Feedback & Comments: 1/7/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsFeedback & Comments from the SitRep this morning

From Jim –

No kidding on all of the above.

I’m not as convinced that the assault on a capital doorway was as free of provocateurs (antifa or whomever) as you seem to be. I would estimate that Antifa isn’t dumb itself; in fact, they can be pretty darn intelligent in their planning and execution. So, I would guesstimate that there are at least a few antifa agents/provocateurs that have been embedded in the “patriotic movement” (which is a very, very broad category that captures many different groups and philosophies).

However, it is pretty useless to argue that point unless/until somebody actually “outs” one or more of the key people in this little group as being antifa-in-mufti.

A lot of the media’s and Dem’s histrionics are, of course, pure alligator tears.
ANTIFA (and/or BLM, Black Block or dozens of other Leftist groups) tried to burn down MULTIPLE buildings with DOZENS OF PEOPLE IN THEM. Actually set them on fire, in several cases. That included police stations, apartment buildings, businesses and all manner of other buildings.

MANY DOZENS of people have died as the result of BLM and antifa, et al, including the police officers murdered in cold blood. But, a number of other folks were also killed…and don’t forget, Kyle Rittenhouse would have been one of those murdered, had he not had the means to defend himself.

But, the press doesn’t care about “perspective” when it comes to accusations against conservatives.

But, here’s the deal: BESIDES preparing, we need to be ENGAGING our elected politicians to buck them up against the expected legislative onslaught. We can’t just sit and watch.

We also need to be working on the next elections, already. In this particular case, remember that the GOP did quite well in the House and at State level and below. WE NEED TO USE THOSE MAJORITIES TO PASS FAR MORE STRINGENT VOTER FRAUD LEGISLATION. Otherwise, in 2024 we’ll still be gnashing our teeth at all of the ballots sent out willy-nilly to whomever it might concern, voters without ID cards, crazy one-sided voting period extensions, etc., etc.

Preparing is good and necessary. Preparing WELL is strongly advised.

But, we don’t get to just divorce ourselves from the ongoing political process. Too many Germans (including many German Jews) started doing that in the early 1930s, and that really didn’t turn out well. Better to fight politically, early, than allow a kinetic solution to devolve as the only solution.



  • Remember, I didn’t say it was “free” of those folks you mentioned…I just said that the number was limited based on my guesstimate. And there is no evidence of any widespread or large numbers of AntiFa, etc. at this time. I am holding fire on that point until we see some actual “outing” (to use your very appropriate words).
  • You are spot on about how many died and what was destroyed at the hands of AntiFa and company. That is another reason why I think that yesterday was not an AntiFa operation. 
  • And FYI/FWIW…I think Rittenhouse is an idiot and went there looking for trouble…and he found it. Did he defend himself? Yes, he did, and it was his right to do so. Remember, he put himself into the situation to begin with. And why was an unsupervised minor there to begin with?
  • I think you have some wise advice. And I would like to build on a couple of your thoughts. Don’t engage in the current political process with current politicians. Find those that match your principles and help get them elected and then help them change the political process for the better. And if we have to “buck up” current politicians to work against coming legislation…then we need to work even harder to get better folks elected. Don’t worry about majorities…that is simply politics as usual…and that got us where we are today. Think about instilling principles in the folks who represent us.
  • And yes, “fight”!  But, fight the right fight, at the right time, with the right people, in the right way, for the right reasons. And until you know what your foundational principles are, and that they are moral and ethical, a person would have no idea of the “right” when it comes to the fight.

From Barry –

I would hope that the majority of the protesters were just patriots. I had “a bad feeling about this” before it took place and worried that “it was a trap”. I found it interesting that the National Guard was not called out beforehand and that there wasn’t enough security to protect the Capital. How convenient. Of course it was stupid of Trump to invite them there in the first place. Or maybe that was also part of the plan.

Simple…I agree.

From Glenda –

I think it was Trump supporters caught up in the opportunist moment that crossed the barriers in yesterdays Capitol melee. If it had been infiltrated by Antifa, there would have been bricks thrown and fires started. And the police would have been attacked more violently than what I saw…

Simple, again…I agree.

From Lisa –

I do like it when you speak plainly. I cannot imagine what is happening so I like it when others imagine for me. There is nothing I can do but I want to know what is coming so I am not a chicken molting. Thank you.

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