Couple things on my mind this morning…(8/26/2022)

I really just wanted to talk with you this morning…just share a couple of things that have been rolling around in my head. Basically just do a brain dump of some issues that I see as important and what/how I feel about them.

The things I want to talk about are:

  • New SitRep
  • CDC
  • 2020 Election
  • Fear Porn and Sensationalism

Then there is a summary where I want you to consider a solution…or at least part of the solution. You know…end the week, and start the weekend, on a high note.

I hope this isn’t too much for you to read today. But, you know how I get when I start writing…

New SitRep –

I haven’t put out a SitRep for a while, actually since May. Why? Coz you can see what is happening…happening all around you. Here are just some of the observations we’ve seen lately:

  • Personal debt hit another new historic high…coming up on $17trillion.
  • Housing market is in its early stages of another crash…similar to 2008 only worse. A new record was hit in the number of home sales contracts where buyers backed out of the contract.
  • Housing costs are at a historic high.
  • People have the lowest savings rate since they began tracking it.
  • Peoples’ income raises are running at 1/2 of the inflation rate and those receiving the highest income raises are those in the top income earner brackets.
  • Actual inflation is running between 15 – 20%.
  • The Inflation Reduction Act…and oxymoron if there ever was one… will pump $300 – $700billion into the economy adding to an already horrible inflation situation.

I mean we could go on and on and on about the situation in the US. And I mean every and all angles of the situation in the US. But, it is not just the US…it is the entire world! Look at the UK, their inflation is running double what it is in the US. Europe is crumbling apart; their energy issues alone could crush them. Europe has no idea how they are going to have enough natural gas for heating this winter. Their electric grid is already overtaxed and when the winter hits and there isn’t enough gas for heat…what happens to their electric grid when the electric heaters get turned on? And remember who controls/produces most of the natural gas for Europe…Russia.

Then there is the looming farm/food crisis and add to that the on-going supply chain issues. And then let’s not forget the immense problems in China. Their factory shutdown rate alone could trigger a disaster there…which would be not be a ripple to us…it would be a tsunami.

Back to the “why”…I did about 30 hours of research in the last four weeks on issues that I thought were significant enough to topple the US and the world further into the abyss. But as I started to formulate all of that into a SitRep I realized that you are seeing all of these events as well. Anyone who has been coming to my website knows I have laid out what is happening in clear and concise terms for years…including the reasons behind it all. So why should I write a SitRep that simply reinforces what I have already told you about things you too are seeing?


This is the most significant thing I have investigated and researched…ever!

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that:

  • The DOJ has singled out Trump to persecute/prosecute more than any other President in the history of the USA.
  • The FBI injected “spies”…actual spies into the Trump campaign. We know that the FBI was behind the fake Russian Trump Dossier scandal. We know that the DOJ and FBI lied to a secret FISA court to forward their scheme (i.e. coup) against Trump. Did you ever ask yourself why we would have a “secret court system” to begin with?
  • The FBI decided not to pursue a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s 13 felony violations of national security laws…actual crimes. The FBI even returned a laptop to a Clinton staffer who had not “wiped” incrementing information off the hard drive.
  • The FBI, under James Comey, was the lead agency in the coup to overthrow President Trump.

And the list goes on and on and on! But to me the most damning is not any of that…it is the FBI’s and DOJ’s leadership appearances before Congress and the testimony they give…or didn’t give. As you know Congress has oversight authority over Executive Branch agencies. This is the “check & balance” laid out in our government. It helps ensure that no single branch, or Department, of government gets too much authority or power.

So there I am watching hours and hours of video testimony by DOJ and FBI leadership personnel before a Congressional oversight committee. It was sickening beyond imagination. So our elected officials ask questions of the unelected leadership of the most powerful department of the US government…and the most powerful law enforcement agency in the US government…and it is amazing what takes place.

These DOJ & FBI scumbag goons mocked, avoid answering, and subtly threatened these Congressmen!!!

All of these sessions, under any other circumstances, would be considered a ridiculous slapstick circus act. But related to our Constitutional Republic it is nothing less that tragic and horrific. It leads me to only a single solitary and appalling conclusion…The DOJ is the lead Department in the US government in transforming the USA into a fascist autocratic ruled nation. And the DOJ uses the FBI as its “muscle” toward that goal. And the FBI is formidable to say the least…they are an army 35,000 strong with virtually unaccountable and unbridled power.

As I listened to the exchanges between Congressmen and DOJ & FBI officials it was clear that the DOJ/FBI hold elected officials in utter contempt. The DOJ/FBI officials can’t believe that mere Congressmen would dare challenge the power and authority of the DOJ & FBI. It was both disgusting and alarming to watch. But, it clearly and unmistakably demonstrates where this country is headed. You need to be aware of this and plan/prepare accordingly…especially pray.


