Feedback & Comments: 3/8/2021

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsJim wrote a great reply/post to my article on QAnon…QAnon is Real ! <click here to read>

Jim’s writing was so thought provoking that I wanted to make a whole article out of it. I want to make sure that folks are getting as much decent information and credible viewpoints as possible on current events.

We need to know what is happening and why…or we get sucked down the rabbit hole…or worse.

Jim writes…

Agree 100%.

But, I’ve been wondering for four years…why were/are so many otherwise intelligent folks…so completely fooled by the QAnon Farce??

I’m aware of more than a few very smart and very decent folks that took the Q-bait … hook, line and sinker.

At the very least, folks should have figured out by early 2018 that Q-Anon was bogus…if only from the string of failed predictions Q had already amassed.

By early 2019, Q’s track record should have sent people running for exits.

You are right, spot on actually, and I think I have an idea of why they got suckered into it…desperation.  Since people woke up to Bush #2’s horrific killing of rights, freedoms, and liberties after 9/11/2001, they thought that they needed, or at least wanted, a political savior to come along and fix everything. These same people started getting a glimpse of authoritarianism during the Bush #2 years. Then along comes Comrade Obama, a serious hardcore Marxist, and people started to panic…which is a high-level of desperation.

Said desperation helped elect Trump. Example: Trump made the statement back in 2016, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” First off that was the perfect example of arrogance and pride. And if that wasn’t mocking his rock star status with his sycophants, I don’t know what does. That shows how desperate people were for a political savior…and Trump played that role perfectly.

Back to relating it to QAnon…most folks on the right could see the extreme dysfunction and disparity in the judicial and political systems. People like Clinton could get away with virtually anything. And when QAnon came along in 2017 and said Clinton’s arrest was imminent…people rightfully rejoiced…because justice was at hand. But sadly, that justice never came true…the same for all of the other QAnon projections/predictions…pure BS!

And as with Trump, those same desperate people were able to overlook all of the problems with QAnon in desperate hope that somehow, someway QAnon would turn out to be true, and justice would be served upon the criminals of our time. And that desperation is perfectly understandable don’t you think? People want things to be right…and when they are not, they look for something or someone to make it right. It is human nature to do so.

The problem with desperate people…they tend to overlook reality and lose control over their morals and ethics…and that is dangerous. The German people were desperate in the 1920’s and 1930’s…they were blinded so much they got Hitler. Cubans in the 1950’s were so blinded they got Castro…with the CIA’s help. Russians were so blinded they got Lenin…then Stalin. Americans were so blinded by the crap from Nixon they got Carter. And the list goes on and on.

So desperation brings blindness…QAnon is just one result of that.

Who/Whatever Q might actually be, he/she/they are masters of psychological operations and messaging.

Which leads me toward the idea that Q was either a Federal operation…or, quite possibly, a Soros-funded, political operation by elements of the Leftist (Progressive) apparatus.

YES! I agree…it could be an operation from Russia or some other nefarious foreign entity. And Soros would be a perfect promoter and funder of such an operation. And just as much as those possibilities…it could just as easily be a domestic CIA operation. The CIA is perfectly capable of that…and have done so in the past. Our federal government has done some horrendous things against US citizens…this would not be unexpected.

Think about it — Q’s ultimate role seems to have been to provide the “bellus causi” (the essential reason for initiating armed conflict or war) against anyone that disagrees with the extreme Left. Pelosi has grabbed that ball and scored multiple “touchdowns” with it.

I agree. And you mentioned the “left”…let us not forget that the Republicans are just as bad. It was a Republican, right-wing, Conservative, Bush #2 that gave us the Patriot Act and many more anti-Constitutional acts. The right is just as guilty of this as the left. Remember also, it is the law & order freaks that applaud every time that the military shows up to occupy our streets.

Capitol Hill is now an armed fortification, protecting the most extreme Leftists as they transform America. Just in case any SERIOUS Constitutionalists get the itch to demonstrate their unhappiness with said transformation.

The thing about the infamous events of January 6th, is that most of what we “know” about it has been proven false.

– First, it was never an “insurrection.” More like some rather mild demonstrating/ protesting, at least compared to antifa and BLM’s reign of terror last spring and summer.

To some degree I agree. And I also don’t see a violent attack on the Capitol Building, injuring Capitol Security Officers, destroying property, stealing government property, and occupying the building as “mild”. It was by any definition an extreme act of criminal behavior. A direct attack on the constitutionally defined election process…regardless if you think election itself was legitimate or not.

– Second, the participants.
You don’t go to an “insurrection” wearing buffalo robes and horns. There were a few in the crowd with intentions to gum up the vote certifications…but no one was planning to overthrow the Constitution.

Agreed…maybe a costume party…but not an armed rebellion. As for the “few”…who knows for sure. But the crowd did what crowds do…lost their mind and joined in. That’s why I have been saying for a long time…do not get involved with these kinds of crowds.

And sadly…if you are correct “…no one was planning to overthrow the Constitution.”…they were, by default, interfering with the Constitution by trying to disrupt the Constitutional process. In other words…they were acting outside of, and contrary to, the Constitution. And that is unfortunate…it gave a visual representation of disregard for the Constitution.

– Third, no police officers died from protester actions…despite the lurid early reports. We were plain lied to about that.

You are correct…no officer died that day at the hands of the rioters. At least one officer did die as a result of events that day due to an existing medical condition that was apparently aggravated by the riot. And, there were numerous officers who were attacked and injured…and that cannot be justified.

– Fourth, conservatives are far more competent than what was displayed on Jan 6th. If comservatives decided to throw an insurrection, you’d see a lot more than a few thousand unarmed “inaurrectionists” show up for the party. And there would have been a whole lot more noise!!

“anti-inaugurationists”… I like that term!!!  And that is exactly what that was. As for Conservatives…I don’t idolize them as much as it appears you do. I see many Conservatives just as responsible for our huge reduction in rights/liberties/freedoms as liberals. And I think many Conservatives would turn tail at the slightest hint of real opposition. Call them “fair weather patriots” if you will.

I go back to our founding as a country…the British were the conservatives. Our Founding Fathers were classical liberals. And that is who I identify with and promote. In today’s terminology our pre-revolution Founding Fathers would identify more with libertarians than conservatives. However, our Founding Fathers would in-fact reject some of the libertarian ideals…and be more akin to civil society libertarians than anything else…but in no way do I believe they would go along with some of the Conservative crap being promoted for the last 50 – 70 years.

And once again…you are right…if hardcore conservatives would have led the charge…we would have an overthrown federal government now. And who knows how that would turn out…not well I think. I would see their victory more along the lines of the French Revolution than the American Revolution. And that was horrible!

Keep your heads down. Stay legal. Think before acting.

Amen! And AMEN!!! We need level-head people giving that kind of level-headed advice right now. We don’t need another 1/6!! We need the people seeing the authoritarians for who they are and what they are doing…and then a restoration can take place.



Take care my friend! Keep thinking…keep writing…keep on, keeping on!

Contact me with your questions/comments…


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