Religious Freedom, Indiana, Constitution and Politicians: Threats – Post “Grid-Down” (Part 1)

LGBT extremists violence against christiansoriginally published April 2015, updated/edited Apr 2019.

I wanted to take some time before commenting on the recent assault on religious freedom in the USA. It has now been long enough to allow the players to show their hand and allow the opposing sides to develop their strategy. It is now time for me to share my thoughts.

There is a lot more at play here and some other seemingly unrelated events and people that tie into it. In other words, I am trying to connect the dots. And some people won’t like it, some will refer to me with unpleasant names and many of you won’t read any further than this. And that is OK, I am writing to those that want to see a bigger, longer-term picture of what is happening in the world as we speak.

It has been all over the news for the last week or so that somehow Indiana has committed a heinous hate crime against those in our society that wish to practice sexual activities that many believe to be sinful, or at least not normal. And if you adhere to the word of God, the sexual activities of the group that I refer to, commonly called LGBT, are sinful. If you are any thoughtful, intelligent person you know that LGBT sexual activities are not normal. Yes, you heard me right. By their own admission the LGBT community is no more than 10% of the population at most. If you believe various poll and survey results, the LGBT community is actually only about 4 – 5%. Either way, when 90 – 96% of the country’s citizens behave one way, the other 4 – 10% is not the norm. Hence the phrase “not normal” is used in this context.

LGBT pose a violent threat to christians and preppersBut, whether the LGBT folks are sinful or not-normal is not the focus of this post, I want to expose the danger LGBT and their supporters pose to the country in general and Christians specifically. And yes, I said “danger” without any qualification or hesitation. In my series “POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES” I went into considerable detail explaining the kind of people that pose the most threat in a post-event, “grid-down” environment. The LGBT community fits into the “wolves in sheep clothing” category perfectly. Why?

Ah, yes, great question and one that must be asked and answered with full knowledge of what is to come. But first, why is there even a “LGBT” designation? Because they are a special interest group that desires to legitimize their behaviors. They want their abnormal behavior accepted by the overwhelming majority of people that don’t participate in their activities. Yes, simple as that, they LGBT special interest groups are a threat to christians and preppers, deny rights to christiansare a special interest group that is advocating for their belief system and acceptance into the mainstream. Well, that and they also desire special treatment, rights, and protections under the law.

Again, why do they advocate? Because they want special attention, special protection and special rights that other citizens won’t and don’t have. And they want all of that by denying others their Constitutional rights. And that is the “rub” as the saying goes.

In my series of posts “Power, Politicians, People…and ‘Prepping’  I explained how “power”, as it relates to people and government, is not created, it moves from one person to another. Or, it can also move between people and government. That means for someone to gain power, someone has to lose it. If government gains power it does so by taking it from individuals; hence, people lose that power to the politicians and bureaucrats.

In this case it means that over the years the LGBT community has gained power through laws that they advocated for, lobbied for and purchased at the federal level and in the state legislatures. And in so doing other people lost power; namely, Christians. And the power the Christians lost are rights still guaranteed under the Constitutional Bill of Rights, namely the freedom of religion.

Religious freedom law support for religious freedom from LGBT extremistsNow there was amazing event that took place in Indiana, rights protecting legislation was passed and signed into law. A law that reinforced Christians, and others of faith, to have their freedom of religion supported and guaranteed.  In other words, that freedom of religion would not be encroached upon by the legal system. And before the ink was dry the LGBT activists were in full-on war mode. They, along with their Progressive activist buddies, immediately attacked the legislation, the governor, the state, and anyone who even remotely supported the law. Companies threatened, and in some cases, pulled their business from Indiana. Another state forbid its employees from traveling there. And other financial extremists’ activities took place.

And exactly why again?  Religious freedom. And just for review purposes “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (First Amendment Constitutional Bill of Rights)

Here we have a group of special interest activists, the LGBT folks, demanding that they be allowed special rights and privileges. Neither of which are granted via the Constitution. Those “rights”, empowered by law, will force Christians to behave in ways that are acceptable to the LGBT community. Then we have the religious folks who simply ask that they not have their free exercise of religion be restricted. And whose position is the very first right guaranteed in the Constitution’s Christians deserve protection of freedom of religion from LGBT and government persecutionBill of Rights. So who should win and why?

The religious folks should win this fight without any hesitation or reservation, period. Their rights are far far more legally superior than those of some special interest group. How so? Because the LGBT community is not adversely impacted (i.e. they suffer no loss) as the religious community exercises their right of living their religion. So what happened and why?

Christians are being killed all over africa and the middle-east, chrsitians are being crucifiedAll over the world we see Christians under intense persecution, literally. Christians are being slaughtered all over the middle-East and Africa, including death by crucifixion. Christianity is virtually non-existent in Europe. And here in the USA there is a very very intense war against anything Christian. And the LGBT extremists are at the leading edge of the battle against Christians here in the USA. And they do so through the court system, through the legislative system, and through financial and physical violence as well. Violence? Yes.

Memories Pizza Indiana target of LGBT violence and threats against christiansThe owner of a small business in Indiana called Memories Pizza was interviewed by the media. In the interview they made a statement to the affect that it was against their religion to support gay marriage. Accordingly, they wouldn’t cater a gay marriage or reception if asked because it goes against their religious beliefs.That sounds perfectly legitimate and acceptable, don’t force anyone to do something that is against their religious beliefs. That is a Constitutional protected right.

However, as soon as the interview hit the air the hate from the LGBT community and other Progressives started. Then it escalated into threats of physical violence against the pizza shop family. The man was so concerned for the lives of his family that he closed his pizza shop because of the threats of physical harm from the Progressives and LGBT community. How’s that for your Progressive bunch? But hold on, it gets worse.

A well-intentioned man felt the shop owner was being unfairly treated and began a campaign to support the shop owner by LGBT threaten violence and to burn down Memories Pizza for being christian. hate by LGBT community against christiansstarting a “go fund me” page raising funds for the pizza guy and his family. Well, that guy then immediately began being attacked and threatened. By who? Yup, the LGBT and their co-conspirator Progressive buddies. And FYI, the guy that started the “go fund me” page is black. So where are all the race advocates now?

How does any of this have anything to do with “prepping” and related activities? Absolutely nothing! But, it has everything to do with a post “grid-down” event which will affect “preppers.”

In this horrific example of power shifting from a Constitutional right of religious freedom of a group of Christian citizens…to a special interest group. A group that is demanding and advocating for special recognition and special privileges based on sexual lifestyle. Once again, the Constitution loses, religion loses, the citizenry loses, and the Progressives win. And it will continue to get worse, much worse.

Let me explain why it will get worse. Groups like the LGBT community and their fellow Progressive & liberal extremists are violent, very violent, LGBT violence hate and Liberalism progressives democrats are haters, they hate christians by nature. Their intolerant view of the world emboldens them to feel that their rights and beliefs are superior to anyone and everyone’s else’s rights, even those rights guaranteed in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. And those folks are perfectly capable of, and feel justified in using, financial warfare and physical violence against anyone who doesn’t bend, bow and submit to their vision of society. That makes them an extreme threat to worry about when the grid goes down. They will come for your food, your water, your gear, your equipment and they will stop at nothing to take it all. And they will not hesitate to threaten you, financially ruin you or kill you to do so. Or they may come after you simply because they see you as conservative, libertarian or any other group people they hate. The Progressives have no tolerance for anyone who thinks or behaves differently than they think and behave.