It was interesting when I first heard about the CDC internal review of itself in regards to its response to COVID. I thought to myself this ought to be interesting in what they come up with. Thinking they might actually do a solid after action report and list failures/successes and most importantly how they could improve. I let my guard down for just a minute…shame on me!

So their massive report was filled with essentially boredom, self-aggrandizement, self-justification of their mistakes, etc. Pretty much standard fare for a government entity to let itself off the hook for their considerable missteps and incompetence. But, I should have known…and like I said I let my guard down.

The CDC concluded, among other things, that they; 1) needed more funding from Congress, 2) would take unto themselves additional legal power and authority without the approval of anyone, 3) ask Congress for sweeping additional legal authority to control US citizens in the future. Imagine that!

2020 Election –

Regardless of election fraud claims…that are mostly a dead horse at this point…we have proof that the US federal government came to the aid of the Biden campaign to defeat Trump.

In 2019 the FBI had procession of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI knew of the extensive criminal activity documentation/evidence contained on the laptop.  And that information clearly implicated not just Hunter Biden but Joe Biden as well in extensive criminal activity. An internal FBI memo leaked to a Republican Congressman shows that FBI leadership told FBI investigators to suppress the investigation.

In September and early October 2020 the FBI suspected that some of that incriminating criminal information was about to be leaked/released publicly through sources.

Shortly after the FBI became aware of the potential leak of information approximately 3 weeks before election the FBI met with, and informed, social media companies that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a “Russian disinformation campaign” and to “suppress it”! This was revealed by Facebook CEO Zuckerberg himself.

How’s that for a Constitutional Republic? How’s that for America’s top law enforcement agency? How’s that for your respect of the FBI? How’s that for collusion between social media and the US government? Does this remind you of Nazi Germany, maybe the old Soviet Union…how about a banana republic dictatorship?

Fear Porn and Sensationalism –

I am growing sick and tired of, disappointed in, and contemptuous of, many (if not most) so-called prepper websites and YouTubers. A couple months ago I got the sense of growing panic and despair in the prepper community. I kinda had an idea of why but I wanted to make sure I was on point. So my research started. That research has been intense but off and on since June…but not consistent due to responsibilities here at the glamstead and in our community. But the results of that research is pretty dang consistent…and disheartening.

Let me address the YouTubers first…most of the videos are pure unadulterated junk and trash. Most of the “information” is opinion only…and really, really bad opinion…not based in facts. Most of these videos have sensationalistic titles (yes, clickbait) that masks trash content. There all kinds of war is imminent, food gone, cattle killed, burning down of, and all manner of stuff that simply isn’t true.

OK, in their defense…some of the information is true…such as food shortages. BUT, it is a particular food item that is in short supply at a particular location. But the vast bulk of the content of these prepper videos is simply not true…or blown WAY out of proportion.

So you ask, “Why would they produce such content?”

Valid question…the answer is money. See, these so-called prepper experts on YouTube make money from YouTube for each view of their videos. And it can be huge, HUGE money! Some of these folks are make $30,000 – $180,000 per month from this stank filled crap. I would strongly urge you to stop watching these garbage sensationalism videos. You are feeding the beast, you are filling your head with septic tank sludge, and you are potentially making decisions based on utterly false and fake information…stop!

Watching that junk is a recipe for disaster…a disaster for you and your family.

Now, prepper websites…a touchy subject for some of you. Most prepper websites are run by people who are not well-versed in preparing for emergencies, disasters, or larger grid-down incidents. Some are self-taught, some have learned their knowledge from others who are not well trained or educated in preparedness, some are only qualified in a single aspect of preparedness such as tactical skills, and most are outright frauds (whether they know it or not). But, unfortunately…they look nice, talk nice, act nice, sound nice, and appear as experts…and they are leading you to disaster…maybe even destruction.

The worst of these websites are the social media prepper websites. Why are they the worst? Because they suck you into an endless stream of static and bullshit information. They hook you into countless hours of reading and responding to a never ending amount of crap that is mostly worthless. And all those hours of spending on those sites wastes your time when you could be doing something productive like improving your preps…or helping your neighbor…or spending time with actual real people doing actual real things. But worst of all…it is filling your head with garbage…mostly useless trash information that has little to no value…and it negatively impacts your Situational Awareness.

Why do those sites exist? Here we go…some will say, “to create an online community of like-minded preppers”…bullshit! Those prepper social media websites, and most all prepper websites, exist for a single reason…MONEY!!!! And that is especially true for paid websites…they want money, lots of money…and they can make lots of money. Let’s say a social media prepper website has 15,000 paid members and a subscription costs $60 per year. The website owner makes $900,000 just off the membership fees. Then add on book sales, trinkets and such they sell, and they might even sell precious metals at a high premium. And then there are “added” or “premium” content fees. You could easily see one of these sites making millions off of preppers.

