QAnon Crap!

Let me give some of you a reason to “unfollow,” to “unscubscribe,” or simply never come back to this website. Let me make a perfect opportunity, give you a great reason to think the very worst of me, and ensure that you have justifying grounds to never read another word that I write. And actually, I will probably lose a couple of people who I previously felt were friends. Yup, today is that serious. For the rest of you…maybe, just maybe, I will save you from nonsense of the ultimate degree.

Before I do all of that I have to apologize to the folks who have been patiently waiting for Part #2 of the EMP article I have been working on. You will have to wait another day or two, I truly hope you understand and cut me a little slack here. Several things have been going on…first is my garden. Remember last August I talked about being ready to garden and how important that was? Well, I practice what I preach. In the last 2 weeks I have built 6 raised beds for a total of 180 square feet of really intense garden space. Why square feet? Because I am going with the ‘square foot’ garden methodology. Yeah, I will write a post or two on this as well.

For the rest of this post it will be in two parts…1) a rehash of a concept, 2) a stark warning wrapped in an offensive delivery.

Yesterday a dear friend of mine, my #2 best friend (wife is #1) invited me to lunch, his treat. I obviously couldn’t turn him down. Besides I wanted to talk to him about a couple of things anyways…important stuff. It was a great lunch with incredible food…and a spiritual feast as well. Along the way were copious amounts of humor and laughter. And he enlightened me on a subject from the day before that had been bugging the crap out of me, some of the “Potentially distracting…” article.

Military Coup Concept –

In that Monday article I wrote about the special military unit that was going to overthrow the US government, imprison officials, and somehow restore the Constitution in the process. When I shared that with my buddy his response was startlingly simple, “That’s QAnon.” My jaw dropped open and bounced off the table…I was stunned. QAnon wasn’t just alive, it was back!

So let me go back and review the premise that was put forward in a reader’s comment on Sunday in response to my article “>>> CRITICAL – Here it is…”. The writer shared the concept that was at first preposterous…some incredible, hyper-patriotic, Constitution loving, larger-than-life, military special forces operators were going to arrest the President and everyone else who had been identified as having stole the 2020 election. These political criminals would be held in a military prison camp and then eventually sent before a military tribunal. When found guilty the writer stated that these folks would go to military prison or hinted at they would be executed for their crimes.

In my post on Monday entitled “Potentially distracting…” I explained that this would amount to a military coup. Yup, a military overthrow of the US government resulting in a military dictatorship.

This would be the ultimate authoritarian/totalitarian regime…the ruling elites would have won…game over.

Let me review…there is NO authorization or allowance in the Constitution for this military process. Our Founding National Defense Authorization Act - military arresting citizensFathers would roll over in their graves if something like that occurred. It would fly in the face of everything they believed in, fought against, bled for, and died for. Remember this, the Founding Fathers feared even the idea of a standing army! They knew that a standing army empowered tyrants…TYRANTS! That means the imposition of tyranny!

So the whole idea of a military unit arresting, imprisoning, putting on trial, and/or executing politicians is 100% anti-American, 100% unconstitutional, 100% the wrong thing to happen in the USA. Something like that is exactly what Satan would plan and hope for…Satan himself would be behind such a thing.

Why would this plan be appealing to so many? Misplaced hope…or a dark and evil heart. For years I have written about “principles over politics” and the need for every one of us to develop our own personal principles based on eternal principles and Constitutional principles. I encouraged everyone who came to this website to find those principles and commit to them. This military overthrow concept is neither Constitutionally sound nor eternally based. The military overthrow concept is wrong…wrong in every sense of the word. It’s just wrong!!

And if you support this military overthrow concept you too are wrong! You are wrong, just wrong!

Hopefully you have simply been led astray by a concept that is a “White Knight” thing. Hopefully you are not in the “dark heart” camp. I know many people are frustrated with the world right now, many of you feel cheated with the last election. I don’t know anyone who thinks Biden is a President to be proud of. Most people I know think the end is coming quickly.

Regardless of this frustration…and even anger…we cannot let ourselves be led astray. We are told that in these days “they shall deceive the very elect.” This military overthrow concept is just that…deceiving people to lead them down dark paths.

