IMPORTANT: It’s Here…It’s Happening…and they are telling us what’s next…

9/11 is a day that is very tough on me. I was a firefighter that day, I saw my brothers and sisters die when the towers burned and collapsed. I spent many days and nights holed up in our fire station waiting for the other shoe to drop. For months and years afterwards I was reminded of that day during quiet contemplative times alone crying. At other times it was during remembrance ceremonies where wonderful community members brought up the past and inadvertently caused internal pain and anguish that I still can’t describe or explain. It came rushing back this year on 9/11…but it was shock, then despair, then disbelief, then rage, then a commitment to speak my mind about what is happening and by whom.

On Sunday, 9/11, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas gave an interview. It was one of the most horrific, disgusting, and yet telling statements ever made by a US government official. How “telling”? Listen to his words…

“Back when 9/11 occurred, in those years we were very focused on the foreign terrorist, the individual who sought to do a severe harm to enter the United States and do us harm…” but now “we are seeing an emerging threat, of course, over the last several years of the domestic violent extremist…the individual here in the United States radicalized to violence…an ideology of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives propagated on online platforms.”

So who is he talking about? According to DHS, DOJ, and the FBI they are talking specifically about…anyone who objects to government actions, doesn’t believe government propaganda…basically anyone who doesn’t implicitly trust the federal government ANYTHING!

He even went so far as to state those people are “terrorists” if they believe in the very same ideology that our Founding Fathers did…or display virtually ANY symbol of the American Revolution. A revolution, may I remind you, that freed us from the tyranny of a dictatorial King.

Do not forget that in March of 2022 Mayorkas called domestic extremism the country’s greatest terror-related threat.

Let there be no mistake, the DOJ, DHS, and FBI use 188 indicators to show who the violent domestic extremists are. Some of those terrorist red flags are:

  • Anyone who thinks the government is too big and too powerful.
  • Anyone who believes in the rapture.
  • Members of the Constitution Party.FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terrorists
  • Anyone who opposes illegal immigration.
  • Anyone who believes that the Federal Reserve is illegitimate.
  • Anyone who believes that income tax is illegitimate.
  • Anyone who disagrees with the International Monetary Fund.
  • Anyone who believes the federal government has too much power or authority
  • Anyone who believes the government is responsible for economic problems
  • Anyone who is a member of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance
  • Anyone who supports the Second Amendment
  • Anyone who wants the government to strictly abide by the Constitution
  • Anyone who thinks that US agents (FBI & ATF) burned down the Davidians compound in Waco, TX
  • Anyone who believes that government personnel intentionally killed people (wife/mother & child) at Ruby Ridge
  • Anyone who maintains that county sheriffs are the highest legitimate law enforcement authorities; and those who do are violent and anti-Semitic
  • Anyone who believes in, or supports, Posse Comitatus Act
  • Anyone who advocates or champions patriot ideals or principles
  • Anyone who thinks the Executive Branch of government is growing too strong
  • Anyone who thinks there is dangerous increase in government power over the American people
  • Anyone who believes in armed resistance should the government decide to forcefully confiscate guns
  • Any civilian who wears camouflage and a “Don’t Tread on Me” patch
  • Anyone who speaks derogatorily of the Department of Homeland Security
  • Anyone who opposes BLM actions against the Bundy family
  • Anyone who opposes Common Core
  • Anyone who opposes Agenda 21 or who thinks it is a “conspiracy”

That’s just a partial list of their guidelines…there were 188 indicators just a few years ago…now they include anyone who loves and supports and even displays this…

or this…

So what the hell…Count me in!

Yeah, but don’t think Mayorkas is alone, Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.), the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman said this on Sunday…

“[He] worries about domestic threats…the stunning thing to me is here we are 20 years later, and the attack on the symbol of our democracy was not coming from terrorists, but it came from literally insurgents attacking the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

Then Vice President Harris in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” which also aired on Sunday, called domestic terrorism “very dangerous,” saying it makes the country “weaker.”

And to further their attack…the House in May passed a bill that would create domestic terrorism offices throughout the federal government.

