Immediate Action Warning!



US Government War on US Citizens

Background –

For a necessary and complete understanding of the ‘background’ of this Immediate Action Warning please read the following if you haven’t already:

Personal Narrative –

This is my personal narrative of what has happened. If you have been reading my articles for any length of time I have repeatedly and consistently shared with you what I see happening and my opinion of where we are and where we are headed as a country. I will not repeat all of that view other than to say that the USA has fallen as a Constitutional Republic.

Further, it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the President of the United States has declared war on US citizens through both word and action. Well, at least declared war on 1/2 of America’s citizenry. Biden proved it repeatedly over the last 6 months, but made it crystal clear on September 1st. Biden is sounding more and more like an actual madman…and may I remind you…Hitler was a madman as well. And if you study history…all cruel, despotic, dictatorial leaders in the world have been madmen as well.

Federal law enforcement actions over the last 3 decades have shown them to be nothing more than lawless thugs with fancy badges. Everything from the murder of individuals such as Lavoy Finicum, to the murders of innocent mothers and children such as the Weavers at Ruby Ridge, to the mass murders at Waco where the FBI burned to death nearly 80 men, women, and children…burned them alive. And in each of those specific cases the FBI was found to have gone to great lengths to whitewash and cover-up their actions in those, and other, acts of violence against US citizens.

Even as I write this an experience has come to light…an avid Trump supporter, Lisa Gallagher, was interrogated by the FBI. She said it was the most terrifying experience in her life. Three heavily armed FBI agents showed up at her door early on the morning of September 2nd. They started on her daughter first, then turned their attention to the sleeping mother.  Gallagher was suspected of participating in the 1/6 insurrection at the capital. And here is the important 2 parts; 1) the tip was “anonymous” and the FBI would share no information other than that, 2) the FBI could have determined her participation on 1/6 without them interrogating her early in the morning, waking her from a dead sleep, at her home…terrifying her. A simple check of credit card usage, cell phone pings, etc. would have determined that she was not a domestic terrorist as the FBI was insinuating. And honestly, they probably had already done that and determined that.

So what was their objective? Pure and simple…intimidation and messaging. They wanted to shut down a Trump supporter and send the message that they could come after any person at any time for nothing more than an anonymous tip. I ask you in absolute seriousness…does that experience/situation sound like something that would have occurred in Nazi Germany by Hitler’s Gestapo? For me the answer is clear…Yes!

We have crossed a threshold in America…we are no longer living in a Constitutional Republic. We have devolved into an authoritarian state that truly and honestly is beginning to look a lot like Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao Zedong’s China, or Kim Jong-un’s North Korea. Or more frighteningly…the “Party” led by “Big Brother” from the book 1984. Whatever the resemblance…we are living in a very different America that what many would like to romanticize into a Norman Rockwell painting. But the reality is…America is a very dangerous and malevolent place when it comes to all things US Federal Government. For crying out loud…the Department of Education has their own SWAT team and they are arming IRS agents!!

I am asking you to not stick your head in the sand, do not be complacent, do not allow cognitive dissonance to push you into denial, do not allow cognitive fatigue to close your eyes, and please listen to that still small voice you have. Listen to it, pay attention to your instincts I beg you.

Warning Specifics –

Based on the President’s declaration of war on US citizens, based on the head of DHS recent remarks declaring millions of US citizens to be terrorists, based on the significant increase in federal law enforcement actions I see the following as highly probably:

