SitRep – 5/3/2021 (part #4)

This post is Part #4 of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared on Monday, and additional parts on Tuesday & Wednesday. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Parts #1 – #3 in order.

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Tomorrow will be Part #5

The Truth –

As most of you know and are plenty aware of, truth is very hard to find now a days. It is rarely found in society as is self-evident by the “woke culture”. It is often even absent from our churches’ pulpits. Our government schools offer up only a very slanted version of agenda driven truth. Mostly government schools forward an agenda full of lies and degradation for the purpose of promoting the acceptance of authoritarianism. I propose truth is never found anymore from the mouth pieces of our government. And I imply…at any level of government, but especially so at the federal level.

Can you point to a single instance where the federal government spoke the truth…the entire truth…in any given situation?

Remember I am a former US government employee. I was present in planning sessions and even press briefings when half-truths, even outright lies, were presented by Public Information Officers, press secretaries, and government leadership.

Our elected politicians, especially Presidents, have become masters at providing false information, or only putting forth those small bits of information that uphold their personal and/or political agenda. Can you name a single instance where a politician spoke the entire truth concerning anything?

I can remember clearly such blatant lies such as Nixon denying the break-in, Clinton forcefully denying having had sex with Monica, and Bush swearing that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction ready to unleash on the civilized world. The list of such government lies would number in the tens of thousands. I would actually put forward a challenge…has the government actually spoken the whole truth about anything ever?

My point? Can you believe anything the government or any politician tells us?

So what do you believe? Simple question, that which you know to be true.

How do you know it is true? You have to be informed, honest, open-minded, and independent of malicious agendas. It is even better if you can be free of unhealthy bias…or at least have your bias in check.

For me…I never, ever believe that any politician or government official is telling the truth because they have a proven, documented history of lying to and misleading the American public. You have to find and know the truth yourself…or at the very least be skeptical of what truth is represented to be by suspect entities.

Our Constitutional Republic and Justice –

I already stated a fact earlier…our Constitutional Republic is dead, it has been purchased for gold and silver, and democracy is now being used to rule us. This is our Founding Fathers’ nightmare…a dreaded perfect storm at its very worst.

Justice, as is clearly seen today is a multi-tiered system. There is the lowest tier…the one that is applied to you and I. We are subject to every whim of law enforcement officer, every District/Prosecuting Attorney, IRS agent, Judge, government bureaucrat, etc. We are held accountable and illegally persecuted far more often than anyone else -any other class of people- in the system.

The next tier are those that are rich and/or powerful…but not the ruling class/elites. The rich/powerful are far less likely to be bothered by law enforcement or anyone else in the judicial system…unless they run afoul of someone in that system. When they are prosecuted they tend to get far less penalizing sentences, put in less severe prison environments, and they tend to be let out of prison sooner.

Finally there is the ruling class and elites. Seldom are they ever brought into the judicial system. And when they are, it is only because the violated some “rule”…or hurt/insulted someone further up the food chain. A perfect example is Hilary Clinton. She violated numerous national security laws, each a high-level felony, but she was never even charged let alone arrested and brought into court. Even the investigation was a cover-up masterminded by none other than the FBI Director himself.

There is no longer “justice” in our legal system…it is a caste system…at best. Run up against the powerful…and you pay a steep price in the judicial system…or you might be outright murdered on the street or in the shadows by some goon enforcer from within that system (i.e. Seth Rich, Peter W Smith, Victor Thorn, Vince Foster, and hundreds of others). But the evidence is clear, the facts and stats speak for themselves.

Latest Perfect Example: Duncan Lemp. In 2020 the 21-year old Duncan Lemp was trying to help the patriot movement the best way he knew how…website development, his speciality. He had offered his website programming services to several well-known patriot and right-wing groups. And that made him a target of the leftist goon enforcers.

In early 2020 a SWAT team raided his parent’s home where Duncan and his pregnant girlfriend were living. His “crime” a gun charge, allegedly he was in the procession of a gun for which he was not eligible. During the raid, according to an actual eye witness, he was shot to death in his bed while asleep next to his pregnant girlfriend.

So let’s look into some interesting facts related to the situation:

  1. The supposed reason for his ineligibility to possess the firearm was based on a juvenile record…which was sealed and no judge had ordered the information released to any law enforcement agency.
  2. There was no evidence presented that he was a high-risk suspect when police applied for the no-knock warrant.
  3. It was a no-knock raid, executed well before dawn when the police knew that everyone would be asleep and most vulnerable to confusion…and easiest to kill.
  4. All the LEO body cams were turned off during the raid, as well as all dash cams.
  5. All non-LEO witnesses, including an eye witness to his execution, had one story of Duncan’s murder…all LEOs had another story…with no body cams or non-LEO witnesses to back up the LEO version.
  6. When the parents of Duncan started showing up at protests for the killing of their son by police…the county prosecutor threatened any Lemp family members who attended a protest over his killing with a $5000 fine and a year in jail.

Now…tell me about the US justice system!

Our Society –

So with this subject comes the good & the bad.

Let me start with the “good”…and there is plenty of it…but it is all anecdotal. We all know people personally, and see even more good folks doing all sorts of amazing things in our communities. There are many, many incredible people working their tails off providing service to others. And that is a wonderful thing!