You must see liberals and Progressives (and their various sub-cultures) for who they are, and be prepared to deal with them. Know that they will stop at nothing, including force and violence, to get their way. They have proven that clearly over and over again. They do not respect “rights” of others and they will forsake the Constitution at their first opportunity. They have proven it again with the issue in Indiana. They have no problem using force, whether financial destruction or threat of, or actual physical violence, against Christian families. They will and do put their special interest desires above the Constitutional rights of Christians. And it will only be worse when the grid goes down.

The LGBT and Progressive violent extremists are a clear and present danger once the grid goes down. Do NOT underestimate their power and ability.  The Progressives and all their special interest groups have a huge numerical advantage over “preppers.”

So who are their Progressive buddies in Washington and why do they pose a threat? Read the next post in this 2-part series.



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POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 4 – Warning & Summary

BigGovernmentPlease make sure you have read the first three parts to this series of articles:

WARNING! – If any of you are reading this and you are an owner/master in sheep’s clothing just waiting for the right opportunity post-disaster to emerge and make a power play know this…you will be found out. And when you are found out you won’t like the way you are dealt with. People will not tolerate evil, and owner/masters are evil…current or latent.

sheep are good people too.For those of you that are sheep, I would strongly suggest you find a shepherd and get to know them well and join whatever organization they are currently leading; most probably a church. As a sheep you can be productive and useful, but only in the right group can you also be safe and happy. Consider taking the training to become a sheepdog. You probably have the capability inside you, it just needs to be nurtured and developed. At the very least…you become a better equipped sheep to deal with wolves.

cops are herding dogsFor those of you that are currently herding dogs I would suggest you change your ways. You may not even realize that you are a herding dog, you may think you are a sheepdog. Please review the articles or judge yourself based on what you feel is right…your morals and ethics. But herding dogs have a hard time realizing who they are. It is tough looking in the mirror and making that call. It all boils down to attitude and who you are professionally doing that job for. If you say to yourself or others “Hey, I have to go home to my family at the end of the day.” Or “Hey I’m just doing my job.” Or “They are dirt bags and deserve it.” Or “I’m just following orders.” Or you look at everyone with suspicion, or believe that “stop & frisk” is a great police tactic. Or you think Civil Asset Forfeiture laws are great police tools…then you better question yourself.

If you look at the Cops are herding dogs at DUI checkpoint.Constitution and Bill of Rights as a hindrance to doing your job you are probably a herding dog. If you think criminal defense lawyers are scumbags you are probably on thin ice. If all you worry about it overtime and retirement then you are for sure a herding dog. If you enjoy pulling people over for traffic tickets and enjoy DUI checkpoints then you are probably a herding dog. If you are “badge heavy” you better take a hard look at yourself,there is no doubt you are a herding dog. You might think that you will make a great sheepdog…well, don’t count on it. You will probably be even more of a herding dog…or wolf…post-SHTF.  And the worst of it, you will think you, as a herding dog, are doing a great service to the flock that you are part of.

Latent SheepdogsIf you don’t know that you are a sheepdog, that is OK. When the crap hits the fan some sheep will turn into sheepdogs because deep down inside they have been a sheepdog all along and there just was no opportunity for that to come out in today’s world. If you want to become a sheepdog, then go find one and do what he does. Let him mentor you and guide you. Although he may be reluctant to do so due to his humility.


If you are a predator your days are numbered. Sheepdogs will not tolerate any attack on the flock…and we will eliminate you. You will lose…quickly, maybe later…but eventually you will lose.

If you are a hybrid you better think twice, change your ways because sheepdogs won’t tolerate you for very long. You will either forsake your evil ways or sheepdogs will stop you.

politicians are owner/mastersIf you are a politician and the grid goes down just shut-up and become a sheep. No one wants to hear any of your crap! It is probably your fault that got us into the mess to begin with. Once a politician, always a politician.  And politicians suck!

Same goes for an owner/master – we will stop you one way or another. It is best you try and change your ways now. But you won’t, your ego won’t let you. But sheepdogs will stop you when the time comes. Period!  Look for them, they will stop you. You should be afraid but you won’t be; your ego is just too huge.Sheepdogs Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield

If you are a sheepdog, don’t do anything, you don’t have to. You have your own sense of self-worth and feeling of accomplishment in this world and the one to come. Thank you!

Billy Graham is a shepherd.


If you are a shepherd you are a very blessed person and one who deserves a lot of thanks and appreciation. There are very very few of you. We need more. Those that are sheepdogs are looking for you. For sheepdogs to do their jobs to the best of their ability…they need you, a shepherd, to be leading the flock.

I hope this has been of some value to you giving you a perspective that maybe you haven’t considered before. If you would like to comment or discuss I would love to hear from you.

Thank you to all those in my life that have helped me to understand people and personalities.



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Hybrids1note: edited/updated July 2019

Now that we have gone over the basic categories of post-disaster personalities, let’s talk for a minute of a couple of situations that may occur, called “hybrids”. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post…now is a good time to do so.

Hybrids will start out as one personality type and morph into another; possibly without the person themselves even being aware of their true nature to begin with.  This morphing will generally not be to the betterment of the person. Another type of hybrid will be a latent personality who knows exactly who they really are inside but they are waiting for the right time to let their real personality surface.  Again, not considered a “good” change.

There will also be those that do morph into something better, some sheep will become sheepdogs. Some sheep may become shepherds.  Even a owner/master may repent and become a sheepdog or shepherd. And yes, some herding dogs may even become sheepdogs…but rarely, they are simply too used to power and authority. But I think those changes will be rare with the exception of sheep into sheepdogs. I think that particular evolutionary personality type may be more prominent than anticipated.  Society today does everything it can to train and breed out any sheepdog tendencies. Today’s Progressive, liberal, Democrat/Republican society wants sheep not sheepdogs. But the underlying goodness of many men will not be denied, they may well become sheepdogs when needed.

In the last post on this subject I went over identifying post-disaster personality types in today’s world by occupation and personality signs.  Being able to recognize the potential typical personality types is important to good Situational Awareness (SA).  It is even more important to know about the “hybrids” and the danger associated with them.  Don’t be blind-sided…be informed and aware.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’ve all heard that expression before, there is a reason for it. These types of people are readily prevalent in daily life, and they wolf in sheep's clothingwill definitely be there, and even more apparent, in any post-disaster life. This will be a person that is well versed in deception. They deceive regularly every day in their marriage, their work, their personal relationships, and their interactions with people in general. They are probably going to be business people, especially sales people, also government workers and politicians. The key ingredient that keeps them from surfacing quickly as a predator is their lack of power or confidence in successfully getting away with predatory behavior. That lack of power can come in the form of lack of support from people or lack of resources (i.e. food, weapons, etc.). It boils down to they just don’t have enough “juice” at first.  They may recognize that fact and bide their time as they acquire their power and sufficient resources.  Only then they would feel confident that they are ready to make their move against flock members. This person will likely try to keep a low profile to ensure not being easily or quickly identified. They know that if they were identified before they had/have sufficient power that they would suffer retribution.  This person will be the one that steals from an individual family or the group.

wolf in sheep's clothing.

Bradley Stone & wife – picture taken less than 1 year before he killed her and 5 other family members.

They will be capable of selling out (betraying) their own patrol to an enemy force if they think there is sufficient reward for doing so. They will most likely be identified only after a period of time where a number of their acts can finally be connected to crimes or betrayals. This is a very dangerous individual because they will keep escalating their types of crimes until they are forcibly stopped. This person will likely be a rapist. And they will also stop at nothing to avoid being caught or punished. This would be a person that would kill sheepdogs and shepherds to avoid being held accountable.

