Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Bankrupt!

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex filed for bankruptcy on May 8…but that isn’t anything surprising, I have been warning of that for a long time. The most important part…it was the Federal Government that forced it out of business. Yup, the good ole SEC was the nail that sealed their coffin. FYI… Bittrex was #2 in size…right behind FTX which was #1…until they were forced out of business.

Gee, I wonder why the federal government put another US-based crypto exchange out of business?

Remember FTX (#1 exchange) tanking late last year? Oh, and platforms Celsius Network, Voyager Digital, Three Arrows Capital and BlockFi also went bankrupt in 2022.

Let’s see…people would surely want their all their cryptocurrency needs to be safe and secure, even insured…right!? So how could that come to past? Oh wait…I am sure the Federal Reserve would sacrifice themselves and step in to save the day. What wonderful folks they are!

And just imagine…that way they could also be the central point for ALL digital currency transactions making everything, including your entire life, easier to manage. Nice!!!

Almost like this was all planned…eh?

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2 thoughts on “Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Goes Bankrupt!

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  2. Do you follow the Economic Ninja guy? I’ve seen a few of his videos lately, he seems pretty solid – and he makes a very good case, including hearing from insiders in the business that don’t dare “come out” with what they know if they want to have a job, that allllllll of this economic resetting is completely orchestrated, with the end game being to leave anywhere from 3 to 6 mega banks standing, and everything else GONE. Would make it very easy to CONTROL every move we peons make, wouldn’t it???


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