FAQ – 10/26/2021

  • You mentioned “Deepfake” quite a while ago, thank you. I heard it is getting worse for potential fraud. What is happening now?


It is getting WAY worse and the potential for abuse is skyrocketing! Yes, there is the normal criminal element involved and they will use it for scamming and other criminal activity. And yes, there is the entertainment industry who are taking advantage of it, but as of yet they are not 100% sure of the legal ramifications involved. But I find their use of it really pretty amazing and ah, entertaining.

Then there is the political aspect of Deepfake. I expect we will see some use of it shortly as we enter the run-up to US elections in 2024. And I think we will see it used internationally in the political arena before we see it appear in the US political scene to any great degree.

Various militaries around the world are training in the technology on how to defend against it…and how to use it offensively to attack another country. The US military appears to be clearly leading the way in this activity.

Where I see one of its most dark potential is in the secret police world. Dark ops players like the USA’s CIA, Russia’s FSB, and China’s MSS will use it to destabilize other countries. The CIA is probably the best equipped to use it and has a long infamous track record of similar operations. More minor players such as North Korea and Iran, maybe even the Ukraine will increasingly use it, but they are not at the competency level of the major players and their usage of it will be more obvious.

The worst and darkest potential I see is with the US Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Those agencies are well-known for fraud, lying, abuse, and outright perjury in courts…especially the FBI <click here to read more>. I believe we will see a substantial use of that technology in the coming years once a whistleblower steps forward to reveal it…such as Edward Snowden, (a true American patriot and hero). Where/when it will be used on a widespread basis will be when the feds see the need to use it against the various serious “revolutionary” movements…and I am not talking BLM or other radical leftist organizations.

And FYI…”Deepfake” now has a more sophisticated name…”Synthetic Media”.

To see a great media piece on Deepfake watch the below

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5 thoughts on “FAQ – 10/26/2021

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  2. Thank you! I see deep fake becoming so sophisticated and easily available that we may see it used against the Brethren. We truly need to be on guard, close to the spirit, receiveing personal revelation, and Hearing Him.
    As President Nelson stated, “In coming days it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the constant influence of the Holy Ghost. There are enemies of the church both within and without.
    Deep fake will be very much a tool Satan will use.

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    • I believe you’re bringing up a point that I had not entirely considered. I was thinking of it in a more general aspect but I think you hit a point that is a certainty. I see it will be used not only against our church leaders but against all of Christianity by Satan and his followers and bidders.
      These days…well, as you said, we need to be on guard more than ever. There are subtleties at work to lead people off the path and into diverse ways that are not God’s ways, are not ways of righteousness or even basic decency. And very subtle they are…and people, more and more, are falling for it. I am especially concerned for some preppers that appear to be becoming more and more involved in some very weird beliefs and cult-like concepts rather than focus on reality and principles that are based on God.
      Pray always.


  3. When I first saw a video about deepfake a few years ago, I immediately thought about how we can be easily deceived. We are told that in the last days “the very elect” (Matt. 24:24)—even the “elect according to the covenant” (JST Matt. 1:24)—could be deceived by “false Christs” and “false prophets.”

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    • Glen, You couldn’t be more correct. And we are seeing it all around us. I see it in my own church with members that I never thought would believe such straying religious rubbish. And I see it in the prepper community as well…some going down some very strange roads…some going down unrighteous roads…some are just turning nuts and believing all manner of nonsense such as QAnon junk. We have to keep our guard up and our armor on.
      Thanks for your wise words!


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