If I were to propose to you that we would do something 100% illegal, totally against every Constitutional principle you knew of, in direct opposition to the Founding Fathers, and would lead to the complete downfall of America…would you support me in it?

Listen to me very carefully…does this military overthrow concept sound familiar? Does it sound exactly like what Hitler did? Because it is exactly what Hitler did!!!

Hitler proposed saving Germany from the terrible politicians of his day. He not only talked about, but he had a military unit overthrow the German government. He talked about restoring Germany to power and glory. He talked about…well, he proposed a plan that Satan had designed…and he carried it out. This military overthrow concept that was discussed/proposed by that responder on Sunday is exactly the same thing.

Stark Warning…QAnon –

Several years ago I was a regular contributor to a website that had a lot of QAnon material on it. There was a large following that thought the sun rose and set on everything QAnon put out there. They were true believers!

I did research and published facts and evidence that QAnon never got a single prediction right. Actually I showed in detail how QAnon produced nothing more than childish gibberish. Yet, the QAnon cult was blind…and worse…they were committed and dedicated. A true cult.

In march of 2021 I wrote an article “QAnon is Real !” and I went into detail about what QAnon is and I issued a warning. Let me share a portion of that article…

QAnon is not anything you should be involved with…even as entertainment. QAnon is pure poison, dangerous, and of no value to a real prepper…and certainly nothing a Christian should be trifling with. And anyone promoting QAnon should be ashamed of themselves…and cease doing so immediately! Those promoting QAnon are promoting totally worthless information…and worse, they are promoting harmful, it not evil, information. Why ‘evil’? Because it is distracting people from truth, reality, and from making sound decisions in their lives.”

QAnon is the perfect example of one of two things…”As much as I believe it is some dolt in mom’s basement, it


could well be a PsyOp (psychological operation) by a foreign government such as Russia or Iran…or the FBI.”

Listen to me, if you have never taken me seriously before…listen to me. If you have never believed me before…listen to me. If you never listen to me again…listen to me now. I beg you, I plead with you…listen to me…

QAnon is not just utter nonsense…it is rot for your brain…it is destructive to your soul. Nothing good will come of QAnon…NOTHING!

Please stop reading QAnon crap, abandon everything associated with QAnon. QAnon is pure poison! It will poison you brain and your soul…it will be worse than a mere distraction. And those that promote QAnon are either horribly misguided…or part of the poison. Don’t go where QAnon is.

For those of you who are believers in Jesus Christ…I ask only this of you…pray about QAnon and whether you should be involved with QAnon in any way at all. And ask if you should be part of any environment that promotes QAnon. Then listen to the still small voice.

I beg you to not be deceived! QAnon is deception. QAnon is just wrong!

I encourage you to read all of the following articles to get a full picture of what I am talking about.

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9 thoughts on “QAnon Crap!

  1. Well, I wanted to believe it honestly, but I grew to realize something was wrong, and yes I have listened to you. Principles. Very clear and right. The only person or group on a white horse will be our Lord Jesus Christ. I need to pray more and listen for the answer. The U.S. Constitution is the key. Thank you for being bold and sharing.

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  3. Who would be offended by this article? Not anyone who loves and honors the Constitution, I’m sure. If you’re in for the Constitution for a penny…you have to be in for the whole enchilada.

    That could change if the Left goes all Storm Trooper and Kristallnacht. At that point, the Left won’t even be pretending to be abiding by the Constitution. Indeed, they’d likely announce termination of the Constitution, being replaced by something along Marxist lines.

    At that point…the non-Constitutional coup has already taken place, courtesy of your least-favorite Leftists. What happens after that is debatable. We’ll see what happens.

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  6. As usual, yup. I have some really smart, savvy friends who STILL fall for this crap; I’m of the heartfelt opinion that it’s a huge psy op. Hopium of the worst kind. I have a hard time being patient with my friends who still cling to these ludicrous stories about “military uprisings” (which our military is way too sanitized and woke now to ever even be capable of), military tribunals where the evil will face justice, etc., etc. STAHHHHPPP!!! People need to get REAL – and stop clinging to this garbage.

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  7. I found the QAnon stuff to be a lot like what a fortune teller says to a mark, I mean customer. It was very vague and generic so that anyone who wanted to believe it to be true could do so.

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