Also, there is a very real possibility that one of the “wolves” could masquerade as sheepdog. In this case they will portray themselves as powerful and not to be trifled with. They will be both defensive and aggressive, appearing to be a strong Type A personality. Watch for signs of them making lewd and inappropriate comments about members of the opposite sex. They are most likely to be males and come from a profession where they had power, virtually unquestioned authority. If a particular “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is a law enforcement person, they probably had a history of citizen complaints against them, including sexual harassment complaints. They may also hide behind religion. They may appear as a “defender of the faith” and criticizing/condemning a person not being religious enough, or not agreeing with their version of beliefs. In this particular situation think…Taliban-like behavior.

A herding dog masquerading as a sheepdog.  This could be a very hard situation to recognize. The two types Herding dog disguised as a sheep dogof dogs are very similar and appear to have the same goal, protecting the flock. But the herding dog’s desire and intent is to “control” the flock more that protect. A herding dog that is hiding in the guise of a sheepdog will probably complain about the lack of discipline, lack of use of force, or lack of weapon or ammunition, or lack of action, etc. They will likely promote more use of force, especially when dealing with external threats. They will likely volunteer for the more the dangerous tasks or where violence would most likely be used or required. They can come from a military background, but not a successful or rewarding career in the military. The most probable of backgrounds would be troubled law enforcement personnel.

Cop brutally kicks handcuffed woman.

Cop brutally kicks handcuffed woman.

Most law enforcement personnel, by a large margin, currently are herding dogs; some very aggressively so.  They will tend to be younger, 20’s & 30’s or older late 50’s+.  They will tend to be single, muscular from strenuous physical training and steroid use. The steroid users will be the most dangerous subset of this group due to the resulting and increased aggression from steroid usage. Law enforcement personnel are trained in, and function in, an unquestioned authority system. And they expect instant compliance from those they deal with in daily life. They are also used to large supporting systems (i.e. courts, other agencies, unions, etc.) to back them up regardless of the situation. They will most likely expect unquestioned support from the flock and leadership regardless of their actions. This group of personality types will be very susceptible to being influenced by a owner/master or wolf hiding among the flock. They will gravitate to them because they crave and respect “power” and “authority”…and they are willing to commit violence to reacquire it.

Officer Jackie Neal handcuffs and rapes teenager.

San Antonio police Officer Jackie Neal, 11 year veteran police officer(2nd from left), was in uniform and on-duty when he groped, handcuffed and raped a teenager.

All the while they will be thinking and saying they are doing it for the good of the flock, that they know best, it is to protect and serve. This individual can be extremely dangerous and vicious if confronted and challenged, or punishment is attempted. Once this person is exposed they will become very defensive and susceptible to latent owner/masters morphing.  If the group continues trying to hold them accountable, this personality type can become extremely dangerous and violent…a huge singular threat to the flock.

A owner/master in sheep’s clothing.  This person is similar to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and must be watched for with great vigilance.

Charles Manson Family

Nice family!

This person can be very dangerous overall to the group. Left unchecked they will think that whatever power-grabbing scheme they are hatching is working.  They will feel certain that they can achieve their goal of becoming an owner/master. One key indicator will be they will tend to be a primary or constant source of conflict. Not a “complaining” type of conflict or assertively offering alternatives.  But these people will be more playing one person off against another in order to create doubt in people’s minds of someone else, probably the group leader. In others words…regularly creating conflict against or between people. This person is likely to lay low with the sheep until they can put together a sufficient power base and then move against existing leadership. They may try to gain some control over the sheep/herding dogs so they can have an opportunity to identify current or potential herding dogs. They would then use deception and promises of power/rewards to lure current or potential herding dogs into doing their bidding. Once a latent owner/master has established himself, he is likely to attempt (and succeeding in) surrounding himself with herding dogs. He may also be successful attracting some “wolves in sheep’s clothing” as well.  But this is likely to only occur should he appear to have a high probability of maintaining and growing his power. Herding dogs won’t want to be on the losing side.

Charles Manson Family

Charles Manson years later. Not so nice family!

His “family” brutally killed 7 people.

The “wolves” would most likely be his “secret” weapon kept hidden while doing his dirty work for him. That would be different than his use of herding dogs which he would use as tools of intimidation. Once found out, a latent or rising owner/master is not likely to willingly give up his power base…or give up his quest for leadership. He may feign that move if needed, but it will only be a deception to buy him more time to grow stronger and improve his chances of success later. Once a latent owner/master makes a move against existing leadership he will be hard to deal with; he will know he will likely only have one real chance to establish himself as the new leader. He will place all of his efforts and resources into play once he makes his move. Watch for a hidden resource he keeps in reserve to be his “stop gap” or “last resort” option.

Hybrid Summary –

For hybrids healthy inter-personal relationships are difficult in normal times; they will become exponentially more so when you are talking post-disaster. If we are talking TEOTWAWKI it will be difficult to figure out who these people really are and what they are capable of. The reason being is our normal personal and societal boundaries, limitations, rules and morals will be absent, whether in actuality or only perception.

FamilyYou, as well as all those in your family and/or group, will need to be hyper-vigilant in assessing people on a regular basis, especially “new-comers.” You will have to establish baseline behaviors for each person and then watch for deviations from that baseline. Situational Awareness of people, including your own people, will have to be spot-on recognizing deviant behavior.  Or you may suffer missing signs that could point to personality shifts. Worse yet, you could miss the signs that a person falls within one of the three dangerous hybrids mentioned above.


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POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 2 – How to Identify Them In Today’s World

Identify personality types during emergenciesnote: edited/updated July 2019

Second post in a 4-parts series. Make sure you read yesterday’s post to more fully understand today’s post.

So how exactly do you identify who in a post-collapse is what type of person in today’s world?

Well, not real hard in some situations but it can be challenging and very tricky in others. So it is best to start with what type of person is now as to what they are likely to be when the stuff hits the fan.

Yes, this is generalizing people in broad categories; while in reality each person is different and unique.  Not all people may fit these generalized descriptions, but it is a starting place.  Here is a good start on identifying folks and what they look like today to know what they will look like in “grid-down”…

Sheep – This category will be the largest category of people, I am thinking upwards of 80%, maybe more, of all people. This is a pretty Sheeple - welfare and government handoutseasy category to recognize now. Almost to a person those that will become sheep are the basic liberals and Democrats; anyone who is a big supporter of the government (that includes most Republicans and Conservatives). Obviously, anyone who currently receives government handouts will continue that mentality and expect to continue to receive those handouts…disaster or not. Also, this category will contain almost all of your neighbors, fellow church and community members. Virtually all academics (all grade levels, including college professors) and many doctors are in this category. Some people, such as doctors and academics, may start out thinking they are herding dogs or owner/masters, maybe even sheepdogs. But will soon be relegated to sheep status due to lack of survival skills and proper preparations. So don’t let current profession or academic status fool you.

The sheep are not a bad thing!  Sheep can be very productive after a disaster has hit because there are plenty of tasks and chores that need done; sheep are perfectly capable of performing work.  They can also perform supervisory responsibilities.  But do not expect the sheep to stand up on their own to defend themselves or others, for the most part it is simply beyond their capability. These “sheep” are your fellow citizens and probably family members as well. And….regardless…if you are a sheperd or sheepdog you have some responsibility to care for sheep.