Think about it for a minute…if someone was so concerned about what is happening in the world, if they cared so much for preppers’ well-being, if they were so dedicated and committed to helping/teaching preppers…then why are they charging people to do so? Why wouldn’t they simply get that information out there for people to use and benefit from to save their family’s lives? But…they like their millions of dollars!

Even the non-paid websites…look at the sheer volume of their website ads. Look at all the stuff they sell. Now you get it…hopefully.

Please, please, I beg you…stop filling your head with crap, stop falling for fear-porn, ignore the sensationalism, stop feeding the beast with your time and money. It is taking your precious time and hard-earned money away from doing the right and needful things for your family. There are plenty of websites out there that are not “pay” sites and not filled with junk advertising where you can learn skills and gather all the information that you need. Please stop feeding the beast!

Summary –

We are on the verge of this country being ripped apart. The very fabric of our society, our founding principles, everything that makes the USA great is being destroyed thread by thread. And it is all intentional. But, it doesn’t have to be fatal (theoretical or actual) to you and your family, or your congregation or your community. But you have to fight it!

No, not fight it in terms of pick up your gun and attack the capital. We already saw the results of those morons and idiots (and yes, some well-intentioned but misguided folks as well) who did just that on January 6th. I am talking about fighting what is happening in an entirely different way.

Think of each thread being ripped from the fabric of America’s greatness. Now, look at each thread that either affects you or that you could affect. OK, go with that…think about the ways you can counter those threads being ripped out. Then simple…go accomplish those things…or at the very least work at it.

Who are ripping those threads out? Primarily it is the US federal government pulling and tearing those threads as fast as they can. Everything from the USDA working with the US Marshals attacking farmers, the President attacking the oil & gas industry, the ATF attacking the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding US citizens, the FBI and DOJ attacking a former President, the Fed attacking the US economy, DOI/BLM attacking ranchers, FDA attacking individuals and churches, EPA attacking manufactures, social media attacking anything non-Progressive, mainstream media attacking anything non-Democrat, FBI and DHS attacking conservatives and patriots, public education system attacking everything historic and promoting everything socialistic…you get the idea.

Simply figure out how you can resist those threads from being ripped out of your life…in a peaceful, non-violent way.



  • Get out of the mainstream economy the most you can; buy at farmer’s markets, buy at garage sales, buy meat direct from a cattle rancher, barter some of your excess garden vegetables with your neighbors. Trade your skills for other folks’ skills.
  • Don’t buy into the FBI propaganda and public relations; see them for who they are.
  • Don’t believe a single thing the DOJ says.
  • Don’t let law enforcement on you property, especially in your house, without a warrant.
  • Never talk with a federal agent without a lawyer present.
  • Stay away from 90% of all mainstream media outlets.
  • Garden, can, dehydrate, ferment, and freeze as much of your own fruit and produce as possible.
  • Learn about and understand the ATF is the most unconstitutional federal law enforcement agency ever created. It exists specifically and solely to destroy the 2nd Amendment and imprison US citizens.
  • If you belong to a political party…leave it.
  • Develop strong principles, morals, and ethics…don’t compromise them.
  • If you belong to a church that supports abortion…leave it and find a Christ-centered church to join.
  • If you have children in public schools…try your best to homeschool…or at least provide education to your children that counters the anti-American, pro-Socialist/Communist crap they learn in public schools.
  • Learn and teach history.
  • Figure out how to make a great living without going to college. Professions such as electricians, plumbers, builders, mechanics, computer programmers and technicians, and a wide range of other occupations that pay as good or better than college educated jobs…and without the 10’s of thousands of $’s of debt that college requires.
  • Become as independent of the government, utilities, media, school systems, and the economy as possible.

Yes, some of those are easier said than done, some may be impossible for you…but not everything. Do whatever you can, the best you can. Come up with your own ideas and solutions. Do something!

When you listen to real folks talk about their lives…then what is important to them…and then the little things that make a difference to them…you quickly see how you can make subtle but meaningful differences each and every day in peoples’ lives.

The single, difference making, most often talked about thing in a person’s life…is knowing that someone else understands and cares.

