America’s Gestapo At Work Again!

After the October 19th Rolling Stone article appeared a bunch of folks have jumped on the anti-FBI band wagon…finally waking up. I started getting wind of the upcoming fury of reporting as I was putting the final edits together on my 10/13 article “The Darkest Days of America” wherein I identified the FBI at America’s Gestapo…which they have clearly become. I have been making the case against the FBI for years with facts and evidence that show they have become militarized, weaponized, and politicized…nothing more than a modern America-based Gestapo.

I have also written about the federal government’s using terminology to identify any US citizen as a domestic terrorist and thus remove any Constitutional protections from that person so identified. That label removes all rights of US citizens and makes them vulnerable to the whims of any US agency that wishes to do whatever they will against that person…including killing them. Yes, the US federal government argued that “right” in court and the court didn’t strike it down…and that enabled the White House “kill list” agenda.

James Gordon Meek is the latest individual that has now gained the spot light in the media. Meek is/was an amazing journalist…but the US federal government hates his work. Why? Because time and time again he reported misdeeds (i.e. crimes) being committed by the military and the federal government spy agencies. Meek was very well connected to sources inside the military and the US spy web. When things went wrong, intentionally or accidentally, those with knowledge would go to Meek with information that Meek would use to expose the dark folly in his articles.

The raid and “disappearance” of Meek early on the morning of April 27th came after his articles on April 6th and April 14th regarding the trial and conviction of the British ISIS member called the “Beatle”. There were some odd and unexplained irregularities that came to light during his trial in regards to US activities…and the involvement of journalists in the Syrian war. Those irregularities were never followed up on by anyone after that trial outcome.

Those articles were not unusual for Meek; in Nov. 2020 he co-authored an article regarding a brutal murder of a journalist and her mother in Turkey. Both were outspoken critics of the war in Syria and the regime’s leader and together they produced many articles regarding the war and the regime’s activities. The murder had all the earmarks of a professional contract “hit”…as one that would be carried out by the CIA or under contract through the CIA. The US government promised a full investigation but it never happened. Why? A distant relative from Syria confessed to Turkish secret police that he carried out the murder over a family debt. Yeah, he cut their throats, covered them with blankets, then used laundry supplies to cover the smell of the decomposing bodies…over a minor debt dispute.

There is information that Meek was working on additional articles, one being Ukraine and US government jointly engaging in bio-terrorism research and development in Ukraine. That is all I can say for sure without additional verification. But, the FBI raid, in coordination with other US government agencies, against Meek was carried out 13 days after his last Syrian war article and while he was preparing articles on the US/Ukraine collaboration and the retreat of the US from Afghanistan under direct orders of Biden.

Yup, one of the other projects Meek was working on was Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Biden Administration touts the loss of the war and subsequent retreat from Afghanistan as some kind of victory of Biden’s and the military establishment. But, it is well-known within the military and intelligence communities that it was an intentional arming of the Taliban with billions of dollars of us military equipment, some it very advance technology. Reportedly Meek had some very damning information against the US and Biden regarding the retreat.

So the US government claims, via an FBI spokesperson, that Meek had classified US intelligence information on his computer, and that was used as justification of the pre-dawn raid by a full military compliment of heavily armed “agents” in completely unmarked vehicles along with at least one armored military vehicle.

And here are some interesting things to think about:

