Stop !

There is virus out there far worse than COVID-19, the Flu, or even the Bubonic Plague…it is called conspiracy theories. And I am telling you to STOP!!!  Stop listening to, stop talking about, stop reading about, stop thinking about, stop believing in, stop wasting your time on…well, you get the point.

Why all the “stop” when it comes to conspiracy theories? Simple…it is a huge waste of time and does you absolutely NO good at all, zero, nada, zip…NO GOOD COMES OF IT! And yes, I mean all of the conspiracy theories…the Pizzagate, the 9/11, stolen election, the Parkland shooting, QAnon, ALL of them…ALL!

You see it doesn’t matter one iota, not one single bit…conspiracy theories do not matter…it is all a waste of your time, talent, and effort. Because…you see…reality, the here and now, is what you need to live in…deal with…and solve. The reality we are being dealt is far more damaging than who brought down the towers or Building #7, or some blood drinking Dem cult, etc. We have a whole lot going on in our world right now, real stuff, events that can be verified, that are potentially devastating, and they can be plainly seen and figured out…and something needs to get done to fight them.

I want you focused and clear-headed to recognize what is happening and able to concentrate on developing a plan for you and your family. If you are all twisted around the axle on some supposed Pizza pedophile gang of the Clinton’s then you aren’t going to be ready for what is coming down the path against us. If you are consumed, partially or wholly, with conspiracy theories, you won’t be able to see or think clearly…and you dang sure may even miss what is happening because you are trying to decipher the latest QAnon garbage.

No conspiracy theory is worth an ounce of your energy, a dime of your money, or a minute of your time. Please, please…just focus on the reality of current events and concentrate on preparing for and/or fixing the devastation that is occurring right now.


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4 thoughts on “Stop !

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  2. I will not be silent!!!!! There is too much at stake. And you are exactly right…good people wasting time, effort, and money. It has to stop or the leftists will win because folks will be too distracted with crap and miss the important stuff.


  3. Thank you for having the boldness to speak out what needs to be said. I see many good people wasting their time and energy, still focusiing on what may have happened and may happen. We need to get back to the work of the Lord…NOW! Satan is rolling on the floor laughing at how he has distracted us from the true conspiracy…his!

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