SitRep – 5/3/2021 (summary)

This post is the Summary of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared on Monday, and additional parts since then. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Parts #1 – #4 in order.

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Summary –

So now what? Is it all doom and gloom? Are we all lost to a current miserable existence and future?

Nope! All this information and opinion sharing was meant to do two things…challenge what you thought to be true…and get you better prepared for what is to come. And it is coming sooner than you think…and it is going to be worse than many of you think.

As you finish this series of articles and get down to the nitty gritty…we have to understand only a couple simple concepts to be far more effective and efficient in our preparedness activities and our life in general.

But before we get into that let me share/summarize a few things:

  • The Economy

The economic system of the US is over, shot, wrecked, and any other melodramatic term we could use. But you understand what I am saying…it is unreliable if not actually finished. We are ruled by debt and every day the system transfers more wealth and resources to the ultra-wealthy and powerful…at the expense of the common citizen…especially the middle class.

  • The Military

Our government thrives on and loves war. It loves every aspect of it, and our leaders look for every opportunity to get involved in armed conflicts around the world…and domestically. The government and the military-industrial complex profit wildly from wars. We, as a people, generally idolize our military and war…we brag about our prowess and our skills of destroying and killing, invading, overthrowing, bombing and assassinating.

  • Truth

Truth is almost a dead commodity. It cannot be found in government, from virtually no business, from no government school, often not found even from the pulpit. We are constantly ruled by propaganda and its close cousin…advertising.

  • Our Constitutional Republic and Justice

Our republic is dead and gone and we are in the throes of mobocracy (a.k.a democracy). Our Constitution means little to nothing to government bureaucrats, politicians, and even the Supreme Court for the most part. There is a concerted and committed effort to establish America as an authoritarian Progressive state…the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers envisioned and designed.

We have a multi-tiered justice system that knows virtually no real justice. The rich and powerful are almost immune to the legal system vs the average US citizen. Law enforcement officers mostly have changed allegiance from protecting and serving citizens…to enforcing law regardless of Constitutionality of those laws. They have become almost the exclusive  enforcers of the powerful ruling class (i.e. government).

  • Our Society

American society has never been more chaotic, uncivil, or quite honestly…demented. Need I say more!?

Also, I have to touch on one very important, albeit self-evident, fact. Our country is led by a President that is not fully functional in body or mind. He is physically feeble and suffers from dementia and other mental illnesses.

For decades Joe Biden has been a sexual predator…a pervert…of monumental proportions. He is a man who has fallen prey to the evils of life and passed that on to his son Hunter. They are a criminal family in every sense of the word.

But it is worse than Biden even being a pervert, Biden is there for one reason…to get the authoritarian extremists into power so they can further implement their agenda at a faster pace.

As bad a Biden is…it is Kamala Harris that is the bigger threat in all of this. She is a total puppet controlled by those with the real power. And she is all to willing to do their bidding.

Don’t get me wrong…Biden is dangerous and unpredictable due to his obvious mental instability. Biden is not a person to dismiss lightly…he could and would destroy the world with nukes in one of his delirious moments.


  • Potential for War

Being a war-like people we are ready at a moments notice to strike…for just about any reason…justified or not. As we look around the world there are plenty of opportunities just waiting for us to step in their pile of crap. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…and I am sure there are more that would like a piece of us…especially if we get into it with one of the big boys.

  • The Fall

I would like to avoid repeating myself on this subject. However, one needs to simply look around at the state of the United States. Those of us 60+ can clearly see how far America has fallen. A person only has to look at how big Big Brother government has become and how virtually every aspect of our lives is now ruled, heavy handedly, by some level of government…especially at the federal level.

I hope I have made myself perfectly clear on my vision of the world as I see it presently. If you disagree…I hope you have facts, documentation, and truth to back up your opinion. Your mere disagreement with me is not a basis for changing the status of the reality of the world. Neither is your “hope” for things to be better…or your rose-colored glasses through which you view the world…is going to make the world better than the facts show it to be at this point in time.

So there is my current events opinion…I hope it makes sense to you. No, you don’t have to agree with it…just understand where I am coming from in general terms.