Predators (wolves) – This is also a fairly large category of folks, probably somewhere in the 10% range. They are also Predators gang members wolveslikely to be easily recognized. They are low-lifes now and will be low-lifes post-disaster.  They are the criminals of today with rare exception. One notable exception will be someone who is otherwise a “sheep” in today’s world but sees the benefit of sexual predator during grid-down and emergenciesbeing a predator once it becomes clear that it gives them power.  There are far more male predators than female predators. But the true Alpha or Beta female predators are seriously dangerous and ruthless. Sexual predators abound…even dressed in Dockers. They try to leverage their resources to take advantage of people for physical gratification. However, should trickery not work they will resort to outright violence to get their sexual gratification and other needs met.

Herding Dogs – This is a somewhat tricky category due to their close resemblance to sheepdogs. This category represents about a 2 – 4% of the population.  Herding dogs most cops are herding dogswill generally be Type A personalities but not strong leaders. They are more likely to be along the lines of a Beta male/females in today’s world. Many military, current and former, will probably fall into this category. Same would be true for law enforcement officers. Position in the food chain will not usually determine herding dog status or not. For instance, a deputy sheriff from a small county department is more likely to not be a herding dog, but a sheepdog. Whereas, LEOs from large police departments and state LEO agencies, or any all federal agencies, will almost certainly be herding dogs.

These folks attempt to sound noble and will probably be very convincing but their herding Cops will commit violence as herding dogs when they want to.instincts are there and can be seen in their current daily jobs/activities. Those negative herding traits usually display themselves quickly when dissent is voiced or their authority is challenged. Herding dogs will not tolerate having their authority challenged, especially by anyone they see as a sheep. By default they do not like sheepdogs due to the sheepdogs’ closer relationship with and dedication to the sheep. The loyalty of sheepdogs is also seen as an inferior trait by herding dogs.

Herding dogs try and control sheepdogs by whatever current authority they have. Herding dogs respond to command authority in today’s world, readily accept being told what to do, and rarely (if ever) question authority. They will only feel secure and safe when they are in control of the situation and in control of others. A common way to identify a herding dog is to listen for, “Hey I don’t make the laws I just enforce them.” or “I was just following orders.” Both statements show intense weakness of character and lack of ethics.

SheepDogs – This can be a tricky category of folks to identify in today’s Sheep dog rescuing childworld. Sheepdogs are a very small percentage of today’s population; maybe less than 1%, maybe much less. Failing to recognize sheepdogs in today’s world is due mostly to two reasons; 1) many sheepdogs in today’s world are low-profile, you simply don’t see them act as a sheepdog, 2) some of today’s herding dogs are actually sheepdogs but that sheepdog characteristic won’t manifest itself until the “owner/master” of today disappears after grid-down. Some sheepdogs in today’s world are looked at by sheep as “extremists”, “nuts”, “kooks”, “tea party members” or similar labels. Some sheepdogs are seen as, and labeled as, “heroes.”

Liberals and Democrats in general hate the concept of sheepdogs because Sheep dogs may be militia membersthey embrace, and far prefer, herding dogs. Liberals, democrats, and republicans love sheep, they want everyone to be sheep with the exception of herding dogs (if they can control them). And yes, some liberals and Democrats, and most Republicans, see themselves in the roles of herding dogs and owner/masters; all Progressives do…99.999% of politicians do as well. And that is why they have a natural enmity towards sheepdogs.

Most sheepdogs will keep to themselves until they are needed. Not always, but normally, they are the person helping to change a tire on the side of the interstate, they are the person carrying groceries for an old lady, Some cops can be sheep dogs but very few.they are the ones helping mow an elderly neighbor’s grass or shoveling the snow off their walks. The reason I said “not always” is because predators will use those acts of apparent kindness and helpfulness as a tactic to engage potential prey (i.e. social engineering). The difference is a sheepdog does it because it is the right thing to do, a herding dog does it because he was trained, or told, to do it.  And a predator does it because it is a way to gain access to prey.

Owner/Masters – This is an easily identifiable group in today’s world. Mostly they are politicians, community leaders, Owner/Mastermedia celebrities and heads of businesses (mostly large corporations). They tend to be rich and include all of the country’s elite old-money families, and most of the new-money families as well. However, they can also be low-level bureaucrats and mid-level government employees. These are people who HArry Reid is a owner/mastercurrently have some authority and feel they are entitled to special treatment and especially being able to control others.

For the most part:

  • They expect special treatment; most of the time they demand it.
  • They are used to having their way, either through paying for it or intimidating for it.
  • They feel that they are superior in intellect and capability to everyone else.
  • They generally drive the fancy cars, live in expensive big house, and take extravagant vacations.
  • They lust for power and money; and want as much of both as they can acquire.

With some exceptions doctors and academics will start out in this category but will soon find themselves lumped in with the Owner/MaOwner/Master manipulating herding dog. master manipultating herding dog.sheep. Probably the largest identifiable group of people in today’s world that will become owner/masters are some military leaders, some law enforcement leadership, and most of all – politicians at the federal and state level. Many politicians at the local levels will be in the category but by a smaller relative percentage compared to federal and state politicians.

Generally, these folks already have a power base of one kind or another. They actively engage in expanding their existing power base any possible way they can…usually through money. One of the “groups” that are the most dangerous are unions, particularly unions that have been known for violence such as teamsters, miners, and pipe-fitters…to a lesser degree public employee and police.

Shepherds – This is the rarest of person in today’s life and especially after “grid-down” has occurred. They are a Shepherdsmall fraction of 1% of the population Most people will be mainly concerned with survival and that means securing resources and power. Shepherds are not interested in either. They focus, almost exclusively, is and will be protection of a flock. There will be no desire to be exalted above the sheep, any indication to the contrary will indicate that you are actually dealing with an owner/master NOT a shepherd. Shepherds will recognize sheepdogs and appreciate them and be grateful for their support. Shepherds also are generally able to recognize herding dogs and the inherent danger they present. Shepherds most likely try to convert herding dogs into sheepdogs. They will probably be successful to some degree in this and exhibit great patience in this effort. Shepherd

The archenemy of the shepherd is the owner/master. If a latent owner/master is a member of the shepherd’s flock they will probably do one of two things; 1) make a play to unseat the shepherd from their leadership position, 2) try to bring in outside influence or bargain with a neighboring owner/master to overthrow the shepherd.

Shepherds’ behaviors and action should never be confused with any form of cowardice. A shepherd will be ferocious in defending the flock and will do anything within moral and ethical bounds to do so. A shepherd who has been a sheepdog, especially a trained sheepdog, is especially competent and able to defend the flock. A shepherd must be cautious with their own ego and desires. Should a shepherd begin to place his own needs and wants above the welfare and needs of the flock they can quickly slip over into the category of owner/master. And they will likely turn into a very capable and brutal owner/master since the moral and ethical foundation will have been removed. Rare (extremely) will be the shepherd who converts to an owner/master.


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Post disaster personality types.note: edited/updated July 2019

Have you ever given much thought to the type of people there will be after an emergency or disaster occurs?

I have, and better yet over the last 40 years through my work as a first responder I have seen them first hand. I’ve also worked with them.

And even better yet, have you ever thought much about what label to put on people after a “grid-down” event? Yup, right again, I have. And that is the point of this series of posts – What kind of people will there be after “grid-down.”

Maybe a more fair question would be…How people act now influences how they will act after grid-down?

Based on what I’ve seen firsthand I have put a lot of thought into this unique phenomena and how it might affect survival. I mean, come on, the biggest threat you will face after a “grid-down” will be violence. But violence will come from people. So you have to understand people to understand the violence part.

I believe the “types” of people will breakdown into a short list of categories:

  • sheep,
  • shepherds,
  • predators (wolves),
  • sheepdogs,
  • owners/masters,
  • herding dogs.