But the larger picture and the actual statistics show that they are the exception, not the rule. The facts and statistics show a bleaker picture of our society.

Let me point out the #1 problem currently…with the installation of the radical leftist Biden/Harris regime we see tens of billions of dollars being earmarked/dedicated/budgeted for a drastic increase in infanticide. And not only do we see that expansion of infanticide domestically…we see that same poisonous commitment being spread around the world. I can’t think of anything more insane, more evil, more criminal than having a goal of killing babies in the womb…and working tirelessly to accomplish it…all over the world.

As I have written about not all that long ago we are seeing a spike in crime in the US, much of that increase is in murder and other violent crimes. There are many reasons for it…and it doesn’t matter a bit why…suffice to know the situation is bad and getting worse.

I have close friends, family, and acquaintances that are cops, current, retired, and former. It’s bad, real bad. Departments are losing large numbers of personnel quickly. There are a wide variety of reasons, everything from lack of support, scared of legal problems, public views/opinions, scrutiny, etc. The only area of LEO community that is thriving is federal law enforcement. They are hiring like crazy and people are flocking to those agencies. People that have a mental predisposition for loving forced authority are finding a welcoming home in the federal LEO agencies. And if you think that is a good thing…then you are on the wrong website and on the wrong side of history.

I could write a whole article on the problems facing our police right now…but this is not the time or place. Let me share one thing now…police in this country are hurting…as individuals and as departments. And it is getting worse and will get much, much worse.

I do have to note one thing that gives me some hope that it could be worse but isn’t…a small glimmer of hope…the trial of Derek Chauvin. If you haven’t heard, Derek Chauvin is the bad cop that killed George Floyd. He is on trial now in Minneapolis, Minnesota for that murder. Finally, finally, there is a break in the “blue line”!!!! Fellow officers, supervisors, his Chief, and other LEO experts are united in the fact the Derek Chauvin did in fact kill that man. Hallelujah!!!

4/20/2021 Note: Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd. This is a major victory for justice against the thousands of killer/bad cops that roam our streets as thugs with badges. Be very thankful for this conviction…and hopefully many, many more to come!

If we could just turn that small glimmer of hope, a broken blue line, into a wave, then into a tsunami, having the tens of thousands of good police turn against the thousands of bad cops…throw all the bad ones the under the bus. Then when the dust settles we, the public/society, could learn to trust the police again…and the good cops left would do their jobs to serve and protect us, the citizens. But we will have to wait and see if things get better…and they really, really need to get better. I fear they won’t.

One side note…don’t ever expect that the federal agency law enforcement folks to get better…they Americahas become a police state.simply won’t…they love their authoritarian ways too much. They are a blight on this country a mile wide. And that comes as no surprise…they are not authorized under the Constitution. They only exist to grow the power of the federal government and protect politicians, bureaucrats, and the US government structure/operations from US citizens who wish only for a restoration of rights, freedoms, and liberties.

A good example of the bad federal LEO agencies is the new Director of the ATF that Biden/Harris want to install…David Chipman. Again, I could write and entire article about him. But let’s stick with the basics:

  1. He is a former ATF SWAT officer (25 years) known for his well-documented violent tendencies against US citizens.
  2. He was an active player in the Waco Massacre where nearly 80 men, women, and children were burned alive. And remember that horrible event began with an ATF raid, where with guns blazing the ATF stormed a building full of men, women, and children.
  3. And it is clearly documented with testimony that Chipman stated that the people in the Davidian building shot down two ATF helicopters with .50cal military weapons. None of which was ever true, yet he was never held accountable for his lies and false testimony.
  4. And since his retirement he has been employed as a lobbyist by multiple radical leftist anti-gun groups.
  5. He has spoken rabidly and repeatedly against US citizens being allowed to own ordinary and common guns.

Do you really have to wonder why Biden/Harris would pick such a radical antiConsitutionalist to head an agency NOT authorized by the Consitution?

The answer…To bring in a radical authoritarian with a single purpose…dismantle the Second Amendment.

What part of that doesn’t everyone understand?

Why do I mention this under the heading of “Society”? Because it is another indicator that our society has changed, is changing, and will change…to the point of making the collapse complete and irreversible. And this leftist totalitarian Chipman is a big player in destroying what’s left of our society…a bigger player than you may think.

Finally, church affiliation…it sucks and is getting worse…at a very rapid pace!! Now, don’t get me wrong…just sitting in a pew and calling yourself religious isn’t all that impressive to me…and doesn’t mean all that much to society. It is more what a person does, their service to others and the love they show, rather than sitting in a pew.

But the research shows the “macro” picture…and that picture is bleak and getting worse. As more and more abdicate religion and religious affiliation…it shows a clear trend line that they are also abandoning the Judeo-Christian values that helped formed this country 240 years ago. Those Judeo-Christian values formed the foundation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. As that foundation crumbles it is replaced with situational ethics and a belief that rights, freedoms, and liberties come not from God but from the government. And what the government gives…can be taken away.

Our US society is shot…lost…and getting worse. But that is the “macro” view only. And that is important as you will see when you read the “Summary”.



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