FAQ – 1/7/2021

  • I so appreciate this article. On another site that we both frequent, I did my best to express that those involved really were Trump supporters. Some would not believe it…that conservative people could get sooo fired up that they would bad things. The one thing I did not think of, as you so masterfully pointed out in this article, is that the Left now have all the ammo they need to carry out their Socialistic agenda. My heart is sick for all that has happened and now I see how very quickly things can ‘go south….and probably will. Thanks for your insight and courage to speak the hard truth. This was probably the best article I have seen you write. Don’t hold back anymore. Speak your truth friend.

There is a question in there that isn’t readily noticeable…but I will bring it out. “Why won’t some people believe it was actually Trump supporters would stormed the capital?”

Because they put politics over principles. Alternatively they simply can’t see plain truth as put forward by the evidence. First, when you buy into an ideology and idolize a person to a certain degree you lose the ability to see any truth/evidence that contradicts that given point of view/opinion. It is a form of Stockholm Syndrome to be honest. The “victim” loses their ability to think, respond, and act rationally. Also, people want to have a strong leader, whether with right or wrong ideology, because they want to be part of something greater/larger than themselves. Developing strong ethical principles takes effort, time, and integrity. Keeping those principles intact in the face of adversity and/or opposition is tough, damn tough. Some people don’t have the fortitude to develop or maintain those kinds of principles. Hence it easier for them to find a idol figure and then just follow them…right or wrong…sometimes to hell.

As for the site you mentioned, I am not surprised. It is a very strange website in many ways. There is some good preparedness information there. But for me it lost all credibility in most areas for a number of reasons. First and foremost was when anyone would express an idea or opinion outside of the website’s party line they were immediately set upon…sometimes very viciously. The conduct of many, including some site leadership, became very un-Christ-like. The final straw came when the website tried to defend child killers. The evidence was overwhelming that a certain person, possibly with help, killed two children. The website owner, and may others, including other website leadership defended the accused. And when anyone would start talking about truth and evidence…well, those folks were savaged…sometimes in a most un-Christ-like way. Then it turned out that one or more involved in the child killings had a business relationship with the website owner. And there is a long list of other reasons, but those are the two that broke the camel’s back for me.

  • What is coming?

Seriously!?! OK, sorry. You have to go back and read my articles dating back 4 years. If you concentrate on the SitReps you will get a pretty good idea of what I see coming. Add to that the Immediate Action Warnings and you get a pretty solid idea. What is coming in regards to you an your life…well, I have no idea on the specifics. But generally speaking you can get idea by reading the articles I mentioned.

  • Was Trump inviting his supporters there a trap?

No, I don’t see that as true. Trump is an ego maniac, at the minimum, but I don’t see him wanting to lure his followers into a trap like that. I think Trump wants to go out with a flourish, define a place in the history books, and lay the groundwork for what comes next in his narcissistic life. I don’t see it as a trap in any respect. It is a peaceful demonstration of his supporters that came to express their opposition to the fraudulent election process. Then, as usually occurs, the mob mentality began…and they fed off each other. Mob mentality is a well-documented phenomena, and we saw it yesterday…it was inevitable. And I mentioned, I believe there were agent provocateurs in the crowd. The role they played is still unknown at this time.

This why I warned over and over and over not to participate in these events. Now you see why.

  • Was this a “false flag” event?

No. This was an organic movement (called for by Trump) that got out of hand. It was not a false flag event. If it were, that would make Trump evil as evil could be. Why? It was Trump that called for the event’s organization. Albeit, it was not Trump who called for the storming of the Capital Building but only for the protest. And just as assuredly I am sure Trump had an idea that it could/would get out of hand…and thus highlight even more his place in history.

  • Was this AntiFa, BLM, etc. acting as Trump supporters to deceive and destroy the “right”?

There is ZERO credible evidence at this time to indicate that this is true. Actually just the opposite. ALL credible evidence at this time points that these were in-fact Trump supporters. Trump called them that, Trump family members called them that, and the people in the crowd self-identified as Trump supporters. There is LOTS of video and still images of the people who stormed the building. If there were any leftists in the mix they will be found out.

Also, as a side note…I watched the body language of the majority of those storming of and inside the Capital Building. They reminded me of very confident/secure folks. They carried themselves as Vets, law enforcement, etc. They didn’t mimic the body language of the AntiFa and BLM folks this summer who did the rioting. The exception would be the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) black nationalist militia members, they carried themselves with confidence for the most part. But I didn’t see their presence yesterday at all.


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