The trick is trying to figure out which category people fit into and who is the most dangerous. Based on that challenge I did a little reflection on my experience with emergencies and disasters and how people acted during them. Then I compared it back to what I knew of them before the emergency or disaster. That way I think we can make some general assumptions of what people are like now and project/guesstimate what kind of people they may become, or how they will act, after grid-down.

Let me describe what I think are the personality attributes of people after grid-down:

Sheep – These are the folks are easily identified, they are the folks who are basically lost, unprepared, and having no clue what to do.  Or they may be folks that are prepared in many ways but not prone to be leaders. Either way, they Most people are sheep.will be seeking assistance, direction, and leadership. They will start out benignly and humbly requesting help of any kind and will wait for someone to take care of them and their family. They will not be able to take care of themselves and will panic easily. They will also be easily manipulated and controlled. They will have a breaking point. But by then, most will be mostly useless (unless constantly led) and of little threat or danger. A small percentage of this group will become dangerous and must be considered as such in direct proportion to their capability to be so. Example: access to weapons. Their greatest weakness will be Normalcy Bias.  Many will be useful, they will be good people who just didn’t have it together in terms of preparedness…or unable to be leaders in their own right..  These sheep can become productive resources in the right group setting with strong and constant leadership.

Predators / Wolves will prey upon sheep.

Predators want one thing…

Predators (wolves) – These folks are also easy to spot. They will typically be armed and demanding. They will prey on anyone that they can dominate or overwhelm by surprise, numbers, or superior power. They will have no scruples, morals, or ethical base. They will simply feel entitled to what others have that they themselves lack, or simply want. They will have no reservation to humiliate, hurt, maim, or kill. At first they will act fairly independently but will quickly form packs/tribes with a clear hierarchy that is strictly and violently enforced. Some wolves will have true predatory skills while others will be purely “posers” and “wannabes” trying to act the part. The later will be quickly crushed, and survivors probably assimilated, by the true predators. All predators will be dangerous regardless of their current weapon status. If lacking weapons they will use cunning, deception, and subterfuge to gain any weaponry they may need or want. Or lacking that level of finesse…they will simply take weaponry by any means available. For the most part their greatest weakness will be their Competency Bias. That will not be true for the upper level predators that will have skills, experience and intelligence. Hence, they will actually be competent…and deadly.

Sheep dog guarding and defending the flock of sheep.

Sheep Dog

Sheepdogs – These are folks who will be prepared for emergencies and disasters. Although their level of preparedness will probably vary widely from minimal preparations to multiple-years worth of supplies and appropriate gear.  Some may only have their skills vs. supplies & gear but will quickly assume the role of sheepdog because of inherent desire and skills. These folks will be honest of heart and have a true desire to help and protect the sheep. The “help” may manifest itself in feeding, medical assistance, or protection. While sheepdogs may be reluctant to share their supply of food, they will always step up when sheep need to be protected. Sheepdogs have been known to attack large packs of predators even when highly out numbered and have given their lives to

Sheep dogs don't tolerate predators.

Sheep dogs don’t tolerate predators.

protect the lives of their flock. Sheepdogs will be neighbors and community members that have a strong sense of family and duty. They will most likely be Christians and feel a God-given calling to help take care of people. Sheepdogs will be highly drawn to shepherds and allow themselves to be led by those shepherds that they trust. Sheepdogs will be naturally opposed to owner/masters and will rebel against them. Sheepdogs will generally be tolerant of herding dogs to a point. Sheepdogs will tend to feel that they can change a herding dog into a sheepdog with enough work and being a good example.  However, should a herding dog show too much aggression a sheepdog will not hesitate to attack a herding dog to defend the flock or the shepherd.

Herding dogs are controlled predators NOT sheep dogs.

Herding Dog

Herding Dogs – While superficially herding dogs might be appear to be sheepdogs, there is a significant difference. Sheepdogs live, eat, and sleep with the sheep; they are part of the flock.  Herding dogs work for the sheep’s owner/master and respond to their master’s commands. Those commands are given for a specific intention…to strictly to control the flock of sheep. The herding dogs circle the sheep and move them by acting much as a predator would; which in-turn makes the sheep respond to the non-verbal body language of the herding dog (i.e. threat of violence). A herding dog is actually a predator who is so highly trained that they won’t kill sheep (normally) but will not hesitate to “nip” (i.e. light bite) the back legs of the sheep. Herding dogs are also known for a game called “sheep tag.”  Herding dogs will run among the sheep biting them and then run

Herding dogs are controlled predators NOT sheep dogs.

Sheep Tag

off.  To them, sheep are little more than “chew toys.” Herding dogs are not known for protecting a flock, they are there to control the flocks movement and behavior. And they don’t respond to the needs of the flock and rarely repel approaching predators on their own. They only respond to commands given to them by their master/owner.  Herding dogs will view sheepdogs with contempt and disgust. Herding dogs will see sheepdogs as beneath them in status. Herding dogs will view sheepdogs as lacking skills & intelligence and not living up to their potential. Herding dogs and sheepdogs will be natural opposites and will have open conflict with one another. Herding dogs may/can change allegiance from a flock to a violent pack of predators.  Should an owner/master not provide enough incentive (or strong enough leadership), a herding dog could be easily persuaded to join a predator pack who promises greater rewards. Should the right set of circumstances present itself, a herding dog could betray an entire flock to a predator pack. A herding dog sees sheep as just another animal, beneath them in status and not truly worthy of anything other than to be controlled.  They have virtually no allegiance to the sheep other than as a means to gain rewards from the owner/master.

Shepherd watching over his flock.Shepherds – These folks will be few and far between.  They are of high moral and ethical character. They will be leaders of sheep. They will also be the leaders of sheepdogs. They will have the ability to change some herding dogs into sheepdogs, but that will rarely occur due to the natural instincts of herding dogs. Shepherds will understand predators and not hate them. Shepherds will protect the flock from predators to the point of freely giving their lives. Shepherds will naturally draw sheepdogs to them. Sheepdogs will see the leadership and “goodness” in a shepherd and want to serve him while following their The Good Shepherdinstinct of protecting the flock. The sheepdog will see that a shepherd frees them up to concentrate on what they do best – protection. Shepherds will “serve” their flock. The will make decisions that in the best interest of the flock and not for the gain of the shepherd himself…or for the benefit of sheepdogs. Shepherds will be those folks who will gain close-knit followings of sheep and sheepdogs who are committed to not just surviving, but thriving.  Some herding dogs will be drawn to shepherds but will rebel against the nature of the shepherd’s leadership, preferring to control the sheep vs. lead the sheep. For those of us that are believers, we have a great example in The Good Shepherd

Owner/masters – These folks will be those that have a sense of entitlement to leadership. They will feel it is their right, even their duty, to lead sheep. They will voice that they are doing their best to protect the sheep from harm and danger but their true intentions will simply be to control and manipulate. They will make decisions primarily serving their own gain. And any benefit to the flock will be secondary, even accidental. However, the owner/master will take great efforts to make the appearance of what they do is completely for the benefit of the flock. When pushed they will be ruthless with all members of the flock. They will have no trouble sacrificing flock members for their own gain or protection. They will be “pretty boys” and the like. They will use flowery speeches and quote learned men; they may even use scripture verses to justify what they do. But all that they do will be for their own benefit. Owner/masters will readily identify herding dogs and elevate the perceived status of herding dogs to control the flock…ruthlessly if they have to. They will reward herding dogs with special privileges such as food, liberties, and sexual partners. They will provide them with higher quality food, tools, weapons, and living accommodations. Additionally, the owner/master will provide a sense of “purpose” to the herding dogs. They will touch the herding dogs’ sense of duty and work ethic. They will manipulate the herding dog to think they are as noble as a sheepdog…maybe even superior.