So what does that mean to you? That is a no brainer…be nice to people. Yup, that’s it. Listen to someone, have empathy for them, maybe even sympathy for them, SHOW them that in some act of yours. Maybe just a smile, maybe buy them lunch and talk, maybe just take a walk with them and listen, let them merge into traffic in front of you, avoid road rage towards another, and some more:

  • Cut a neighbor’s grass for them.
  • Open a door for someone.
  • Change a tire for an elderly couple or mom with kids on the side of the road.
  • Take a meal to a needy family.
  • Take a not-so-close friend shooting for a morning.
  • Join a Neighborhood Watch group.
  • Form a Neighborhood Watch group.
  • Take some garden vegetables to your neighbor.
  • Weed a neighbor’s garden for them.
  • Ask someone to go to church with you.
  • Go to church every Sunday yourself…and listen to the Spirit while you are there.
  • Live your religion.
  • Invite a family that you know to come over for a lunch.
  • Attend a class or seminar on the Constitution.
  • Start a Constitution study group.

There are thousands of ways to help keep America from being ripped apart. You folks are smart, some of the brightest on the Internet…figure it out…look for ways to rebuild the fabric of goodness that is America.

I promise that as you perform these acts of selflessness, these acts of kindness and service…you will find yourself:

  • In a better state of mind.
  • Physically and spiritually healthier.
  • Smiling more and being smiled at more.
  • Happier in your family life in many ways.
  • And better prepared to face what is happening and the darkness that is rapidly approaching.

If you read Ecclesiastes 3 it says there is a time for everything. In verse 8 it says there is a time to love, a time hate (translation means “abhor”), a time of war and a time for peace. For me, I see this as true today as ever! I see this time as a time to love God, love all that is good…abhor all that is evil. I also see this as a time for peace that goes along with that “time for love” and it is NOT a time for war. That time may very well come (I believe it will)…but it is NOT now.

Don’t get caught up in all this talk of war…it won’t get you anywhere but in trouble. Think of the ways you can positively affect your world and those around you. Don’t get sucked into war, violence, etc. It is NOT the time to do so!

I will tell you point blank…the DOJ/FBI and every other federal law enforcement agency are just looking for ways to trap, prosecute, and even kill preppers, patriots, conservatives and anyone else who resists this insidious transformation of America. Don’t give them a reason to come after you.

Be a light…be a light to others…don’t hide it…let it shine so you can bring others to a better understanding of what is happening…and what can be done to solve it.

You can help others, you can help their families, you can help this country and even the world. But right now…that help comes in the form of love of, and service to, others. Be that person.



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7 thoughts on “Couple things on my mind this morning…(8/26/2022)

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  4. Dear AH

    Many thanks indeed for your post. As Jim R said, outstanding post. And if I may say, beautiful, the right words in the right place.

    I have said it to others that things look bad, but it is only the scum coming to the surface as the world is brought to the boil, revealing the wheat and the tares. God sent a grand delusion in the form of Covid 19, the seasonal ‘flu made out to be a monster by persistent advertising over a long time. Things had to get really bad so that the truth about the evil ones would be finally be revealed.

    The criminally insane come out thinking they have won but they have merely exposed themselves and are caught out. They are and will be dealt with. Truth and love will out, will win, we just have to press on towards the goal, persevere in the commission we have to love God and our neighbours as ourselves.

    Kind regards.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. OUTSTANDING post! Must-read category!!
    I.have one question, though:
    >> You clearly state to avoid war-like topics, activities and preps. You also seem to strongly advocate for the right to bear arms.
    >> So, what about self-defense from criminal acts and violence?

    Seems to me we already have a Blue/Red Sate divide on this issue — in most Blue States, criminals go free fast and easy no matter the crime or violence, while citizens defending themselves are generally charged with multiple offenses, up to and including murder.

    We can go all grey man and avoid the rabble rousers — but what about when the criminals come looking for you? Whether intentionally or at random?

    Seems to me the only near-term solution is moving from Blue to Red States…taking care to avoid any kind kind of Purple States.
    But, even that is at best a temporary solution, as socialism eventually comes for everyone, no matter where.

    Do you recommend self-defense actions when justified? Or, do you qualify it by location?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jim,
      Thank you for the kind compliment on the post/article…I appreciate hearing from folks and love probing questions.
      We have a God-given right to defend ourselves against anyone. And a God-given responsibility to protect our families. That should answer your main question.
      We moved from a very, very blue state to a what we thought was a red state. It is actually purple in many ways. But, the community we live in is very, very Constitutionally minded and won’t tolerate much in the way of infringement of rights, freedoms, and liberties.
      Now, notice I didn’t say the community is “red” because that implies Republican. And as you probably figured out by now…IMO Republicans are just as much to blame for our country’s condition as Democrats.
      And yes, socialism is coming…mostly already here. But, it is authoritarianism that is my ultimate concern. Socialism is just a slice of the authoritarianism pie. And our government already tallies up to 80 – 85% transformation to authoritarianism…and there is no stopping it.


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