SitRep – 5/3/2021 (part #5)

This post is Part #5 of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared on Monday, and additional parts since then. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Parts #1 – #4 in order.

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Tomorrow will be the Summary.

Authoritarians & the Alphabet Agencies –

One of the most disastrous and dangerous occurrences, and not simply a transition, that has been finalized is the mission of the US federal government alphabet agencies. And yes, I mean the NSA, CIA, ATF, DHS, DNI, and even the much vaunted FBI…they are all firmly behind the conversion of the United States constitutional republic into an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

This is something I have been sounding the alarm bells on for well over a decade…providing facts and evidence. Even Donald Trump spoke and tweeted of the different agencies’ extensive abuses of power. Hell, it was the FBI led the coup against the President of the United States, Donald Trump!!! And yes sir…the CIA was right their helping the FBI all the way.

The most damning and extensive revealing of their malevolent, criminal, and unconstitutional actions came from one of the bravest and strongest-willed Americans I’ve seen in my lifetime…Edward Snowden. In 2013 he brought to light the actual documents that proved how corrupted and immoral our federal law enforcement agencies had become.

The damming evidence released by Snowden is a sequel to the horrific information that Bradley Manning released back in 2010. Yes, Manning also released classified information…a crime. However, as criminal as Manning’s actions were, they paled in comparison to the actual crimes, immorality, and cover-ups by the US government. Yes, those government actions I classify as treason…pure and simple.

As an example, if you are comfortable with such appalling acts as US government representatives (i.e. CIA, etc.) acquiring young boys for “entertainment” purposes of Afghan military and political leaders…then you will obviously find Manning’s actions unacceptable.

I find the heroic efforts of Snowden and Manning admirable; and if more sunlight was shed on the US government we would not be in the dark ages we find ourselves in now.

And you can fast forward, jumping over Manning’s and Snowden’s reveals, to 2016 when the FBI in cooperation with the CIA put together the since debunked Trump-Russia collusion fraud scheme.

But “scheme” hardly does their criminal actions justice…those federal agencies participated in a coup against the President of the United States!

In ANY other time, with ANY other President…many from the FBI and CIA would have been shot by a firing squad for treason. But since Trump was perceived as a threat to their authoritarian state plans…the criminals were all exonerated. Well, that isn’t exactly true…they were actually highly rewarded by their media and government co-conspirators.

But let’s not forget the participation of the FISA court system in all of this mess!

Remember the FISA court is a secret judicial system that operates outside of the Constitution. It is used to assist the US federal law enforcement agencies in keeping their actions away from the prying eyes of US citizens…and the Constitution-based judicial system. Thus enabling all US federal law enforcement agencies to effectively become secret police forces exempt from Constitutional restrictions. And that should shake you to your very core! Well, I guess that would be if you are an actual supporter of the US Constitution.

Let me be perfectly clear…


I could go on ad naseum but you probably already know the details of which I would write. The unconstitutional and criminal acts of the federal alphabet agencies are intended for a single primary purpose…to maintain and enhance the power of the federal government and to protect those in government. In other words…they have collectively become the US Gestapo…but with far more capabilities.

Yup, you read that right…I called them the US Gestapo!! I stand by that claim 100%!!

Look at the facts, review the impartial evidence, dig into the realities of what has happened. Ponder the Waco Massacre, contemplate the Ruby Ridge Massacre, research all tragedies of FBI informant originated actions…think for yourself…drop the bias…ignore the agencies’ massive public relations teams…then see what they truly are and what they do in the cold light of reason, logic, and truth.

Stop drinking their KoolAid !

And for more evidence…watch what the ATF does, in coordination with the FBI, over the next few years as they continue to wage their war against the Second Amendment and US citizens.

You need to know who the real enemies are…both foreign and domestic!

Potential for War –

Russia has taken significant steps towards another invasion of Ukraine. In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and cut away a notable chunk of Ukrainian territory. That step, while noteworthy in and of itself, was only a precursor of what was to come.