  • No journalist in their right mind would keep sensitive information on their computer. They would keep it on a thumb drive, SD card, or CD/DVD.
  • I can’t find where the Espionage Act has ever been used against a journalist.
  • It is a federal crime for an FBI federal employee to release information regarding an on-going investigation. Hence, the FBI claim that classified information was found on Meek’s laptop is a crime itself…by the FBI. So why would they do it?
  • Why is Meek’s apartment abandoned and the property management company won’t comment on it?
  • Why was it reported that Meek abruptly resigned from his employer ABC…after the raid and not in-person?
  • Why has no one heard from Meek since the government raid against him?
  • When one of his closest associates in writing articles was asked about Meek’s whereabouts he responded that he wouldn’t comment on that matter?
  • Why hasn’t Meek appeared in any court since the government raid against him?
  • Why hasn’t Meek appeared on any law enforcement records since the government raid against him?
  • Why hasn’t Meek been heard from personally or on any social media website where he was frequently and regularly participated since the government raid against him?
  • What has happened to James Gordon Meek at the hands of the US federal government?
  • Why hasn’t the media, especially ABC, been asking about, writing about, screaming for answers regarding Meek?

Final thought…Back on January 20th, 2022 I wrote the article “Feedback & Comments : the FBI & CIA” where I explained how FBI and CIA agents often switch “employers” as the situation demands. That allows FBI agents to participate in torture, work in black sites, and take part in black ops overseas as employees of the CIA. And it allows CIA agents, “working” for the FBI, to officially/legally operate on US soil.

So back to the April 27th raid…the large number of military-style “agents” that raided Meek’s apartment had no identifying insignia on their gear. None! This means this was a “black op”…a US government operation without the ability to tie it to a specific federal agency. Although when asked, the FBI did say they had personnel in the area at the time of the operation…strange.

Folks, we are living in a post-Constitution era in the United States. As I said earlier, today’s FBI operates as Nazi Germany’s Gestapo…and the Meek operation is just another example of it.

Well, maybe I might be incorrect. The FBI appears to be acting just as the East German Stasi and the Soviet Union’s KGB did decades ago.

So who disappears next? Or, who gets murdered next when they “resist” or “threaten” FBI agents when the FBI embarks on their next raid to silence and terrorize US citizens?

Maybe the real question should be, “How long do we tolerate America’s Gestapo, Stasi, KGB, or whatever you want to call the FBI?”

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5 thoughts on “America’s Gestapo At Work Again!

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  2. And aren’t those very same agencies violent towards us the citizenry? Let the physic’s lessons commence, 62 grain, or 148 grain at a time. (Hypothetically of course, see law #1)

    1. An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
    2. The acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the object and the amount of force applied.
    3. Whenever one object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite on the first.

    Saber 7


    • Ah yes…the laws of physics…can fight em, can’t beat em…the “laws of physics.”

      I gotta wonder…how many of those hardcases really understand what they are really doing? Do they not understand the actual wording of their oath when they go to work for those agencies? Or, does the money and power mean more to them? Or, do they somehow honestly think they are doing good? I can’t imagine that…but our prisons are full of mentally confused folks so why not. Maybe they just can’t see evil for what it is…evil. I just don’t know. And I just thought of…How in the world you be able to wake them up if they have any decency left in their soul?


      • How do we wake these feds up? Aaahhh we don’t we just turn them off. Back in the Army we called it mind control, 62Grain at a time. We control the mind by turning it OFF, or leaving it on. Makes no matter to us. After a while its no different than shooting cats.

        K. Mason Smawley, (Ken Mason) LTC, US Cavalry, Army, Ret. Challis, ID KC3GOP

        “Your fears are not my chains”

        “If the truth shall kill them, let them die” Ayn Rand

        “Where rights secured by The Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them” Miranda vs Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 p. 491



  3. [Hypothetically speaking…] Careful what you say FBI/CIA/FEDGOV, if you label us/treat us as domestic terrorist then there is no reason for us to not wage war a terror war on you. Tit4tat, bitches. How many young motivated, or hell old and motivated separated service members are there walking the streets with the recent experience fighting this kind of war. The military trained us and trained some very well in the fine arts or war. Does the FUSA government really want a war with its own citizenry? All these agents have names, routines, addresses, families, pets, extended families do they think they are untouchable? I see remedial physics lessons for the FUSA Stasi.
    [In no way is anyone advocating violence against anyone other than criminals…and only then in self-defense.]

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