  • A substantial increase in anti-US citizen federal law enforcement activity, primarily the ATF and FBI.
  • A notable increase in DOJ attacks on everyday US citizens through the legal system.
  • Considerably more use by the ATF and FBI of confidential informants and undercover agents acting as instigators of illegal actives within political groups and militias.
  • High-profile raids and arrests of Trump supporters, preppers, conservatives, and higher-profile individuals for messaging  and intimidation purposes.
  • More use of “anonymous tips” and fraudulent/bogus charges to arrest individuals that are deemed more important “enemies of the state” to financially ruin those individuals and send intimidation messages as well. You could easily call this pure propaganda.
  • Continued purging of any but the most radical/extreme leftists and authoritarians from federal law enforcement agencies.
  • All major federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, DHS, ATF, etc.) will continue to produce reports, memos, etc. declaring more and more US citizens to be domestic terrorists, violent extremists, and enemies of the state.
  • All federal government departments and agencies integrating to fight “domestic terrorism.”
  • The IRS will continue to become more militarized and weaponized against US citizens.
  • A considerable increase in the collaboration/coordination of the US government and tech companies, specifically social media platforms, to suppress free speech…and to identify offending persons to the FBI.
  • An increase in banking and credit card processors coordination with the federal government, specifically the FBI, to identify gun and ammunition purchasers.
Suggestions/Thoughts –
  • Law enforcement have no right to be on your property or in your house without a warrant.
  • You always have a right to have a lawyer present when being questioned/interrogated by law enforcement.
  • The FBI will often interrogate a person to trip up what they say when they have no chargeable offense against them. Even if by mistake you make a misstatement to the FBI they can charge you with a felony…and it will stick…and you will probably be looking at prison time.
  • You have no right to any information regarding “anonymous tips” and is almost always an sure indicator that law enforcement is fishing for information when they have nothing solid to go on…but they want you…they want you in handcuffs.
  • You are less likely to be convicted of a crime if you are not guilty of a crime and if you don’t place yourself in places where potential criminal activity is discussed. That is not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination in today’s world with today’s federal law enforcement agencies.
  • ALL militias, defense groups, patriot groups, etc. have either undercover FBI or ATF agents and/or confidential informants as members. And, they take names, pictures, and turn in reports to their masters…their sole job is to create actionable intelligence…whether accurate or not.
  • Anyone who advocates to any degree any violent interaction with a federal employee, especially a federal law enforcement officer, is probably a federal agent or a confidential informer for a federal law enforcement agency. Have no contact with or interaction with anyone such as this. If they are on a website, leave the site immediately. If they are part of a web group on a social media, or part of a prepper website…leave that website and do not return.
General Word of Caution –

I struggled with this entire “warning” in many ways. Most of all I had a difficult time realizing that it has finally happened…the US has made the actual transition. We now have the US federal government taking off any guise of “we the people” and they now fully embrace the persona of authoritarianism. Biden made that very clear on September 1st in his demonic speech. Yes, I used the term “demonic” very specifically and purposefully…it was complete and utter evil what he said and how he messaged even the very appearance of the entire setting. It was not drama and/or political rhetoric…it was pure demonic.

I knew this day would come. I have been sounding the alarm for years of where we were headed as a country. I was debated, railed against, made fun of, argued against, and even mocked for pointing out what was happening in clear terms based on evidence and fact. Yes, I have often, and still do, inject my opinion, bias, and prejudice into my writing…but the facts are indisputable regardless of any of my orating.

My single biggest struggle with this ‘warning’ was trying to come up with a list of things to do. I have listed every action item I could think of before in many other articles and warnings. I honestly couldn’t come up with anything new. But I did come up with two things, albeit not new, that I thought to share:

  1. Prepare for a total grid-down situation that would include martial law. I am not saying that would happen but if you are prepared the best you can be for something like that, then you can handle pretty much anything else.
  2. Know yourself!!!  I have said this over and over many times. Figure out your principles, your ethics, your beliefs, and your level of commitment to the same. Make decisions ahead of time on what you will or will not do, what you will tolerate, and what your “line in the sand” is. Think about how far will you go to enforce your God-given rights.
Final Thought –

If you are a believer you know what your God-given rights are and you know that you will not allow those to be encroached upon. If you are a believer you know we are not supposed to go on the offensive but we are commanded to defend our families and homes. If you are a believer then you know you serve only one King.

I had always wondered what our Founding Fathers, and other patriots, must have felt like between 1765 and 1776 when independence was declared. And I have tried to think what it was like between April 19th, 1775 when British opened fire on Americans and 1783 when tyranny was finally defeated. But, I never could quite feel like I completely comprehended those feelings. However, now I wonder that if sometime in the future a generation of folks will wonder the same about us and our time.

But most of all…I hope the outcome is the same…we throw off tyranny and we once again embrace a Constitutional Republic with rights, liberties, and freedoms through a divinely inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anything less will be a travesty…a travesty for all mankind.


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