An owner/master will naturally not like sheepdogs; they will see them as competition for leadership. They will see in sheepdogs everything that they, as owner/masters, are not. They will try and change sheepdogs into herding dogs. If that is not possible they will try and ostracize them. Should that fail, the owner/master will use whatever means necessary to remove the sheepdogs from the flock. And that will include an owner/master killing the sheepdog should the sheepdog be seen as a big enough threat by the owner/master.

So there are the basics of how I see people will fall into the basic post-disaster caste system. I have seen it on smaller-scale disasters (i.e. hurricanes, floods, wildfires, etc.) over the last 40 years or so and I have no reason to believe anything different would happen after a major “grid-down” experience. Actually, I think the likelihood of this caste system occurring increases in direction proportion to the scale of the disaster.Mob1

So what do you do with this information? Where is the value? What does it all mean?

It makes the difference between life and death in all probability. Yeah, that dramatic.

I wrote a series on Situational Awareness (SA) and this information on post-disaster types of people is directly related to good SA. If you don’t know what kind of people to expect then you are likely to get sucked into a bad situation or worse.  In the next post I will cover how to identify the different post-disaster personalities


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the Good, the Bad, and I’m ugly…

Talk about an interesting 3 weeks…wow! A lot going on and time for me to share a few thoughts. I hope you liked the title of the post…I will change it to a “SitRep” in a few days to be in the same category as others that I’ve already posted. So here goes…

First, THANK YOU!!! Ya’ll have been amazing since my return to writing on the website. I’ve received a whole bunch of emails and comments letting me know that a lot of you are glad I am back and writing again. Yes, a lot of what I am doing is resurrecting existing articles but I am also trying to better organize the website…and write some new material as well. And yes again, Escape from Home (sequel to Escape from Tucson) is coming along quite nicely. It should start to post online as soon as Escape from Tucson is completely posted.

Second, it was my original intent when I started the website to provide hardcore, no BS, preparedness information. And that goal has not changed. However, I do want to add to that just a bit. Based on some of the amazing stories and information that you guys have sent to me, and, based on some relatively recent promptings in my life, I want to add …”become better people” to that goal. I will explain later more of what that entails. But for now, we have to be great preppers to survive…but we have to be good people to thrive. More to come…be patient.

Now, I will break this post into four basic areas; the Good, the Bad, I’m ugly, and Summary. Like I keep mentioning…if you aren’t willing to read the entire article, then don’t read anything from this point on! And since I am writing the article I am going to start with “the Bad”…

The Bad –

Recently I wrote the article “Stay the Course!” and I enjoyed writing it. And someone posted it on another website that I frequent. A number of folks liked it, two people really didn’t like it. They found exception with two pieces of economic information. They evidently aren’t real familiar with me, my writing style, and my research. They commented that the information I provided “didn’t sound right” but they failed to provide anything to contradict what I stated. And that is because they couldn’t, although they never said that part…they just couldn’t find information to contradict my statements. But, they made it very clear I wasn’t qualified to voice any valid opinion. OK, that’s their opinion 😉

As I continued to read their comments I realized it was essentially a couple of Trump worshipers not appreciating me not falling in line with their agenda. That I am proud of! As mentioned previously I no longer am a follower (i.e. worshiper) of anyone in politics. I believe in, and will only support, principles. Politicians/people will come and go, principles don’t change. If a politician supports a principle that I believe in then we’re good. If they change their position later…then I am done with them. And that also means I don’t vote “for the lesser of two evils” any more either. Evil is evil whether it is “lesser” or not.

Then later on the same website, I saw another post…it was a HUGE list of all the wonderful accomplishments of Trump’s Presidency. It was amazing! No, not the list itself, but the clear evidence of “Trump worship” on display. But, let’s be realistic…I don’t care if he reduced some federal department regulations…since he has grown the federal debt by an astonishingly huge amount. I don’t care if a couple of FBI leaders have retired (or been fired) if the agency is still rotten to its core. I don’t care if he has rolled back some restrictions on the coal industry if he has had HUGE annual federal budget deficits.

Sorry, maybe I haven’t made myself clear, let me try again…

  • The Trump Presidency hasn’t balanced the federal annual budget.
  • The Trump Presidency hasn’t reduced the federal debt.
  • Actually, the Trump Presidency has grown both at an alarming rate.

So, what does it matter if the coal industry can produced a little more coal if we are tanking the USA through budget deficits and debt?

Now the “wall”…oh yeah…the wall. Some of the hard factual details regarding the wall are not available, or are not clear. We do know there is just under 2000 miles of southern border. We also know that there is less than 700 miles of “border fence”…and yes, that is a vague term. Some of the “fence” is pedestrian fence (meant to keep out people) but much of it is vehicle fence (designed only to keep out vehicles). And some of it is 4-wire and 5-wire cattle fence. Yup, the stuff you see along the Interstates. However, all of that is not my point. So what is my point?

The Republican House of Representatives, the Republican Senate, and the Republican President Trump are responsible for the wall not being built. The Democrats, while not being helpful, are NOT responsible for the wall not existing, not being funded, and not being built. Yup!!!!! It is the fault of the Republicans!!!! The Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for two years and the Republicans FAILED to get the wall built or even funded. So, still not clear on the point I am trying to make? Make sure you don’t get caught up in the BS being spewed, and that you see situations for what they actually are.

So now what?

Well, let’s see…in the last two+ years:

  • Loss of billions to the US economy from the trade war with China, especially in agriculture.
  • Huge annual budget deficits.
  • Massive increase to national debt.
  • Plummeting stock market (2018 – 2019).
  • Skyrocketing mortgage rates.
  • Skyrocketing Treasury Bill interest rates (national debt servicing).
  • Skyrocketing US Total Household Debt.
  • Skyrocketing Corporate debt.

And also, remember me talking about pension funds for the last several years?

The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (US Govt agency responsible for pensions) states just to rescue part of the teamster union pension fund they estimated to currently need close to $100Billion and upwards of $700Billion long-term. Then there is the most recent…Sears and their 90,000 pension recipients that will need rescued.  The recent strike by Los Angles teachers union just about bankrupted the school district. That single school district has 60,000 employees in their system…and that doesn’t include retirees. If the district would have met the teacher demands that school district would actually have gone bankrupt. As it is…1/2 of the school district funds go to pay pensions…1/2!!!

For the PBGC to cover the currently nearly insolvent pension funds…it would cost TRILLIONS of dollars! Yes, that is trillions of dollars that government doesn’t have. So excuse me if I don’t get excited over Trump having rolled back vehicle emission standards…when he hasn’t fixed the pension problem…or even talked about it.

Let me cover my outlook…I only focus now on “macro” issues. I am referring to those issues of sufficient magnitude that can affect the entire country in a significant way. Economic examples would be; national debt level, annual federal budget deficits, public/private/debt levels, stock market trends, etc. “Micro” information is no longer important to me. It is far too easy to get caught up in minutia and lose track of the big picture. Commonly referred to as: “Can’t see the forest for the trees.”

So what am I saying?

Well, that is just part of the picture…the economic part. There is also the political part.

We are in terrible trouble politically. As I mentioned in my “Stay the Course!” article, the current political environment is sad to be sure, but it is also dangerous. Let me explain why…

Trump is a very polarizing figure. If you are one of his faithful followers (approximately 22 – 25% of US population) then you think Trump can do no wrong. However, about 55% of US disapprove of Trump. And on any given day 60% of Americans feel we are on the wrong track as a country. And that doesn’t bode well for Trump…or American politics as it relates to the upcoming Presidential election.

