QAnon Crap – Feedback #1

This is some of the feedback and thoughts concerning the article on the 26th “QAnon Crap!”

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  • From MG – As usual, yup. I have some really smart, savvy friends who STILL fall for this crap; I’m of the heartfelt opinion that it’s a huge psy op. Hopium of the worst kind. I have a hard time being patient with my friends who still cling to these ludicrous stories about “military uprisings” (which our military is way too sanitized and woke now to ever even be capable of), military tribunals where the evil will face justice, etc., etc. STAHHHHPPP!!! People need to get REAL – and stop clinging to this garbage.
  • You used the term ‘evil’ when referring to QAnon. Are you meaning in terms of satanic?

Yes, absolutely.

  • Do you honestly think it is some ‘dolt’ or secret operation?

Yes. But, with the release of more and more AI information I think the source could be ChatGPT.

  • From T Town – I found the QAnon stuff to be a lot like what a fortune teller says to a mark, I mean customer. It was very vague and generic so that anyone who wanted to believe it to be true could do so.
  • I never thought that QAnon concept of the military coup in the way you described it. Thank you. But, are you sure it is relatable to Hitler?

Yes. It mimics very closely what Hitler did to take over Germany. Because of the near-exact similarities is one of the reasons I believe that ChatGPT may be producing QAnon content. And just remember this…the whole military operation aspect to QAnon and the fixing of this country is as anti-American and anti-Constitution as anything I have ever heard of!!

  • Do you think there is any truth to what QAnon says?

No. I was clear on what I said, it is pure poison…period! Will any of it come true? Maybe, if some idiot actually acts on what they think QAnon is saying. And that would be pure insanity! Or, pure stupidity. Take your pick.

I encourage you to read all of the following articles to get a full picture of what I am talking about.

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2 thoughts on “QAnon Crap – Feedback #1

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