And before my “concept reveal” let me cover a couple things to potentially help you deal with the coming events:

  1. This economic experiment that is taking place, or rather the planed destruction, has been done before for over 2,000 years of world history. It has never, ever worked…and it will not succeed now. The model will fail…period…it is an unavoidable historical fact. However, there are some things you might consider to lessen its impact. First, have a great skill that is good demand. Doing so will allow you to command top dollar for your services…which allows you to stay ahead of price increases. Second, have valuable assets such as land that can produce food. If you ranch or farm, buy your implements now to help with efficiency later and while prices are low compared to what they will be. If you are going to buy land with a mortgage…FIXED rate mortgage only. Third, buy the everyday essentials ahead of time. Buy plenty of what you use…like in years worth of items. Obviously I am referring to food, OTC medicines, clothes, etc. Fourth, don’t buy into schemes such as buying lots of gold/silver, cryptocurrency, etc. Yes, some amount of precious metals is a good idea but don’t get carried away. Fifth, own a company whose product or service is in high demand…especially in a time of recession or depression. Pepsi is an example…people like me will buy Pepsi no matter how tough times get or how high the price goes. If you can’t own the whole company…then buy stock in a company such as Coca-Cola Bottling Co. If you really want to go this route…think popular liquor and cigarette brands. Those two aren’t my thing, but some folks swear by them.
  2. I already explained what you need to do for truth…depend on yourself to be your own oracle. And plead that heaven will assist you in knowing what is true. Notice I didn’t say work hard to reveal what isn’t truth…there is a reason for that. Just ignore all of the static until you need to need to know some truth. Then seek only that…discard all of the other crap static from your life.
  3. Understand the difference between democracy and Constitutional Republic. Study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…and why the Founding Fathers wrote it as they did. Clearly understand the Declaration of Independence! Reject and and all Big Brother government by understanding that the federal government is no longer by the people and for the people. Our federal government serves only itself and its masters. Look at justice in a “justice for all” light. Not jaded for some, exempt for others, and anti-justice applied to some unlucky few. Beware of thugs with badges. Know that not a single federal law enforcement agency serves the citizens of the United States, they serve only those in power…to keep them in power.
  4. There is a saying…“Be in the world, but not of the world.” Truer words have never been spoken…as if they were written for our day. Put down your technology once in a while and go be a good neighbor and talk to them. Give service to others…lots of service to as many people as possible. Don’t accept or participate in the evils of today’s society…nor justify those that do.
  5. Stop idolizing the military! Yes, you can honor those that selflessly serve…but don’t turn them into idols. Our United States history is full of us sticking our noses in where it doesn’t belong. Do not support war or other so-called military actions that we so readily engage in around the world. When is war justified? In defense of our freedoms, rights, liberties, our families, homes/homeland, and God. Otherwise…stop the profiteering of the military-industrial complex. And remember, it is both the “military” and their related industries. Remember too, our Founding Fathers did NOT want a standing army…and you should now be able to see why.
  6. See that America has fallen. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic we are a democracy headed for the final goal post…authoritarianism/totalitarianism. The federal government is hell-bent on destroying whatever few rights, liberties, and freedoms that are left. You must know and truly believe in those rights, freedoms, and liberties that our Founding Fathers held so dear…and why. Understand that they saw this day coming…they tried to prevent it but couldn’t. Teach others about rights, freedoms, and liberties, especially your family. Use those concepts in all your dealings. Stand your ground. Be prepared to give all that the signers of the Declaration of Independence where ready to do.

Now, back to my two simple concepts to avoid a miserable current existence and future.

#1 – Principles vs politics. I have written on this subject ad nauseam. Simply put…you have to give up political beliefs…all of them. Both political parties, Democrat or Republican, put their party interests/agenda above the national interest. One but has to look around today to see that is an absolute fact.  Along with that cleansing of political beliefs, you have to acquire, or strengthen existing, personal principles that are based on a sound foundation. For me that foundation is plain and pure…eternal God-given principles and the principles found in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Once cleansed and correct principles have been firmly put in place…you stick by them…no matter what. Yes, some will call you “idealistic”…but they do so only because they have embraced situational ethics. They themselves have no foundation…or a weak foundation built only on sand. They think themselves wise, or enlightened, or smarter, or simply better than those that are idealistic. They are not.

But I ask…Were our Founding Fathers idealistic? Was Jesus idealistic?

Yeah…thought so…don’t allow yourself to be beat up by those who willingly get tossed about by any winds that come along.

You must stand by your principles…period! Always, every time, without wavering…no compromise. When it comes to our nation’s situation I have no room for compromise…and advise you to be the same. I do advocate consensus when the times and situations call for it.

The ultimate evil is to control others actions. You must give people the right to choose for themselves, to embark on their own actions. But, all actions have consequences. Actions that cross the line of correct principles warrant natural and appropriate consequences. But do not seek to control others…or you are no better than our current rulers.

#2 – Sphere of influence. Know who you can influence and who you can’t. We can influence ourselves quite easily…except in the cases of personal internal evil or adverse mental health conditions. You can influence your spouse and your family fairly easily. I said influence…NOT force. You have some influence over your congregation. (If you don’t have a congregation, get one.) You can also have influence over your neighborhood and community if you are advocating correct principles and do so in an appropriate way. You may have some influence in your county, much less so on the state level. Influence over national matters for the majority of individuals is virtually non-existent.

