of your family and friends and acquaintances as appropriate.

8 thoughts on “>>> Advisory !

    • Before you call it a tease…well, read it, then you may not be happy with me.
      It’s all coming down…all of it…soon. Think “ugly!”
      But I know what you meant 🙂


      • Not so.

        Fear not for I am with you.

        Dude we are only passing thru, this is not our home! Screw this place. I mean yeah I dig what The Founders did, but that shit is gone. Has been gone for most of our lives. The FUSA is a mirage shimmering in the heat of a setting sun. Fuck it let it go.

        I think it’s great that the FUSA is going to crash. Let it burn, and burn white hot. There is too much trash here and we need to incinerate lots of trash. Then like the phenix we will be reborn, but only better.

        Keep your local collaborator list up dated. The Green Star cluster hopefully will be popped soon. Then its go go go baby. Rock and roll. Hips and heads, hips and heads.

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