FAQ – 01/18/2021

  • Last night I was flipping through Youtube and came across a still picture of a white man who was supposedly the voice I was hearing. He was indicated to be a military leader breaking news to the American people WW 3 has started. It is identified as biological and digital and our country has been betrayed by treason by the Democratic leaders. It was convincing enough I began to search for verification through other news sources. Today I am wondering if many others saw it too.

Yeah…I hear ya. And remember I was warning about this happening…all the way back on 6/16/2019!!  Yup, that is when I started explaining how serious it was and how much it would come into play in our reality. I mentioned it at least 9 times since then. And almost three weeks ago a British research company released that over 60,000 deepfake videos alone hit the world in 2020. Yup…that’s SIXTY THOUSAND! Double from the year before…think about what that means for us in 2021…another doubling…or worse!?!

And no, I didn’t see that particular video. I do however sometimes scan YouTube for trends and occasionally come across videos like that. And there are others as well…that are supposedly from “experts”. Ah, no. They may be great at creating a video but they are no expert anything related to the subject they are speaking on. They are usually sensational topics and controversial in nature. I believe many are “disinformation” campaigns from foreign or domestic enemies…some are just crackpots seeking attention and to stir-up trouble.

I stay with known sources, known people, and don’t believe a word of any of them until I can triple source the info.

  • Haven’t heard the usage of Boogaloo in a long time. It’s the same thing as saying “nigger”, or “stupid nigger”. Is that what you mean for us to understand you are saying?

Not hardly!!  The Boogaloo movement is:

      • made up of different groups without a single leadership structure, goals, or mission
      • virtually all white membership, a few white supremacists, a sprinkling of neo-Nazi folks
      • been described as a militia (though I completely disagree with this, they are heavily armed, but no militia)
      • ardent anarchists, very anti-government
      • trying to start a civil war or revolution

They are folks that I would not expect any of you to be associated with.

Note: I left the original wording of the writer to show their confusion and for my clarification. Obviously no offense was even remotely intended so don’t even go there.

  • Why is the FBI “vetting” the military troops that are now in Washington DC?

There is a 2-part answer to this one. Shows the extreme power plays taking place. Bottom line…it is part of the authoritarians advancing their agenda.

Part #1 – The authoritarians want the military there in DC for the Biden/Harris inauguration. It is a massive/ultimate display of their authoritarian power and their ability to crush the right…actually, crush any in opposition to their power.

However, in order for the authoritarians to properly wield that power, they must also have and show complete dominance over the military. As much as it must be clear that the authoritarians can crush anyone with the military, it must also be clear to the military that the authoritarians also absolutely dominate them as well. And that leads to part two.

Part #2 – Notice who is doing the vetting…the FBI. First off, remember that the military is actually an organization that is authorized under the Constitution. The FBI is not authorized under the Constitution. The military is assigned via the Constitution the responsibility to protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The FBI has no such mandate because they are not even authorized under the Constitution.

This is a move by the federal government “deep state” (a.k.a. authoritarians) to use their stooge law enforcement goons to show who is at the top of the food chain…the FBI…that they are superior to the military. It is a clear message that non-Constitutional authoritarian personnel are significantly more important and a higher priority than the military.

So, it is pure politics! It is to show who has the power, who wields the power, who is where in the food chain, and that the authoritarian ruling elite controls it all.

And the talk about some military units possibly being behind an attempt to take Biden into custody or worse is pure bullshit! That my friend is a move by the authoritarians, specifically the Biden/Harris Administration, to put the military on notice and in its place…at the same time it also discredits the military, or at very least reduces their sense of honor and dignity.

  • You talked about the “evidence” of the potential of violence in DC and state capitals. [Feedback & Comments: 1/14/2021] Nothing much came of it. Was the evidence of yours valid or just you guessing or going with mainstream media reports?

Honest question! I brought together a variety of sources for the potential of violence and from which groups…the best I knew. I obviously have no first hand knowledge of any of it because I am not directly, or indirectly, involved in any of the groups mentioned or any planning of any kind. So everything I used as background was at least second hand.

As heavily as the FBI coordinated with the media to talk about, and warn about, the potential for violence I don’t doubt for a minute that the FBI was behind a lot of the “evidence” that there would be violence. Yes, exaggerated, even fabricated, evidence. It would be a great move on their part to curtail the violence itself, or give them great cover to react to any violence, perceived or real, and crush it violently.

Then again…maybe the folks that were planning the violence realized that their chances of success greatly diminished with all the exposure. They may have also realized that they were losing the support of a whole lot of folks via the intense PR campaign against them.

Maybe a combination of both.

Either way, I stand by my warning(s) and I am especially grateful that nothing serious happened.

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