As I stated in my “Stay the Course!” article:

Now that Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives we are going to see a full- on press to remove Trump from office…after (or as) they attack a long list of his associates and family. Can they remove him from office that way, even using “impeachment”? Probably not, actually, in all reality…no. But, what happens if they can’t remove him via Congressional action? But, that is not my biggest fear…What will the Democrats do if Trump is reelected? We know that Democrats are the party of intolerance, bias, bigotry, hate, extreme violence, and war mongers…so what would be their next move after a potential lost election? Yup…in my way of thinking we have had a soft coup taking place for over two years now. We are going to see that become far more active for the next two years. And may even get worse than that during that time. But, if Trump is reelected…look for a hard coup to remove him from office.”

We, as a country, are in a “no-win” situation regardless of the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. And I am dead serious about that.

If any Democrat wins we are looking at the likes of Sanders, Harris, or any number of Democrats who are now openly self-identifying Socialists and Communists…and spouting Marxist ideology.

And now that rolls back into the economic aspect…what do you think happens to those financially shaky pension funds with the likes of Sanders as President? Yup, the pensions get absorbed by the US government and become part of the Social Security funding. Doubt me?

Kamala Harris has called for Medicare for all!  And, one more part…she also advocates for the elimination of all private health insurance. Yup…government health care. And government health care is socialism/communism. And lest you doubt…60% of Democrats view socialism favorably. The Democrat Party is now the party of extremist ideology…and it’s ALL bad!

So under a Democrat President, House, and Senate you can expect; 1) socialist health care system, 2) socialist pension system, 3) HUGE increases in all forms of taxation.

You may think that we could survive that…really? The “Medicare for All” would cost tens of trillions of dollars over the next 10 years (some estimates go way higher than that). There would be trillions more for rescuing the private pension system over the next 10 years. And then there would trillions more money sucked out of the private economy through increased taxes. And then…the “ripple effect” to the job market as health insurance companies go out of business, and then the associated loss of jobs from money/capital being sucked out of the private sector via taxes. What would that do to federal benefits going to the newly unemployed, etc.?

I am telling you…based on “macro” information…the country is on a financial precipice. And, based on the increasing violence and extremism of the socialist/communist/Marxist Democrat Party…we are looking into a political abyss as well.

So what falls first and when? I have absolutely no idea when it will all collapse. But, I can tell you this…you look back over the last 60 years…we are ALREADY falling, we’ve gone off the cliff, we are somewhere in the dark abyss. We just haven’t hit the bottom yet….but we will.

So that concludes The Bad…thankfully!

The Good –

A couple of weeks ago I had lunch with one of the best people alive on the planet. I mean it…this guy is one of the best men I have ever personally known. He is a spiritual giant, a terrific and loving father, a great husband, giving beyond imagination, and spiritually in-tune like few I’ve ever known. And I had the honor of having lunch with him. And yes, I paid for his lunch.

We talked for well over an hour and we touched on about every major topic you can imagine. The specifics of that conversation are not the point of this comment. The point is…he exists. Yes, his very existence proves that there are some amazing people in this world, good people, spiritual people, people going about making this world a better place. Some of them put their lives on the line to do it. And there are a lot of folks out there doing the same thing…living their lives making this world a better place.

A couple days after that lunch I took my tractor to a community that needs a bunch of work done on their back-country roads. They live so far out in the country that the county will not maintain their roads, and if the residents don’t maintain them on their own…well, they get darn near impassible. I worked all day on the roads putting in ditches and making the road bed more stable, as well as smoothing out many ruts. Once again, that is not the point. The point is…as I was leaving I noticed that day someone else with a tractor had worked on another part of the roads improving those as well for that small community.

And here we go…we, as individuals, have to work together regardless of anything else around us…especially in spite of the government. We have to take care of ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities. Many folks already do that. Also, many people I know donate financially to very worthy causes, others donate their time/talents/efforts. And then there are the truly amazing folks that do both. We need to do that…and do more of it!

What does that have to do with emergency preparedness? EVERYTHING!!!

If we don’t have the heart or conviction to help our families and to help our neighbors and to help our communities…then how do you think we are going to do during emergencies, disasters, or grid-down events?

Yes, I understand that your primary duty is to your family. I get that, I know that. But, does that mean to the exclusion of your neighbors and community? I think not.

There is so much incredible good in the world today. It is often easy to have all of the good overshadowed by the evil of politics, criminals, rotten people, and whatnot. But, we have to look past the evil, see the good…and make sure we are doing our part to add to the good…and that we have no part in the evil.

And then when the time comes and we experience an emergency, a disaster, or a grid-down event we will be ready, willing, and able to be an asset to our families, our neighbors, and our communities. And I am telling you point blank…40+ years of experience tells me one thing…you can’t survive on your own for long. You have to survive and thrive through shared efforts of family members, neighbors, and community.

Look for the good around you in your life…and add to it!

The I’m Ugly –

It has become very clear to me that there are a few folks who like the way I write and they appreciate my messages and information. And some of them even find value in what I have to offer.

It is just as plain to me that there are folks who don’t believe me, don’t trust what I present, and don’t think I am credible. OK…fine…I can accept that and have no problem with it. To them…I am sorry you feel that way…and please don’t worry about it. Read what you want, complain all you want, and do nothing with what I have to say if you want. But, I plead with you to still be a prepper and prepare for future emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events.

For those of you still reading and thinking I have value to offer…I commit to you to never BS you! I will give you opinion to be sure. But those opinions will be based on the facts and signs as I see them. If I find out I was wrong about something I will tell you so. And, I will not change how I write to avoid those people who would be offended by what I have to say, or how I say it. You see…I can’t control if a person is offended or not, they are the only ones who can choose to be offended.

Summary –

We live in perilous times…as you already know. Economically and politically we are unstable to say the least. We have many evil people around us, and evil is flourishing at an astonishing rate. We also have some amazing people in our lives that have the light shining brightly in them. A tremendous amount of wonderful and incredible good is being done every day around us.

As preppers we must continue to prepare to handle emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. They do happen, and more will happen. The grid will come down one day…it will be daunting to say the least. We have a God-given responsibility to be ready to protect our families, neighbors, and communities for the ill-effects.

Please, I plead with you, to continue to prepare…follow that still small voice as you do. Open your hearts to doing more…especially for others.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be part of this journey with you. I appreciate it beyond what you imagine. We can and will survive…and thrive…no matter what comes.



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Stay the course!

“Stay the course!” John Gresham Machen, a 20th century conservative Presbyterian theologian, first uttered those words. And I can’t help but put them into a post this morning…an important and timely post at that (IMHO).

Over the last few days I’ve been getting ready to head back to our off-grid retirement property to do some work for a couple of weeks. I was wrapping some stuff up yesterday when I receive two emails within an hours’ time of each other. And that started my wheels turning…and that spells BIG trouble for ya’ll coz then I gotta write 😉

So let me tie a couple of things together:

  1. Obama was a great boon to preppers and Constitutionalists.
  2. Trump is a great boon against preppers and Constitutionalists.
  3. We are far closer to a collapse now, under Trump, then we ever were under Obama.
  4. We must remember we are preppers and stay the course!

Man, I had to take a break after just wring that first little bit. In my head was a full-load of information and opinion that was just dying to cascade out. And that was not the right approach. So, I went and got a donut, enjoyed it and a glass of cold milk, and thought my collage of thought. This is the result of a truly delicious donut and some special events…



DISCLAIMER: If you are not going to read the whole article, then don’t read any of it past this point.