Once realistically assessed, use your influence for good…fighting evil at every turn. Be a voice, be a leader, be the guy who can be trusted and counted on. Stand up for the your rights…and rights of others. Yes, that means stand up for the rights of others always…even when you don’t agree with them personally. If your principles are well-grounded you will not find yourself at odds advocating for the God-given rights of others.

You have limited amounts of energy, time, and money…use it most wisely in areas where you have the most influence. Where you have little to no influence…don’t waste energy, time, or money.

Now, I have covered what I see is the wrong in the world today and the significant problems we face. I have also revealed…or repeated…my two simple concepts to deal with the problems and wrongs we face. When the time comes your principles and actions will be that which saves you, your congregation, your community, and most of all…your family.

As the grid goes down and we see TEOTWAWKI staring us in the face…we will not fear, we will not shrink, we will not hide, we will not shirk…we will stand and fight the good fight. And in the end, regardless of what happens, we will hear “Well done.” What more can we ask for?

Why do I bring up this long SitRep now, this week? Society’s desperate condition.

Society is collapsing all around us. We cannot stop it. We may be able to slow the collapse closest to us, but the collapse is here, getting worse, and the collapse is inevitable. How so?

Recall John Adams said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

The society within the boundaries of the United States of America is committing suicide. We the people, citizens of the United States, along with illegals, have been working on committing national suicide for a long time. To see this plainly…you only have to look at those in Congress and the White House over the last 130 years to understand this predicament.

You have to function within society, but you don’t have to be part of this society. Live your principles, stand by them always, fight the good fight…know the ending. Good does win…know that, it is a promise we’ve been given.

  • Review your plan now.
  • Take action.
  • Don’t delay.
  • Be prepared so you shall not fear.
  • Have on the right jersey when the final whistle blows.

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8 thoughts on “SitRep – 5/3/2021 (summary)

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  3. Thank you for your time and all the research you have done to put this together. A lot I was already aware of and some I was not. In principle I totally agree with you, though on a couple of points I see things a little differently, but that doesn’t detract from what you have written. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bill, You are more than welcome! I am truly grateful that you were aware of much/most of the information that I related in the article(s). And I am glad that your view differs a little on some points…no one said I was right on everything 😉 Maybe it isn’t even right vs wrong…just different. I would like it if you would share those views.
      And also…the article was more about what to do going forward and why vs all that has gone wrong in the past. Did that concept come across well?


  4. If someone thinks they have most of their tangibles in order and can’t relocate, how much of their savings should be in cash, precious metals, cryptos, the market, and/or in insurance? I’ve seen recommendations for anywhere from 1 to 6 months of expenses in cash and 5 to 25% in PMs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Barry,

      DISCLAIMER: I am not an investment or insurance advisor and not trying to act in that capacity.

      Really, really good question!! And I go at this like anything else… mission and priorities…or risk & mitigation. You can look at it both ways.
      For the average person insurance is the highest priority. For instance, should your house burn down you must have enough insurance to rebuild. If the bread winner dies, you have to have enough income replacement for survivors to continue on. So, correct/appropriate insurance coverage is #1.
      #2 is cash in case something occurs and you have expenses. I believe in 6 months to a year of basic expenses is the right amount. Obviously you build up to that…well, unless you are wealthy.
      I do not believe in “crypto currency” at all! I think it is a scam, a form of pyramid scheme…or a purely speculative commodity worse than pork belly futures.0% (zero) in cryptos is my rule. Kinda like a slot machine.
      The stock market is a gamble…but a decent one if you put your money where the big boys do, or through the big boys. We have a really great mutual fund for about 50% of our IRA amount. It has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 for a very long time. The other 50% is in cash equivalent. That 50% is to give a cushion in case we need to take money out of the IRA and the market fund is down or poised to go up.
      Now, precious metals…oh, boy. A decent rule of thumb is 10% And I am more of a fan of silver than gold. Remember, precious metals have little intrinsic value…its value is mostly perceived value. And historically it has held up pretty well. But, my personal view is that its value won’t last long in “grid-down”. I also like junk silver just as much as investment grade rounds. Unless you are very wealthy (i.e. multi-millionaire) I think 20 – 25% is WAY WAY too much PM.
      My favorite PMs are lead and brass…very precious indeed…and multi-purpose…they also have built in security.
      Oh, and I think it is very wise to have some, maybe all, of your cash in actual cash. Obviously very well protect from theft or destruction…but kept on hand nonetheless. When the banking system shuts down cash will be king for a short period of time.
      I hope that answered what you were looking for.
      Obviously I was’t giving investment or insurance advice…just talking about our situation.


  5. I agree with everything you said. I quit being a Republican several years ago and have never regretted my choice. Both parties are slimy and full of corruption.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amen Kathy!!!
      Our Founding Fathers saw what political parties would do to this country…ALL OF IT BAD!
      They, and you, were/are right.
      Political parties have been killing this country and our Constitution for 200 years.


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