Why does this have me so upset? Come on!!! Think about this…

  1. The FBI, DOJ, and DHS have all preppers, all patriots, most Christians, all…well just about all the decent people in the United States who love rights, liberties, and freedoms labeled as “violent”, “extremists”, “terrorists”, “threats”, and “insurgents”. And those are very important designations. Those terms, by law, justify any and all actions, including lethal actions, by federal agencies without the due process or rule of law.
  2. If you even display a Betsy Ross flag, or a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag you are considered a violent militia extremist.
  3. The head of the DHS has identified half of the USA as a “domestic violent extremist” based on DHS guidelines and his official directions to the department.
  4. The President of the United States has declared that all members of the Republican Party, anyone who supports the MAGA agenda, or anyone who voices opposition to him as a “threat” to the US.
  5. President Biden demonized Republicans to the point stating that they are “enemies of the state”…remember that!?
  6. How about when President Biden said that anyone on the right is a “clear and present danger” to the US…remember that?!?!
  7. Remember when Biden railed against political opposition, rights, freedoms, and liberties for the last 6 months…calling for action against those folks who were seen as threats and embraced that extremist ideology!?!?!?

Those statements are NOT political rhetoric…they are the precursor for extreme federal law enforcement actions.

But back to Sunday’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas speech…He has laid the final plank in the groundwork for action against US citizens who the federal government has been identifying and demonizing for years. And they have been working overtime the last six months to turn the tide in the propaganda war against anyone who disagrees with or challenges the federal government.

Think what other authoritarian governments have demonized entire segments of their population. Now, think of what the outcomes were when they did so.

Exactly a week ago I posted my article on Biden’s September 1st speech; in that article I referenced a “2022 Kristallnacht”. When I look at the totality of Biden’s violent and inflammatory speeches, the DOJ/FBI/DHS actions and statements/memos, and the extreme rhetoric coming out of the Democrat leadership in Congress…it has become clear it is coming. But yesterday Mayorkas laid it out…the final nail in the coffin if you will…the US federal government is at war with US citizens…and it is about to get Police State Militarization Of Policeviolent, very violent, and ugly beyond the comprehension of most people in the US.

At some point soon, I don’t know when exactly, the US federal government is going to go “bare knuckle” violent on all those they have painstakingly identified as a “threat”…and that is a long list of citizens.

I am truly sorry for not being able to give you a better estimate on the “when” part of this. It could be this week, this month, or this year. I don’t think it will be long though. I am 80 – 85% confident that our own USA version of Kristallnacht is coming and it coming at the hands of the FBI with the intelligence and logistical support of DHS, along with the legal justification from the DOJ. And yes, the ATF will be involved as well but in a peripheral way.

The ATF will start coming for multiple gun purchasers…oh, they already have. The FBI will come for some low hanging fruit first…like the “1/6 insurgents”…oh, they already have. And they will come for political opposition team members such as Trump staffers…oh, they already have. For sure they will come for major political opposition figures like Trump…oh, they already have.

But the big question…”Who is next?”

I want you to think about…

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

Written by Martin Niemoller, Nazi resistance member while Hitler was coming to power. He was a preacher in Nazi Germany and was arrested in 1937 by the Gestapo after a church service in which he preached. He was sent to a concentration camp where he stayed until being rescued by the Allies in June of 1945.

We see clearly, indisputably, that the US government has gone, and is going, down the same path…demonizing and forcibly suppressing any political opposition. Further, they have not only militarized US federal law enforcement agencies…we see they have weaponized them against US citizens. We see where the US federal government has taken the DOJ’s mission “…to uphold the rule of law, to keep our country safe, and Militarized police, police stateto protect civil rights…” and turned it into an offensive tool/system to suppress any and all political opposition…even when such opposition aligns with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the fundamental principles of the Founding Fathers.

I have spoken many times about this subject…I have told you it was coming. On September 5th I told you it was here. I am telling you now…they have dropped any pretense of constitutionality, civility, justice, or restraint. They have fully embraced their next step…they are on the move…it is real…and it is here.

“First they came for…”

What are you doing to prepare…because prepare you must. Prayer should be the first thing you do.

For additional information read this < click here: Immediate Action Warning! >

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