Let me digress…Russia lost an extremely valuable resource when Ukraine became independent of the old Soviet Union in 1991. Ukraine provided vast food supplies to the rest of Soviet Union…but Russia/Soviet Union has never been kind to the Ukrainian people. In the great Soviet famine of 1932 – 1933 the Soviet Union deliberately starved to death 4,000,000 Ukrainians (yes, four million). During that famine The Ukrainian farmers grew plenty of food, especially grain, to feed their entire region and then some. But the Soviet leadership took the grain and sent it to Russia proper…starving millions of Ukrainians, including some of the very farmers who had grown the food. So there is no love of Russia by the people of Ukraine.

Now the Ukrain as a resource is not only the ability to grow large quantities of food…it is the production of, transportation of, and refinement capability of oil/gas that the Russians want. Well, all of that plus significant additional access to the Black Sea.

Normally I would take the position of “let them handle their own problems”…and I still lean that way. However, it is slightly more complicated than that. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and Ukraine regained its independence. And along with that independence the Ukraine absorbed a whole lot of nuclear weapons left there by the Soviets during the collapse as the Soviets withdrew. So this new found freedom loving Ukraine had a fantastic future in front of it…plenty of natural resources, a motivated populace, educated workforce, an army to defend itself…and nuclear weapons to back up its conventional military. Then comes the USA…oh boy!

“We’re from the government and here to help!”

See, the US government was not satisfied to see a pro-democracy country reborn with ability and strength…they just had to get involved and meddle. Led by a US President (a CIA operative), G.H. Bush laid out a deal with the Ukraine…give up your nuclear weapons and we will ensure your safety and independence from Russia. And of course the US supplied plenty of dollar motivation as well.

Unfortunately the new Ukraine leadership actually believed the Americans as US government representatives smiled and stuffed dollars into the Ukrainian pockets and poured lies into their heads. An American strategy for over a hundred years…pay-offs and lies promises.

So in 2014 what did Marxist President Obama do to stand by the US commitment to Ukraine as Russia invaded?

Nothing!!!  Oh wait a minute…that’s not entirely true. The US did some minor, albeit ineffective, financial sanctions against Russia. And as an even greater show of support…we guaranteed the repayment of $1billion of international loans by the Ukraine. Man oh man…does the US know how to step up and stand by our promises or what! And Russia invaded, killed a whole bunch of Ukrainians, and stole a large chunk of the Ukraine…while America did virtually nothing to back-up promises made.

FYI: Russia’s military is rated #2 in the world, Ukraine is rated #25.

NOTE: Lesson learned – Don’t believe a word the US government says…not a single word…especially their promises!!! And especially when those promises are grouped together with US dollars.

Return to the present…2021…Russia is massing its military along the Ukrainian border once again. Some minor skirmishes have already taken place and Russian special forces have already breached Ukraine’s sovereign borders. Putin has made it clear in the past that is wants Ukrainian resources…and its people, along with its industrial base. That should come as no surprise considering Putin has been rebuilding the Soviet empire from the beginning of his reign.

The question now is posed…What will the US response be when Putin’s military forces once again go to war with the Ukraine?

The Biden/Harris regime released a statement that said the US would “act firmly” if Russia invades Ukraine. Then Biden/Harris called for a summit to talk it out peacefully. Does anyone think Putin will give up his desires from “talking” with Biden/Harris, Ukraine or anyone else? And what does “act firmly” mean to Biden/Harris? And let us not forget….it was Biden advising Obama in 2014, the last time the USA avoided keeping their commitment .

I give it an 60% probability that Russia invades Ukraine, 100% probability Russian forces covertly assist Ukrainian “separatists”, and 0% probability that the US will stand-by its original commitment to the Ukrainian people.

But, I will also give a high probability that US forces, probably the CIA, will take some kind of action against Russia somewhere in the world in retaliation.

So there you have a chance, although relatively small chance, of war with Russia.

But, what else comes into play…probably  concurrently? War, or near war, with China.

