Immediate Action Warning!


                         Feds Identify “Domestic Terrorists”


Background: The militia movement started as the backbone of freedom loving colonialists who wished to throw off the extreme oppression of British tyranny. Militia members were very often the most respected of their communities, always willing to step up and defend their families and their neighbors. Militia members were considered the best of the best when it came to patriots.

As the USA grew older and more aggressive around the world, as well as at home, a standing army (i.e. professional army) began to replace the Founding Father’s model of militias. After WWI, a standing army was the norm and militias became a “hobby” of a few diehard patriots. Post-WW2 militias all but disappeared due to the predominance of the standing army. And as President Eisenhower warned us…it was now the age of the military-industrial complex…”war for profit”. And do not forget, the Founding Fathers warned us against the existence of, and use of, a standing army. It was one of the greatest evils and threats that they saw in Colonial America…and in our future.

It wasn’t until Bush #1 as President (CIA operative) that we began to see a strong rebirth of militias (late 80’s to early 90’s). Many potential militia members began to see the widespread corruption in the Bush administration and their push for globalization and the ruling elites (ruling class) began a major push for control. This is also the same time frame that the “deep state” took hold in earnest.

By the time Clinton took office in the early/mid-90’s it was obvious that America was falling into a totalitarian state, subservient to globalists (i.e. and their authoritarian government model). Militias became higher-profile, membership swelled, they became more organized. It was Clinton’s radial leftist authoritarian Attorney General Janet Reno who then directed the DOJ and specifically the FBI to crush the militia movement. And they did…brutally so…with many deaths via “shoot to kill” orders, FBI hunter-killer teams, and military-style assaults on militia and related groups that resulted in large numbers of deaths.

Militias were effectively non-functional, if not non-existent, until Bush #2 became President. Bush 2 cloaked himself in the title of “conservative” but he was raised by his CIA operative father (Bush #1) to be both an authoritarian and a globalist. Militias began a resurgence and membership started to grow in response to the growing threat against our rapidly dying Constitutional Republic. In response Bush used numerous “anti-terrorist” legislative covers to infiltrate and tract militia groups. This was the maturity of the FBI & DHS labeling militia groups as potential domestic terrorists. During this time-frame the FBI was directed to develop plans to eliminate any and all militias.

With the election of Obama, radical Marxist authoritarian and globalist, militia numbers swelled to historic levels. However, the FBI had infiltrated all militias of any note by 2016. And by this time the DOJ, FBI, & DHS had officially identified militias as a grave threat to national security. They were being watched/monitored very closely, and extensive plans were in-place to crush them whenever it was required and/or an appropriate opportunity arose.

As Trump took office and his exposure of the “deep state”, “fake media”, rigged elections, etc. grew so did the militias boldness. For the first time in 230 years the militias finally found a President who believed in them and gave them the honor they felt they were due. However, while Trump may have had respect for them to one degree or another; the deep state, the ruling class, the globalists, the DOJ/FBI/DHS all saw militias as terrorists…who were to be eliminated.

Warnings Specifics:

With the Capital Attack on 1/6 providing the perfect opportunity, the DOJ/FBI anti-militia plan was activated. The combined force of the federal government, in cooperation with virtually all state governments, are now enacting the most severe of measures to crush, then eliminate, all militias. The plan involves a wide variety of efforts; everything from public relations utilizing the media, to elimination of Internet access, to restrictive financial access, to armed clashes with FBI military units.

Statements released by the FBI such as militia members involved in the capital attack “…would have killed anyone they got their hands on…” are meant as justification for the coming actions and violence against militia groups and members.

The DOJ/FBI (with the support of DHS) have specifically clarified the first round of militia targets. They have designated them as “domestic terrorist organizations”:

  • Three Percenters (III & 3%)
  • Proud Boys
  • Boogaloo Movement
  • Oath Keepers
  • and all private paramilitary training groups

To use public relations against these groups the DOJ/FBI/DHS cabal are using terms (focus group vetted) against the above named groups such as:

  • self-declared vigilante forces
  • militant groups
  • extremist groups
  • white nationalists
  • right-wing militia groups

This is a serious and significant development. I want to be clear…


I can not stress enough the federal government’s determination to transition to a totalitarian state…they have now embarked on a plan that has no option for reversal, they are fully committed to the Biden/Harris team and agenda. To more fully understand some of whom are involved:

  • Democrats
  • Deep State players
  • the vast majority of federal workers (mostly in the area of the “great reset”)
  • globalists
  • the Ruling Class (a.k.a. Ruling Elites)
  • Marxists / Socialists / Communists
  • Racist organizations such as BLM
  • Most unions, especially teacher and police unions

Actions to Take:

I have no list of actions to take other than prepare for this eventuality based on your own personal situation.

Note #1:

I have referred to three organizations in the above warning; 1) DOJ (Department of Justice), 2) FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 3) DHS (Department of Homeland Security). If you would like some enlightenment, search the US Constitution wherein any of those entities are specifically authorized. Then read the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights…

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

Personal Note:

This is the most significant point in the history of America since April 19th, 1775. From the beginning of the anti-American, globalist/authoritarian, movement over 130 years ago when the transition started, we’ve never seen a move such as this. Many of us have been warning that America would fall…and it did in many respects prior to the close of 2020. Now, we are are seeing the cumulative effect of all the groups and individuals who worked so hard against rights, freedoms, and liberties. As the radical leftist/authoritarian Biden/Harris regime takes control we are going to see the most extreme of steps taken at the speed of light…to ensure there is no unwinding of the long-desired authoritarian government transition. Over the next few days I will be writing an article that shows how the two-worlds will collide, clash, and how it may affect you. The two-worlds I refer to are; 1) your personal world [your day-to-day normal living world], 2) the national/global level world that will migrate into, then dominate your personal world.

And for those of you who have expressed concern for my personal safety…thank you…I mean that sincerely. I’ve have prepared all I can, I am living my life within the bounds of the Constitution. If expressing my rights under the First Amendment is a problem for the powers that be…so be it. I stand for and defend rights, liberties, and freedoms…and the free expression thereof as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and given to us by a God in heaven. If that leads to unpleasantness for me from those who fear such rights, liberties, freedoms and God…so be it.


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17 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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  15. thank you for your great work and posts God Bless You and America

    On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 8:47 AM A.H. Trimble – Emergency preparedness informati


  16. It is crazy but true, may we each be bold enough to stand up for the freedoms that we currently have, at an appropriate time to do so, and right now is certainly not that time

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  17. Amen my friend you your final paragraph, Satan doesn’t like freedom of speech because it will expose him every single time to the Beast that he actually is. Those that are on his side certainly do not like freedom of speech as it exposes them for what they are, true terrorist in every sense of the word, the FBI doj DHS and any other three letter words or groups in the United States government that are not constitutional are probably the very same, terrorist groups, but on a federal level that we don’t even recognize them for what they are. These are the gadianton robbers of our day!!! The fact that our federal government is calling these militias as terrorist groups proves that they are the ones that are the terrorists. Satan side always calls the pot black. They like to hide in darkness and call other people what they actually are themselves.

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