Yesterday In the space of an hour I got two really incredible emails. One shared with me that through my website and books they found God and His church. They shared with me some very personal and wonderful events that had taken place in their life…and that it all started with this website. Wow! I was thrilled and humbled to hear such fantastic people pass on that level of accolades to an effort such as this website. The second email from a really nice guy who is very successful; successful in both a spiritual way and a temporal way. He had asked me a couple questions about some finances and prepping. In the process he shared some personal financial information that he said he did because of his trust in me. After my reply to him he shared a couple of compliments about the website and my books. He was very kind. But it was his last sentence that gave me pause, “It seems that less and less people are as involved in ‘preparedness’ since Trump got in, BIG mistake in my opinion.”

I gotta tell you…their emails were well-timed and truly appreciated. And, it also got me to thinking. This post is a direct result of that.

First thing I wanted to do from that thought process was reactivate the “SitReps” and I have done so <click here to see more>  And I will continue to recover more of those as time permits. The reason? Perspective on where I am coming from and background for the things I currently write…such as this post…and future posts.

Now let me start tying things together…

1 – Obama was a great boon to preppers and Constitutionalists.

As is well documented and well known, Obama is a hard-core Marxist, globalist, Progressive…among other things. During his time in office it was made clear, absolutely plain, that he hates the Constitution and all the founding principles of this country. And I am grateful for all of that! Why? Because he woke up many, many people to the awful state of our country. He rallied Conservatives, Tea Party activists, pro-gun rights advocate, and many others to the cause of rights, freedoms, and liberty…and prepping. Without Obama far fewer people would be as prepared today as they are. Without Obama far fewer people would be far less informed in regards to how easily it is to lose rights, freedoms, and liberties…and how close we were/are to losing our country.

2 – Trump is a great boon against preppers and Constitutionalists.

Yup, you read that right. Since Trump’s election many preppers simply stopped, or significantly reduced their prepping for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. Almost exclusively they did so because they thought Trump was some kind of White Knight, a savior, some miracle worker, a hero…oh boy! The cult of personality worship. The unfortunate facts are such that we are way closer to a collapse of our economy, our government, and our country under Trump than we ever were under Obama. My FAQ – 5/29/2017 post that went up on 1/14/2019 outlined some pretty damning facts against Trump. Let’s review them for a minute:

The federal debt has grown approximately 2Trillion dollars since Trump has been President. Shameful! And it is growing at record rates!!!

  • 09/30/2018 21,516,058,183,180.23
  • 09/30/2017 20,244,900,016,053.51
  • 09/30/2016 19,573,444,713,936.79

The annual federal budget deficit is skyrocketing under Trump!! And Trump’s budget deficits are growing and the trend line is looking horrible for the American economy and especially middle and lower income Americans.

  • 2017 $665billion
  • 2018 $779billion
  • 2019 $984billion (estimated)

Income taxes are at record levels. Never, in the history of our country have there been higher federal income taxes. And here is the sad part…as % of total income taxes collected corporate incomes taxes are going down and personal income taxes are going up…way up. And to further make things worse…income taxes as a % of GDP are going way up as well. That means collectively average citizens are paying far more out of their paychecks to the federal government than ever before and it is growing at an alarming rate.

So let me summarize that: While Trump has been President the federal debt has increased substantially, annual deficits are at records highs, and income taxes being taken from individuals is skyrocketing. Does that sound like a good thing?

I spent about an hour researching our current situation as a country as far as (public, private, institutional) debt is concerned. Then I went into delinquency rates for private debt. I produced a bunch of charts and graphs to present…then I decided “Nope!” I am not going to clutter up this post with a bunch of graphics. But let me share this for 2017 – present: all areas of private/institutional debt are up substantially, all areas of public debt are up dramatically, all areas of delinquency/default for private debt are up markedly. And all while Trump is President. It is clear that on a macro level, based on absolute fact, while Trump has been president we have become far more financially and economically unstable than under any other president in the history of the United States.

Non-financial moves by Trump:

  • Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is a big-government, police-state believer. He believes in “national security” over individual rights, freedoms, and liberties.
  • Trump administration has not supported the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment has suffered several defeats in appellate courts and Trump administration has not defended the Second Amendment by taking those cases to the Supreme Court. The Trump administration has announced plans to ban bump stocks which is a direct blow against the Second Amendment.
  • Trump has not shrunk the size of the federal government.
  • Trump has not built the wall as he promised.
  • Trump has not worked to eliminate or reduce abortion.
  • Trump is a raging narcissist, he is nearly perfect in his own eyes and will tell the American public that at every opportunity.
  • He opposes the Constitution when it doesn’t suit his purposes. He is a huge believer in Civil Asset Forfeiture even though it is a direct violation of the Constitutional provision of “due process”.
3 – We are far closer to a collapse now, under Trump, then we ever were under Obama.

Financially it is clear (and fact based)…we in danger of a financial/economic collapse under Trump…far more so than under Obama.

In areas other than financial collapse the same is true, but for some strange reasons. All Democrats and many Republicans (maybe most) hate Trump. And yes, I mean hate. Now that Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives we are going to see a full- on press to remove Trump from office…after (or as) they attack a long list of his associates and family. Can they remove him from office that way, even using “impeachment”? Probably not, actually, in all reality…no. But, what happens if they can’t remove him via Congressional action? But, that is not my biggest fear…What will the Democrats do if Trump is reelected? We know that Democrats are the party of intolerance, bias, bigotry, hate, extreme violence, and war mongers…so what would be their next move after a potential lost election? Yup…in my way of thinking we have had a soft coup taking place for over two years now. We are going to see that become far more active for the next two years. And may even get worse than that during that time. But, if Trump is reelected…look for a hard coup to remove him from office. Yes, we are than unstable.

Note of significance: I spoke a fair amount about the coup against Trump in early 2017. But, it has change somewhat…it has gotten worse. The biggest move to make it worse is Jerome Powell – Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Only going into the briefest of details, he is a; 1) globalist, 2) Progressive wing of the Republican party, 3) close friends of the Bush dynasty, 4) liberal education, 5) shady background in investment banking, 6) rabid believer in high government debt, 7) close confidant of Barack Obama, 8) voted for quantitative easing, 9) supporter of the socialist Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, 10) extreme environmentalist, and super rich (100+million dollars). All in all…no friend of our Constitutional Republic…and another member of the group trying to overthrow Trump.

4 – We must remember we are preppers and stay the course!

Here really is my simple message…everything up to this point was to make my case. If you were a prepper and went to sleep after Trump was elected…WAKE UP!!!  Please wake up to our awful condition and restart your prepping efforts to whatever degree you can. If you are not a prepper and reading this article…START PREPPING!!! If you are a prepper, had your eyes open, didn’t fall asleep, didn’t fall into “Trump Worship”, and you see what is happening now…Stay the Course!

Why am I so worked up?

Those emails really struck a very deep cord in me. That maybe, just maybe, I can make a difference with a few folks. And maybe that difference will be enough to help them and their families not just survive in life, but thrive. And in what may lie directly head coming at us at full speed…well, maybe I can help some folks be ready for that too…again, not just merely to survive, but for them and their families to thrive.

For those of you who have shared with me what my books and this website has meant to you and your families…Thank you! Thank you very, very much. I appreciate that feedback more than you possibly know. I commit to you, to everyone, to do my very best in presenting hard facts, great opinions, and the absolute very best prepping information I can.

Thank you again!

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