Remember it is well documented that China’s goal is to become the world’s #1 super power. That includes financially and militarily preeminent and dominant…unchallengeable…in the entire world. They have not just insinuated it…it is in written form authored by their government.

So far they have become the #2 economic power in the word…and will displace the US within a couple short years. And while they may now be only #2…they could economically cripple the US in a matter of weeks simply by withholding consumer goods. And they hold enough US debt and financial reserves that they could debase, (i.e. destroy) the US financial system overnight should they desire to do so. So arguably, China has already become the world’s #1 economic super power.

NOTE: Tell me again why the US government would allow itself to become so economically dependent on a country who has an official stated goal of displacing/defeating us.

Now, how would China make itself the world’s #1 military super power in the world? Well, in the sports world you beat all the other teams. In boxing the challenger goes up against the top ranked boxer in a title bout to see who the new champ is. In nature the challenger goes up against the leader of the pack and sometimes it is settled by bloody combat…sometimes by bluff and bluster. Either way, the pack maintains its existing leader or adjusts to the new leader. If you are a lion cub…the new leadership is a fatal blow for your future.

Back to China’s challenge…it’s all about Taiwan, and to a lesser degree, the China Sea and Asian Rim. Taiwan has been a thorn in China’s side for a very long time.About 450 years ago Taiwan became part of China. In 1945 the anti-Communist Chinese fled to Taiwan and formed their own government…Republic of China (ROC). In the 1980’s it actually became a form of democracy with elections and all of the other benefits. ROC became an industrial and economic powerhouse early in its history…making it wildly unpopular with its less fortunate, but much larger, cousin…the People’s Republic of China…Chinese Communists…ChiComs for short. And as a side note…the ChiComs have always maintained that Taiwan has always been, and still is, a part of China…NOT an independent country. That is a VERY important note to take.

We have seen China for a couple of decades now exerting it military might in that part of the world. They have actually built atolls to claim vast areas of the China Sea as their own. And they have become increasingly demonstrative that they intend to return Taiwan under Communist China control.

As part of their actions China has become increasingly bold in challenging the presence of US military forces in “their” sphere of influence…their area of the world. Those challenges have been against both US naval and air resources.

FYI: China is rated #3 in the world militarily, Taiwan is rated #22.

So how does the Ukrainian situation and Chinese desires cross paths…their convergence?

If either area of these world hot spots heat’s up to a boiling point…the other will then heat up as well.

How so? Or rather…Why so?

The entire world knows that Joe Biden is feeble of body and mind…at best. They correctly assess that Biden is totally incapable of handling a single military flashpoint let alone two. So if Russia pushes it, China will too. If China pushes it, Russia will then make a move. They are counting on Biden not responding to either, let alone both. And I believe them to be right…well, probably right.

Here is what worries me…what if Biden, in his feeble state of mind and diminished ability to think rationally, takes an action to show “bold leadership”? Yeah, I mean get the US directly involved militarily with either situation…or both. It would be an utter disaster…for the US and the world in general.

You have the #2 and #3 super powers in the world who are both challenging the #1 super power in the world for dominance. You have a combined military in the two super powers that dwarfs the #1 super power in all areas with maybe the exception of technology.

The US military has made it perfectly clear that it is incapable of maintaining two concurrent military actions…even relatively moderate ones. Think what the outcome would be if the US military was tasked with two major concurrent military actions!

Now, there is one more scenario that I have to put out there, maybe not the most probable, probably very unlikely, but something to consider all the same. What if there was an actual desire to create a situation where the world would erupt in a world-wide conflict?

Think about it…in modern history the first time there was a world-wide conflict we got the League of Nations. The second time we had a world-wide conflict we got the United Nations, the IMF, strong central banks, and an internationally dependent economic system…and a powerful military-industrial complex worth trillions of dollars.

