The Fallacy of “Month-Over-Month” Inflation Numbers

Real quick and easy question for you…Is inflation bad right now?

If you were to believe “Demented” Joe Biden you would think inflation is under control and the economy is recovering from the little hiccup that occurred recently. I mean, come on…really?

If you were to listen to and believe in the official federal inflation numbers, inflation is all but cured…because the month-over-month inflation rate is falling…right?

Well, actually that is true, it is. But does that mean inflation is falling/retreating?

Ah, no.

This latest round of inflation, the one since “Dementia” Biden took control of the US, peaked in June 2022 at 9.1%. And then it started dropping like a rock to 6.5% in November 2022. That signals a 28% reduction in inflation…month-over-month.

Wow!!! We are recovering…good times are back and inflation is down 28%…”Uncle Pervert” Joe has saved the day!!!!

Ah, no.

While it is true that the month-over-moth inflation rate reduced by 28%, inflation was still 6.5% over the year before. And the year before the inflation rate was 7% over the year before that. So in real terms, the kind of terms that come out of our wallets…prices were up 13.5% under Crazy Joe! So there is nothing and no one in the world that can tell us that inflation is down…or even getting better. But if you listen to the federal government…we are on the road to recovery.

Ah, no.

To get a real picture of inflation you have to look at a realistic time period. So if you are to judge “Mad Hatter” Joe you would have to look at the time period that includes his entire reign of economic terror (a.k.a. his presidency).

So starting in February 2021 (the first full month of his presidency) inflation was 1.7%, then 7.9% in February 2022. So his best inflation period during his presidency was showing price increases of 9.6%…and that is devastating to the average middle-class person…and horrific to the lower-income folks. The worst period was 14.5% June 2021 and June 2022. Holy molly “Hair Sniffer Biden”…that is killing the average American family.

So don’t buy into the “month-over-month” inflation rate rise and fall…because it is simply not an accurate picture of what is happening. You have to view inflation over a much larger, and specific, period of time. And to be a fair representation of someone’s performance (i.e. a President or Congress) you have to assess the numbers in terms of their influential time period.

You already know how “Mafioso Joe” is doing when it comes to destroying the economy…it is a major success for him…he is right on his target/goal/mission…the utter destruction of the US economy. But, let me put it into pretty plain terms using actual government figures…

  • Since Biden took office the December year-over-year inflation rate is up 958%!!!
  • And the December 2022 month-over-month inflation rate is up 24%!!!

Do those numbers make sense?

Ah, no…although they are accurate, they don’t paint a realistic picture. But, do you hear the White House bragging about those numbers? No, of course not…you only hear the boasting when the month-over-month rate is coming down. But, they should not be bragging then either…if they were being truthful.

Just use your common sense…the price you are paying now for everything is WAY higher since Biden took office. Don’t get caught up in the federal government number deception game…their utter lying.

Oh, and by the way…do you know who has the responsibility to control inflation?

If you guessed the Federal Reserve (Fed) you got it right. If you understand that the Fed is a private corporation owed by private banks you will get some serious bonus points. If you also know that the Fed has autonomy from US government control…WAY more bonus points. And if you know that the Fed doesn’t legally have to reveal anything they do or any reasoning they use to anyone at any time for any reason, including Congress or the President…then you get all the bonus points in the universe.

Why is that important?

Let’s make it real…

  • in 1960 the average US home price was $12,000…in 2022 it was $429,000…up 3475%
  • in 1960 a gallon of gas cost just about .10 (10cents)…in 2022 it was $3.36…up 326%

How’s that for controlling inflation????!!!!!!?????

Another way to look at it…my parents would send me to the corner convenience store to buy a half-gallon of milk, a 16oz bottle of Pepsi, and a loaf of white bread. And guess what…I would come home with change from the dollar bill they sent with me! And…when I took the empty Pepsi bottle back to the store I would get another 5cents from the deposit!

So tell me again how well the Fed is doing on inflation in real terms. Yeah, think seriously about that for a minute.

But you demand to compare that to household income…right! Because you think it has gone up tremendously and we are far better off now than in 1960…right?


  • In 1960 the average household income was $5,600…or 47% of the average home price.
  • In 2022 the average household income was $79,000…or 18% of the average home price.
  • In 1960 if the average household used all of theie income to buy gasoline they could buy 56,000 gallons of gas.
  • In 2022 if the average household used all of their income to buy gasoline they could buy 23,500 gallons of gas.

The actual factual numbers prove that the US is going backwards financially and economically…BIG TIME! And I mean really, really, big time!!

So have you bought into the lie that the US citizens are better off in 2022 than in 1960?

So how in the hell are they able to convince so many people that the US is this golden land of opportunity!?!? When the numbers clearly prove that US citizens standard of living is falling apart at the seams…tell me, please! We have been economically collapsing since 1960!!

But, here are two questions…

  • If the average US citizen’s economic/financial standard of living is plummeting…who is benefiting? Who is making the money that the average person is losing?
  • And why do we tolerate the Fed doing this to us, our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our children and our grandchildren?
  • And the real question…Since it is factual what they are intentionally doing, clear evidence to prove it, why are they doing it?

Well, I guess those questions prompt me to ask…

  • How long will we tolerate it?
  • What will you do to protect your family from this intentional and organized financial/economic destruction?
  • And…if we, as a citizenry, decide not to tolerate it any more…what are you willing to do?



It is coming faster than you think…and is closer than you imagine.

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