Now, throw this into that pot…who benefits from limited (i.e. non-nuclear) military conflicts? Yup, the world’s financial institutions and the military-industrial complex. So, you think…

But, let me add one final concept into the murky waters…What if Biden is so feeble minded and in the throes of dementia that he becomes overwhelmed with a two-front military situation and he does the unthinkable…he goes, or threatens to go, nuclear?  I could see him acting so irrationally that he sees it as his only military option. If that happens…it is over…realistically, the world ends.

But, potentially just as devastating…what if that same two-front military challenge presents itself and Biden/Harris do nothing?

Then the USA is displaced as the #1 super power…replaced by both China and Russia. We are little more than a toothless tiger. Well, until the next war hawk gets into the White House and desires to reclaim the US military’s glory.

Bottom line…we are potentially facing war with Russia and/or China. Should either erupt…we have our hands full at best…a ruined country at worst. If both erupt…the outcome is written in stone.

And just for kicks…let’s not forget North Korea and Iran. If we get tangled up with Russia and/or China, do you think that North Korea might go after South Korea? Or, how about Iran forming a Muslim coalition to go after Israel? Sorry, just thinking out loud. So, you think…

The Fall –

I am consistently, repeatedly, and with facts and detail written about the fall of the United States of America. Our government is, by far, more oppressive and more tyrannical than the British government ever was in the 1700’s…by a wide margin. <click here to read more> And we went to war with that government to win our freedom!

Compared to Colonial America we pay far more in taxes at every level, government has far more control over our lives, and law enforcement is more oppressive than 240 years ago, 120 years ago…or even 50 years ago…and it gets worse every year.

The biggest problem…there is no returning to a Constitutional Republic. We have fallen into a quasi-police state democracy. No longer are the Bill of Rights respected and enforced as designed by the Founding Fathers. Our politicians have degraded our society into their personal playground for the rich and powerful. Law enforcement agencies virtually due the bidding of government vs protecting the rights, freedoms, liberties, and property of ordinary citizens.

How often do we hear, “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them.” The words of weak, ignorant, complicit goons who have no knowledge of the Constitution or their oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign AND domestic.

We are caught in the grip of “democracy”…the enemy of a Constitutional Republic and freedoms/rights/liberties. Let’s explore democracy for a moment…

  • Alexander Hamilton stated, “Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.”
  • Thomas Jefferson said, “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
  • John Adams saw the harm of democracy when he said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

In a democracy, the voting majority has almost limitless power over the minority. They have virtual unlimited ability to control everyone, anything…at will. And who influences and controls the voting majority?

Democracy is defined as “rule by the people”…a mobocracy by design and reality.As it is already lost, our Constitutional Republic is gone forever…it cannot be recovered. We will live in our mobocracy -our Democracy- until it falls completely apart. Governments do not willingly give up their power returning rights, freedoms, and liberties to the people. They never have and never will.

Does that mean the Constitution is dead?

No. It has been saved, or more appropriately, its principles have been saved by those who truly understand it. Those who have saved it are called civil society libertarians.

Liberals have obviously  not saved it. And just as much Liberals …Conservatives have not saved it. Listen to Conservatives promote a strong military, a powerful standing army, military intervention around the world, being the world’s policeman, etc. And remember is was a Conservative that gave us the Patriot Act!

When was the last time Conservatives balanced the federal budget, eliminated unconstitutional laws, reduced the power and scope of the federal government in any meaningful way, strengthened the basis of the Second Amendment, or restrained the power of out-of-control federal law enforcement agencies?

Yeah, I thought so.

True, there are many people that have mistakenly labeled themselves “Conservative” when they are actually civil society libertarians (a.k.a. classical liberals). I wish they would gather their thoughts and see Conservatism for what it is.

And let me be perfectly clear about a very important point…the law & order crowd is not, has not, will not, and cannot save the Constitution. They thrive on absolute power, idolizing the military, and subconsciously supporting an authoritarian government. They wish to force on all people their own personal ethos. All of which is in opposition of a Constitutional Republic.

So there is no going back to a Constitutional Republic, we are stuck with a democracy on the way to authoritarianism.

Doubt me?  Let an expert explain…

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!


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